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 Gallade(Pokemon) Discussion:Gallade sharpens his blades!

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Gallade(Pokemon) Discussion:Gallade sharpens his blades! Empty
PostSubject: Gallade(Pokemon) Discussion:Gallade sharpens his blades!   Gallade(Pokemon) Discussion:Gallade sharpens his blades! EmptyWed Jan 30, 2019 3:21 pm

So my character idea is Gallade from the Pokemon series.
Gallade is #475 in the Pokedex and the Blade Pokemon. He is a Psychic/Fighting pokemon that evovles from a Male Kirlia via the use of a Dawn Stone. In the games, he is a mixed fighter, allowing him to learn moves like Focus Blast, Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Thunderbolt, and Sky Uppercut.

I feel as if Gallade should be a part of this game due to its abilities, and would be a unique pokemon to use alongside Mewtwo, Lucario, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff. I think that people would like the ability to mix up range and power without being an godlike powerhouse, and his playstyle would give players an oppertunity to quickly adapt to their surroundings and stratigise for everything.

His playstyle would be more of a mixed fighter but mainly focused  on physical attacks like he does in the games. Sort of like a combination of Lucario and Mewtwo if you think about it. He would also be more of a combo based fighter with the speed of those like eg. Lucario or maybe even Fox, mixed with power of others, with a slight decrease.

His basic moves would be mostly consisting of jabs and slashes.

As for his specials,
Up Special:Sky Uppercut/Power Up Punch(A vertical uppercut that, if successfully landed  and the b button is pressed mid-air, willchain into a downward punch, making it a risky but powerful move, with the ability to spike,but could SD if failed.)
Neutral Special:Psycho Cut(can be charged and can lead to huge damage.)
Side Special:Focus Punch(A charged up attack that will stun if charged long enough, similar to the focus attack of Ryu and Chun Li.)
Down Special: Hypnosis/Dream Eater(If used again after successful Hypnosis on opponent, which would leave them stunned, Gallade will gain health from the opponent.)

Final Smash:Psycho Close Combat(Mega evolves and begins a rush to the opponent, dealing massive damage to anyone caught in it. He then finishes off with a Psyshock, knocking the opponent off the stage.However, if it hits no one, he will be susceptible to attacks for a few seconds.

Forward Smash: Fire Punch(A vicious punch with fire blazed onto the hand, burns opponents and creates pillars of fire at full charge.)
Down Smash:Ice Punch(A chilly punch onto the ground and opponents. If fully charged,it summons ice to the sides of Gallade.)
Up Smash: Thunder Punch(A thunder uppercut that does damage but once fully charged summons a bolt of lightning from the sky.)

Forward Grab:Slash(Uses Confusion to hold opponent and then slashes them)
Upward Grab:Zen Headbutt(Uses confusion to put opponent above and then does a powerful psychic headbutt.)
Downward Grab:Low Kick(Puts opponent on ground then kicks them away)
Backward Grab: Shadow Ball(Throws opponent backwards, then  throws Shadow Balls at them, similar to Mewtwo)

Theme:(Wally Battle Theme(Victory Road)-Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

Victory:Regular Pokemon victory theme.

Feedback would be appreciated Smile
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Gallade(Pokemon) Discussion:Gallade sharpens his blades!
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