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PostSubject: Re: Assist Trophies General Discussion   Assist Trophies General Discussion - Page 6 EmptySun Jul 23, 2017 8:10 am

I just thought of this on the fly and thought it would be a hilariously unexpected assist trophy


Jake (Subway Surfers) (put this under "Other")
Rides his hoverboard into an enemy, which will explode into a puff of colored smoke. Also, the initial hit does some damage. how much? up to whoever puts the trophy in the game, if it happens
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PostSubject: Re: Assist Trophies General Discussion   Assist Trophies General Discussion - Page 6 EmptyWed Apr 18, 2018 8:37 pm

VultureDuck wrote:
I got bored, so I decided to make some ideas for Assist Trophies for Crusade (if they ever want them)

Also I'm not suggesting all of them, I won't mind suggesting a couple.

*Hammer Brother- Same as the one from Brawl
*Lakitu- Same from the one in Brawl
*Boywer- Bowyer will summon three blocks, each has O, side, and down. He will then shoot an arrow upwards, and goes down hitting one of the blocks
-O- opponents are not able to use their Neutral Special
-side- opponents are not able to use their side special
-down- opponents are not able to use their down special
*Luma- Stuns opponents by touching them, and sometimes shoot Star Bits
*Fawful - Unfortunately for the summoner, Fawful does not care who brought him into this world. After yelling some banter, he will randomly select a fighter, brainwashing him/her turning him/her into a worthless level 1 CPU for a short period. In team battles, this CPU will prioritize attacking his/her ally!
*Dimento- Dimento summons giant squares. If the opponent is unfortunate enough to be caught by the square, they whould either take a decent amount of damage, reverse controls, or decrease all of their stats (expert maybe their defense) 10x.
*Mallow- Casts his spell "Snowy." It causes a snowman to fall from above and explode, freezing anyone nearby.
*Massif Bros- They team up using the techniques they taught the Mario Bros to smash their opponents; The Spin Jump, Side Drill, and Ball Hop. both characters take damage, and if one is ko'ed, the assist trophy ends

Legend of Zelda:
*Ghirahim- Same as the one from 3DS/WiiU
*Lana- uses three of her weapons at random, only one per summon
-Book of Sorcery- Sends out giant cubes from above (causes pitfall)
-Deku Spear- summons baby Dekus from any random place and shoot Deku Seeds at blinding speed
-Summoning Gate- summons a ton of Chuccos and attack the opponents, ending off with a giant Chucco
*Marin- She sings "Ballad of the Wind Fish" which causes musical notes to appear, touching the notes can heal small percentages of the damage meter
*Groose - Builds the Groosenator, and starts lobbing bombs accross the field.

*Adeleine- She paints on her canvas, which summons either items or enemies from her boss fight
*Scarfy- It doesn't do much but act cute, but attacking it can cause it to go berserk and charge its attacker. This can happen to the summoner too.
*Marx - Creates a portal that slowly sucks in the opponents. If the opponents get sucked by the portal, the portal explodes and they all blast off.

*Koga- Koga mostly vanishes and appears. If he starts appearing, he will either throw poison kunais or place toxic puddles, and then he vanishes. Touching one of them will cause a poison effect.
*Viola- Takes a picture of the opponents. The flash of the camera always do 1%, but it causes them to flinch. Stopping them for a split-second.
*Wattson- He brings out a hearty laugh, and summons electrical fences from his gym.

*Kat & Anna- Same as the one from Brawl
*Mike- Mike causes shockwaves by singing on his microphone, the shockwave goes in any direction depending on where Mike is looking, and if the opponent in the shockwaves will be blown back (This is based of off Mike's mini games where it involves blowing at the microphone on the DS)
*Jimmy T - Dance party! A disco ball appears, and everyone (including the summoner!) must taunt whenever able.

Donkey Kong:
*Stanley- Stanley fires his spray upwards. This causes the summoner and the opponents to float up slightly.
*Chunky Kong - Slides into the stage and starts dancing. After a short period, he does a simian slam, dropping a ton of bananas around him. (Modeled after the fake AT 'found' in Smash U)
*Cranky Kong- Begins to bouce around like a pogo-stick with his cane, if he hits the opponent, he will make a foostool-like jump to give him more height.
*Lankey Kong- He has no style, he has no grace, this Kong has a funny face. He can handstand when he needs to, and stretch his arms out, just for you!
*Squitter- Shoots out some webs, used for as projectiles and create platforms

*Poochy - Same as Gogoat in WiiU/3DS
*Kamek - He spreads magic over the field, this causes the opponents to shrink/become really easy to knockback, and/or the summoner to grow/become really hard to knockback
*Huffin' Puffin - If you jump on it or attack it you can use it's babies as projectiles.

*Peppy Hare- Walks around while firing the Missile Launcher from Star Fox: Assault. He can change the missile's direction, and the missile can break shields.
*Andross- same as the one from Brawl
*ROB 64 - Location confirmed, sending supplies. A crate falls from the sky near the summoner, breaking to show a few bomb-type items.

*Giant Metroid- It follows to either the opponent or summoner and holds on their head. If it holds onto the opponent's head, it will deal damage and slams them to the ground, if they holds onto the summoner, it heals their damage.
*Mother Brain- Same as the one from WiiU/3DS
*Rundas-  Shoots ice projectiles (causes freeze effect), summons icebergs, and creates a trail of ice crystals.

Kid Icarus:
*Phosphora- Same as the one from WiiU/3DS
*Pyrrhon- Pyrrhon dashes through the field into enemies, sending out bursts of flame from his hands during periodic stops.
*Magnus - Same as the one from WiiU/3DS.

*Pico- The replacement for Goroh, except he doesn't attack recklessly. He chooses a target and relentlessly follows that character, attacking with some close-range weaponry
*The Skull- Laughs as fire engulfs the area around him
*Dr. Stewart - Walks around looking for people to heal.

*Great Tiger-He floats and teleports, he then appears to the opponent and punches them. He then teleports again and repeats the process. He is avoidable no matter how the opponent runs and/or jumps away, and if there are 2-5 opponents, there will be 2-4 more Great Tigers to do the same thing.

Duck Hunt:
*Wild Gunmen- All of the Wild Gunmen are together, and shoots a barrage of bullets at the direction where the opponent is. Pretty much similar to Duck Hunt's final smash in WiiU/3DS

*Geigue- When he shows up he might be there doing nothing, but opponents will randomly take damage by nothing
*Master Belch- Exhales stinky breath that causes status conditions, such as lower defenses and paralysis.
*Masked Man- Masked Man summons thunder strikes from above. They come at random, but are very huge
*Buzz Buzz- He hovers around the player who summoned him, then uses PSI Shield Σ to block off attacks with a ) shaped psychic barrier. Eventually he'll attack the opponents, but if he takes any damage from a melee attack he dies.
*New Age Retro Hippie - Runs into opponents. Sometimes pulls out toothbrush to brush his teeth or take out a ruler to measure things.

*Burrowing Snagret- It digs to the ground, and pops up near to the opponent. It then starts biting, causing massive damage.
*Wollywog- It floats up, goes to the opponent, and slams above them. (causes pitfall)
*Red Bulborb- Works like the enemy from Smash Run.
*Swooping Snitchbug - Grabs opponents and throws them down into the ground causing them to be buried underground.
*Plasm Wraith - Turns into a gelatinous cube, which then either surrounds itself with a water bubble, fire, or an electric field. May instead tumble around the stage, crushing foes.

Fire Emblem:
*Whitewings- One of the three sisters (probably Palla, as the leader) appears and rushes forward. If she connects, Catria and Est turn up and perform a Triangle Attack, doing a ton of damage.
*Tiki- She trips comically onto the field, then takes out her stone and turns into a huge Divine Dragon, and breathes mist everywhere.
*Sigurd- He appears and his horse rears up epically. Then the screen flashes. He leaps forward on the horse, and if he's still on a platform he charges forward. Anyone hit during the leap or charge takes a ton of knockback.
*Hector- He unleashes an earthquake by slamming Armads on the ground, then twirls it around his head, making a whirlwind, then slams it down, dealing a OHKO.
*Lehran- He appears and summons a large group of Fire, Wind and Thunder Spirits, which damage characters (and maybe differently, say Fire does more damage, Wind does more knockback, Thunder does more hitstun). EITHER then he warps to the centre and unleashes Creiddylad, dealing a ton of damage with a pool of light, OR then he warps to the summoner and uses the Ashera Staff, completely healing them.
*Olivia- Does a nice dance, then gives a minor attack and defense buff for the summoner.
*Felicia- Spawns with a plate and dashes forward, before tripping; the plate flies forward, and if it hits an enemy, it dazes them like it broke their shield.
*Ryoma & Xander- Ryoma spawns at one end of the stage, and Xander spawns at the other. They dash forward towards eachother, juggling any opponent caught by their dash along with them, before connecting their swords, causing an explosion which wounds any nearby enemies.
*Sumia- Spawns in the sky before swooping down and grabbing for an enemy. If she grabs one, she beats them up before clumsily dropping them, stunning the enemy.
*Kellam- Seems to not spawn after you use the assist trophy...until he appears behind an opponent and TERRIFIES them, before smashing them with a spear.
Pegasus Triangle - Florina appears and charges forward. If she connects, she calls her sisters (Fiora and Farina) down to repeatedly cross over, striking the target Florina hit. For a better idea, imagine if Kat and Ana only focused on one person instead of everyone.
*Black Knight - He's like the Wobbuffet of Assist Trophies. He won't actively pursue anyone, but if someone other than his summoner attacks him, he'll counter-strike for an instant KO.
*Tharja - She takes out a purple tome, casting eruptions of dark magic around the battlefield. These attacks don't simply do damage, they cast curses as well - this means unfortunate side effects, such as reversed controls.

Sin & Punishment:
Isa- Works similarly to Saki in Brawl, but he uses a cannon over a gunblade. He'll shoot the cannon at far away foes and smash it into anyone who gets close.

Mega Man:
*Burst Man- He uses Danger Wrap, which is a bomb inside a bubble. If the opponents are near to the bubble, they will get trapped and get hit by the bomb. The bomb will still blow up even if no one is inside the bubble
*Mega Man Killers - Enker, Punk, and Ballade spawn in and start beating the crap out of the other players using their respective powers.
*Metal Man - throws his Metal Blades at every direction, randomly.
*Roll - After sighing about the mess, she takes out her broom and starts sweeping. Doesn't attempt to go after anyone, but any fighter unlucky enough to get caught by her broom will be swept off stage.
*Spark Mandrill- He fires fully-charged version of Electric Spark, and attacks opponents with his drill

Street Fighter:
*Zangief- Zangief will walk/run around and poses as if he wants a hug. If he catches an opponent, he will do a spinning piledriver.
*M. Bison- He Floats, teleports, and does his trademark Psycho Crusher across the screen

Ace Attorney:
*Trucy Wright - Takes out a pair of panties, and proceeds to pull large objects out of them, throwing them everywhere
*Franziska - Whips anyone who gets close to her.

*Cornell- He goes to the opponent and slashes them, sometimes he can also howl which causes a shockwave. (does no knock back, but is a multi-hit)
*Sypha- Sypha summons three thunder orbs, and the orbs home-in at the opponents
*Hammer- Hammer sits on his chair, and throws some weapons for the fighters. These include: Beam Swords, Base-ball Bats, Ray-guns, Koopa Shells, Bumpers, Ultra-Hands, Star Rods, Fire Flowers, Mines, Soccer Balls, Fans, Pitfalls, and Hammers Kappa.
*Aeon- The replacement for Shadow's role in Brawl/3DS/WiiU
*Death- Summons a dozen sickles; each sickle appears in a random location, and moves at a different direction.

*Big- Big goes fishing! If the hook from his fishing rod catches the opponent, Big will reel them in, and the opponent gets stuck until they are near to Big. The opponent will get super-armored when they are reeled, so trying to knock-them will never happened.
*Team Chaotix- Charmy, Espio, and Vector sends out their instruments, and plays poorly (Based from Sonic Heroes). It does no knockback, but instead do damage. (Similar to Cornell's howling, but slowly takes damage and attacks the whole screen, shielding won't even protect from the damage.)
*Blaze- She spins while covering herself in fire, he can also create fire pillars

Metal Gear:
*Psycho Mantis- Similar to Mr. Resetti from Brawl, But instead he tells the stats of the players or the whole game in general. Ex. "So you prefer Melee's air dodge, I guess you don't like being a casual." Ex. "What's wrong, no love for Mach Rider?" Also when he is about to take his leave, he will a black screen with text saying "Hideo" on the top right. Blocking the player's view.
*The End- The End appears on the foreground like in Snake's final smash, and proceeds to snipe the opponents. He simply shoots the opponent, wait for a while to perfect a headshot, and/or confuses the opponent with tranquilizer darts.

*Bagura- He floats in midair, throwing bouncing bombs around the field. If no one is nearby, he'll teleport to get within range.
*Bazooka Bomber- fires his bazooka in the any direction, creating a blast that extends forward until the first obstacle.
*Terrorin- He simply slows down or accelerate the
time by making everything go slow or faster

*Miru- Wanders randomly around the stage. If she touches a character, she will drag him/her off past the blast lines.

*Balue- He jumps into the air and unleashes a bunch of tornadoes down onto the battlefield.

Final Fantasy:
*Kain- he jumps off screen, and then come crashing down on a random opponent. He'd then bounce off screen with the Final Fantasy victory jingle playing for a moment.
*White Mage- The White Mage uses Curaga, healing a good chunck for the summoner. However, he/she might accidentally heal the opponent (If that happens, the white mage covers his/her face in shame).
Tellah- Tellah summons Meteor, in which multiple meteors rain down to the stage, causing a decent amount of damage when the opponents get close to them.
*Cactuar- Fires 1000 needles at the nearest opponent.

Banjo & Kazooie:
*Mumbo Jumbo- Does a chant, causing rain and wind to affect the battle.
-Rain- Makes the stage slippery.
-Wind- Blows away the opponent as strong as Wispy Woods's in the Dreamland/Green Greens stage
*Gruntilda- Flies around on her broom casting spells.

*Bolo- Bolo spins the pike ball-and-chain like a propeller, and swings it against the nearest opponent
*Sky- Sky orders Wrench to assist her summoner, and Wrench flies towards him/her. Everytime the summoner attacks, Wrench responds by doing an air dive, this is for some combos and extra damage.
*Ammo Baron- Ammo Baron rides his giant tank, and shoots out missles and bombs at the opponent. Sometimes he uses the tank's bulk to slowly ram at the opponents.

Crash Bandicoot:
*Dingodile- Dingodile will run around and use his flamethrower. When the opponents get hit by the flames, there's no escaping!
*N Tropy - Fires energy beams accross the stage in the form of a vertical line that travels horizontally. Pushes (ala Isaac) and burns fighters it touches.

*Globox - Rather worthless, he decides to lay down and not participate in the fight, eating snacks. You can use his belly as a trampoline, however.

Motal Kombat:
*Raiden - Raiden teleports next to the nearby enemy then grabs the enemy and holds them in the air while electrocuting them

Team Fortress 2:
*Engineer - Builds a sentry to assist in battle
*Spy - Turn invisible to sneak around and attack opponents
*Medic - Heals you and your team.
*Sniper - Snipes and throws Jarate at opponents, which will allow you to do more damage

Dragon Ball:
*Piccolo & Frieza- Piccolo and Frieza fight against each other. They will only pay attention to each other, but opponents can still get hit by their rapid punches & kicks, energy blasts, and beam struggle. (Also they sometimes teleport)
*Majin Buu- Buu fires a beam at the opponent, which causes them to become candy or sweets. They get knockback easily, but they are almost hard to hit.

*Tabuu (SSBB): Tabuu appears in the background and unfolds his wings. He then proceeds to unleash three massive circular shockwaves
*Yorgle (Atari Adventure)- Yorgle will move around the stage. When he makes contact with a fighter, he will try to eat said fighter. Victims will have 0.75 seconds to move out of the way, or they are eaten. When eaten, trapped fighters will accumulate damage a la Lip's Stick. Before he disappears, Yorgle will spit out any eaten fighters, most likely launching them a good distance
*Bartender (Tappers)- He appears with an extended bar table and launches root beer
*Sheriff- same as the one from WiiU/3DS
*Color TV-Game 15- same as the one from WiiU/3DS
*Patricia Wagon (Mighty Switch Force)- she shouts: "STOP! In the name of the Law!"and proceeds firing her gun at the opponent. There are 4 lined squares and 2 lined vertical rectangles, she can use her switch powers to cover up either one of them. The covered squares can act like platforms, while the rectangles are there to be on the way.
*Pocky & Rocky- Both shoot projectiles from opposite directions. Pocky shoots at the left, while Rocky shoots at the right. Like Saki's and Mach Rider's Nspecial, it causes no knockback but can attack diagonally and causes multi-hit damage.
*Momohime (Muramasa: The Demon Blade)- Momohime unleashes a Quick Draw, which is a barrage if very-fast sword slashes covering the whole stage. Even if the opponents are shielding, they will still get hit by the barrage.
*Bubsy- He says, "What could possibly go wrong?" and starts to run and glide around the stage. If he runs toward an opponent, a fight cloud will appear as Bubsy attacks them, dealing a decent amount of damage.
*Minato (Persona)- Minato aims his gun at the side of his head and yells, "Persona!"
Pulling the trigger causes to summon the following two personas.
-Orpheus- Orpheus uses Agilao, in which he unleashes multiple flaming explosions towards the opponent
-Thanatos- Orpheus will transform into Thanatos and use Megidola, which does the same as Orpheus but unleashes dark aura instead, and it's more powerful.
*Hori Taizo (aka Dig Dug)- pumps up the opponent until he or she explodes
*Arthur (Ghost n' Goblins)- He jumps and throws his lances, and torches which causes a burst of flames when it hits the ground.
*Red Arremer- Arremer starts to fly, then swoops and launch fireballs while darting all over the arena.
*Sparkster (Rocket Knight)- Sparkster starts his jetpack, and rockets around the stage.
*Dynamite Headdy- Headdy throws his head, and the head comes back to him. The head can go through opponents, so he can attack again when his head comes back.
*Virtual Boy - Shoots a red beam of light around the stage.
*Dope Fish- The stage is flooded with water, Dopefish then tried to eat the players
*Segata Sanshiro- does one of three things
-He will try to grab and suplex the opponent, after that the opponent explodes...twice
-He summons an army of mini-shanshiros, and order them to charge at the opponents
-He grabs the summoner, and hurls him/her to the opponents
*Lilac (Freedom Planet)- She uses Dragon Boost to charge the opponents, no matter if they are on the ground or the air.
*Super Monkey Ball - Inside their monkey balls, the 4 monkeys roll around the stage, crashing into players. Serves as a pseudo-replacement to the Pac-Man ghosts.
*Endou and Gouenji (Inazuma Eleven) both characters will move to opposite sides of the stage before Gouenji starts his practice shots with Fire Tornado. After 5 shots, both Endou and Gouenji will team up for one more shot, the Inazuma Ichigo.
*JoJo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) - One of the JoJo's from part 1-8 (still need to read 7 - eight) will come and run around trying to hit a opponent. If they land a hit, they will stand rush (minus Jonathan/Joseph/Giorno) them. Each one has a different effect. Jonathan will use the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive, nothing special. Joseph will use Hermit Purple to trap a opponent and Hamon Overdrive them. Jotaro will freeze time after a successive hit and stand rush the opponent. Josuke will heal the opponent fully before stand rushing them to their previous health + 30%. Giorno will walk around aimlessly. But if he is attacked, he will counter the attack with a frog that transfers the damage back before stand rushing them. Jolyne will stand rush the opponent, launch them, and use her stand to pull said opponent back before being rushed again

*Turtle- It does nothing, it's just there to be cute.

Special Thanks:
That Will Be Great.
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PostSubject: Re: Assist Trophies General Discussion   Assist Trophies General Discussion - Page 6 EmptyThu Jun 28, 2018 12:07 pm

How about some unorthodox Assist Trophies?

The Brolander - Uses his special, "The Quickening" which creates lightning around The Brolander, dealing very high damage to anything caught in its area of effect.

Lethal League:
Raptor - Hits a fast ball screaming "It's over!" Anything hit by the ball takes a lot of damage and knockback

Glue Gunner - Splatters opponents in glue, reducing their speed and mobility heavily for a bit
Zeplin Of Mighty Gargantuaness (ZOMG) - Slowly heads towards the center of the stage, opponents have a limited amount of time to destroy it before it creates an explosion damaging anyone nearby

Not Important - Starts shooting at any enemy nearby, targets closest. Can use either a machine gun, a pistol, or a shotgun

Call of Duty:
Mason - Drives a Humvee with a mounted gattling gun in reference to the opening of Call of Duty Black Ops
Viktor Reznov - Takes aim with shotgun, and fires a single burst action shot.

Death Road to Canada:
Super Pug - It's a pug with a gun. He like, shoots things.
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PostSubject: Re: Assist Trophies General Discussion   Assist Trophies General Discussion - Page 6 EmptyThu Jun 28, 2018 12:56 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Assist Trophies General Discussion   Assist Trophies General Discussion - Page 6 EmptyThu Jun 28, 2018 3:51 pm

anthonyswoboda2016 wrote:

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PostSubject: Re: Assist Trophies General Discussion   Assist Trophies General Discussion - Page 6 EmptyThu Jun 28, 2018 4:00 pm

anthonyswoboda2016 wrote:

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PostSubject: Re: Assist Trophies General Discussion   Assist Trophies General Discussion - Page 6 EmptyFri Jun 29, 2018 7:48 am

anthonyswoboda2016 wrote:

Actually that sounds like a reasonable id...

Fuck no.
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Assist Trophies General Discussion
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