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 Rusty (SteamWorld Dig) Discussion: Let's Get Digging!

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PostSubject: Rusty (SteamWorld Dig) Discussion: Let's Get Digging!   Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:10 pm

SteamWorld Dig was a steampunk/western Metroidvania released in 2013, set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have reduced themselves to dull, shambling brutes living underground, while the world above is populated by steambots who have established a world much like the wild west of the mid- to late-1800s. Rusty is a tough steambot who's come to the mining town of Tumbleton after being deeded the town's mine by his late uncle. He sets out to help restore the town through the wealth to be found in the mine, as well as upgrade himself with mysterious technology and uncover the dark secrets that lie deep below the surface.

A game in the same universe (but in a very different part of it) called SteamWorld Heist, was released in 2015. This game focused on turn-based 2D shooting, a unique mix of strategy and skill, and is about steambot space pirate/smugglers. Rusty does not feature in this (but the phenomenal multi-genre steampunk band Steam Powered Giraffe was involved in the soundtrack, so there's that).

Both games were originally released on 3DS and subsequently made available on Wii U, PC, PS4, Vita, and Xbox One, and were predated by SteamWorld Tower Defense, a simple Tower Defense game set in the that world, released in 2010 for the 3DS. A few months ago, in the Nintendo Nindies Direct, SteamWorld Dig 2 was announced for the Switch. This game, now released to great acclaim, follows closely to SteamWorld Dig's style, but with a more non-linear structure, and with the main character now Dorothy, a steambot girl from the first SteamWorld Dig that became friends with Rusty.

These games are really solid, creative, fun experiences with strong Nintendo relevance, and Rusty would fit in perfectly as a great addition and a great indie rep.

Jab/Combo: Swings Pickax twice, then Drills forward as long as player taps button.
Side Tilt: Rusty rapidly swipes with his Pickax.
Up Tilt: Rusty thrusts his Drill upwards for moment.
Down Tilt: Rusty Steam-Punches the ground in front of his feet, sending up a short, damaging spray of dirt and pebbles. Spikes if opponent is hit by the fist itself.

Forward Smash: Rusty charges up a special fist, the Steam-Punch, that lunges forward at high speed once the button is released.
Up Smash: Rusty crouches before leaping up with the Steam-Jump, his fist held up above him. He jumps higher the longer the charge is held, and has full control until the apex of the jump, at which point he's helpless.
Down Smash: Rusty charges up his Pickax and strikes the ground below him, causing a damaging, arcing spray of stone. As the charge is held, the metal of the Pickax changes colour, from dark grey (iron) to light grey (steel) to gold (gold) to silver-white (titanium). The stronger the Pickax, the further the stone sprays, and the more damage the spray does. There is a very small frame where the Pickax itself can potentially hit an opponent, and does massive damage if it does so.

Neutral Special: Rusty has three small circles beneath his damage percentage at the bottom of the screen. These are his Power Orbs, and when an Orb is picked up, a circle will fill with blue. Upon using his Neutral Special, Rusty will use a Power Orb, making him move faster, do more damage, and have a triple jump for a short time. Power Orbs can only be acquired from Rusty's Side Special, and can be picked up by opponents, but can only be stored by Rusty. An opponent who picks up a Power Orb will gain the boost immediately, and for a shorter time than Rusty.
Side Special: Rusty is startled for a moment as a block appears just in front of him. The block is a solid object, and does minor damage and knockback if it's spawned in the air and lands on an opponent. It can be broken by anyone. There are three types of blocks. Dirt/Stone Blocks release a 360-degree spray of dirt and stone upon being broken that damages anyone hit except whoever broke the block. Power Blocks contain one or two Power Orbs, and yield a small blue explosion when broken that also only damages the breaker. Explosive Blocks explode (with a larger, more damaging blast than Power Blocks), and take a couple seconds after hitting to do so. They also hurt Rusty. Critter Blocks have trilobites hibernating inside them. Upon breaking, the block releases the trilobite, who wanders back and forth across the platform, doing 5% damage to anyone it touches except the player that released it. The trilobite does no knockback, passes through characters, and requires only a little damage to be destroyed.
Down Special: Rusty sets down Teleport Pad. At any time he can teleport back to that spot, at the cost of one Power Orb.
Up Special/Recovery: Rusty places a ladder, about the same height as himself, where he stands. He automatically climbs up it to stand on top, but this takes half a second. Rusty can place up to three ladders, both on the ground and in the air. Ladders are not solid to other players until they land, at which point they will do 1% damage if they land on an opponent, and are extremely easy to knock away or destroy.

Neutral Air: Rusty swings his Pickax in a circle around himself.
Forward Air: Rusty punches forward quickly with the Steam-Fist.
Backward Air: Rusty turns and briefly Drills behind.
Up Air: Rusty swings the Pickax in an overhead arc.
Down Air: Rusty throws a stick of dynamite down. The dynamite will explode after a couple seconds if untouched, or will explode on contact with an opponent. The explosion does minor damage to Rusty, and launches anyone hit by it back, but with full control, rather than traditional knockback.

Grab: Rusty grabs an opponent with the Steam-Fist.
Forward Throw: Rusty fires the Steam-Fist again, launching the opponent away.
Backward Throw: Rusty simply throws the opponent over his shoulder.
Up Throw: Rusty lets go and swings his Pickax up into the opponent, knocking them into the air.
Down Throw: Rusty throws the opponent down along with a stick of dynamite. The explosion is small and cosmetic, doing no damage to Rusty or anyone else close enough to be touched by it.
Pummel: Rusty holds the opponent down with the Steam-Fist and Drills them.

Dash: Rusty merely runs faster.

Jumping: Rusty has two jumps normally, with a small steam effect from his feet when he jumps. When powered up, Rusty has three jumps.

Taunt: Rusty rests his Pickax on his shoulder and tips his hat.

Final Smash: Overcharge Rusty lifts his fist and smiles as an upgrade station appears around him, charging him up with Power. For the next 20 seconds, Rusty has all of the benefits of using a Power Orb, except with more damage, speed, and a higher third jump, plus arcs and bolts of electricity extending the range of all his attacks. His eyes glow blue while the Final Smash is active, and electricity sparks around his body and his feet with every step he takes.
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Rusty (SteamWorld Dig) Discussion: Let's Get Digging!
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