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 Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion

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Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion Empty
PostSubject: Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion   Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion EmptyWed Sep 22, 2021 8:01 am

Lets talk about to one of the easiest character to sprite into 2D games Space invaders and have huge influence over gaming history that started all the way in 1978 one of the most iconic gaming character in history. Crusade currently has a stage for Space invader so lets take a step further and have playable Space invader just like Tetromino.
Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion Space_Invaders_Collection_COL
here is concept the player is controlling the UFO, The UFO hovers just a foot or 2 off the ground so it can be on eye level with the other fighters. Three Invaders circle around it continuously in a an erratic pattern. The Invaders can shield the UFO from enemy attacks, although they will die in a few hits. In compensate for the passive protection, the UFO suffers from higher than average knockback, the logical drawback of being a perpetually hovering character.

Typically the Invaders do the fighting for UFO when they are in formation. When UFO is dashing or jumping the invaders following behind it. In these moments the UFO will do a basic spinning attack that isn't as strong when A is pressed.
SIZE: Invaders & UFO are each about the size of smaller characters like Olimar or Pichu.
JUMP: Get 3 jumps instead of 2, each with higher than normal height. Knockback is stronger if UFO is hit while jumping.
GRAB: The circling invaders reach out & latch unto a fighter. Mid-range grab with half the reach of grapple beam.
SHIELD: The invaders cling tightly to the UFO when the bubble appears.
JAB: 1 of the aliens, selected at random, flies out a few feet in front of the UFO to strike a nearby enemy.
TILT: similar to but with 2 Invaders moving in the direction pressed.
SMASH: All 3 Invaders strike out this time.
N AIR: Invaders circle the UFO very quickly for a second, damaging whoever they touch in the process.
SIDE AIR: Invaders strike at the side of the UFO.
UP AIR: Invaders strike above the UFO.
DOWN AIR: The space invader fire their lasers downward.
B: A random Invader fires a small laser horizontally. Can be rapid firing with the invaders taking turns firing.
SIDE-B: The Invaders quickly fly out across the screen in a slightly upward arc, firing laser below them at they travel & striking whoever they touch in their path. The invaders retreat back to the UFO when they reach the edge of the screen but can be manually called back with another press of B.
UP-B: UFO flies upward while using a tractor beam to carry any fighter that's directly below
DOWN-B: Spawns replacement invaders to replaced the killed ones.
FINAL SMASH: spawns the space invader monster that would be falling from sky and then he will spawn alot of space invaders shooting down, firing many lasers downward.
Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion 10676357a7

as you can tell Space invader is similar to Olimar and his pikmins as a concept but offers a new playstyle we could make each space invader have its own effect similar to each pikmin example
a space invader that shoots 1 time but heavy damage
a space invader that shoots multiple times time but weak damage
a space invader that shoots with paralysing effect
a space invader that shoots
possibly more can be included there are more versions of the space invaders each could possibly have different kind of movements when you release them
there has been many rip-off during early history of Space Invader i think it would be funny to include some of these as alt skins
Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion AliensSpace Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion Ufos
also special thanks for the Smashboards space invaders supporters for the ideas. Very Happy
share your thoughts would you support this?
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Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion   Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion EmptyMon Sep 27, 2021 8:52 am

Well nobody supported my Battle Cat discussion yet, so I'll support this one. I think this is a really creative idea, and it would definitely add onto the variety that Tetromino brought to the game. I'm into unusual characters being fighters, so this easily gets my support.
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Space Invaders! (Taito) Disscussion
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