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 Altered Beast (Altered Beast) Discussion

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PostSubject: Altered Beast (Altered Beast) Discussion   Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:39 pm

A Roman centurion who had died in battle is resurrected from the dead by Zeus. The centurion is ordered by Zeus to save his daughter Athena from a Demon God called Neff in the Underworld. To become able to withstand the perils, the warrior gets the ability to absorb spirit balls which transform him into an Altered Beast, a part animal, part human creature of formidable force and fights at graveyards and the underworld against zombies and winged demons. In my opinion a very good rep for sega characters. His ability to transform in to other creatures is just badass and he is from one of the best side scrollers and most successfull sega games. Very well known and iconic for the most gamers.
His transformations are:
Golden Werewolf
His transformations could be introduced into the moveset.
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PostSubject: Re: Altered Beast (Altered Beast) Discussion   Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:34 pm

I think you're aware of this already, but in the Beat topic, Roy had this to say...
Roy wrote:

I was trying to think of a good Sega rep... the problem is, so many of them are generic. Ryo, anyone from Virtua Fighter, B. D. Joe, Vectorman, Gillius... just not much to work with. NiGHTS isn't really doable since her main gimmick involves flying. Amigo is just a rhythm game (which might work but would be kind of awkward). Ulala is in the same boat as Amigo. Alex Kidd is an icon, but the only unique thing he can possibly possess is the rock-paper-scissors, but how does that translate into smash? Mobo/Robo are basically Ice Climbers. Beat seemed like the most unique choice.

I might look into Aiai or Vyse later... Monkey Ball has had some fighting minigames before, and Vyse is a dual-sword fighter which could be fairly unique for Smash.
AiAi and Vyse would be really unique, sure, but how can you get more unique than a buff reanimated Roman zombie-guy who can transform into five different anthropomorphic animals, each with different skills? ...You can't. This idea is great, I totally support it, and if he can get in along with Beat, that'd be the greatest thing ever.

What I'm really hoping, though, is that the 4 Sonic reps already in the game don't eliminate the chances of more SEGA reps (because as of right now, there are five SEGA characters in-game, but only TWO game series are represented between them)...
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Altered Beast (Altered Beast) Discussion
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