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 About The Characters Victory Theme Origins

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PostSubject: About The Characters Victory Theme Origins   Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:01 pm

Well, I was wondering now this:

Which was the origin of the Victory Themes of the characters from SSBC?

Here I could iddentify only some of them:

-Super Mario: Course Clear Theme from Super Mario Bros.
-Wario Land/WarioWare Inc.: Wario's Victory Theme from SSBB/SSB4
-Donkey Kong Country: Boss Defeated/Bonus Clear from Donkey Kong Country
-Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Victory Theme from SSBM
-Legend Of Zelda: The Legend Of Zelda characters Victory Theme from SSBM
-Tingle: A portion from Tingle's Theme from Four Swords Adventure
-Metroid: Item Get Jingle from Metroid (SSBM Version)
-Pikmin: Olimar's Victory Theme from SSBB
-Kirby Super Star: Level Clear Theme from Kirby Super Star Series
-Meta-Knight: Meta-Knight's Victory theme from SSBB
-Star Fox: Star Fox caharacters Victory Theme from SSBM
-Pokémon: Pokémon characters Victory Theme from SSBB
-Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem characters Victory Theme from SSBB
-F-ZERO: Race Finish Theme from F-ZERO X
-EarthBound: Ness Victory Theme from SSBM
-Punch-Out!: Victory Theme after defeating Mr. Sandman in Punch-Out!! (Wii)
-Ice Climber: Bonus Stage Clear Theme
-Mach Rider: Course Clear Theme from Mach Rider
-Game & Watch: Mr. Game & Watch's Victory Theme from SSBM
-R.O.B.: R.O.B.'s Victory Theme from SSBB
-Sin & Punishment: Results Theme from Sin & Punishment
-Solid Snake: Solid Snake's Victory Theme from SSBB
-Sonic The Hedgehog: Course Clear Theme from Sonic The Hedgehog Series (since STH3)
-Mega Man: Stage Clear Theme from Mega Man Series
-Duck Hunt: Stage Clear Theme from Duck Hunt
-Pac-Man: No idea about the origin...
-Street Fighter: No idea about the origin...
-Rayman: Stage Clear Theme from Rayman
-Bomberman: Stage Clear Theme from Bomberman 64
-Ristar: Stage Clear Theme from Ristar
-Crash Bandicoot: No idea about the origin...
-Ace Attorney: No idea about the origin...
-Klonoa: No idea about the origin...
-Dragon Ball Z: A portion from the Next Episode Preview Theme from Dragon Ball Kai

If somebody can say me the origin from all the Victory themes, comment, please.

And, if you have ideas for new Victory themes, comment too, please.
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About The Characters Victory Theme Origins
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