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 New uses for the Intensity Meter

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New uses for the Intensity Meter Empty
PostSubject: New uses for the Intensity Meter   New uses for the Intensity Meter EmptyWed Nov 05, 2014 4:35 pm

As you know, Classic Mode in Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has this Intensity Meter Borrowed from Kid Icarus Uprising, And I thought I'd welcome it with these new ideas for the Intensity Meter.

This is just an Aesthetic Idea for the Intensity Meter, For everything you plan to do, A Sequence of 10 Images is shown, each representing a point in Intensity, Primarily single-player experiences have one sequence for each character. For Example, When playing with Ashley through any of the Single player modes you can watch her drink a potion which will turn her into a tiny baby at Intensity Level 0.0 or a busty adult demon at 9.0... In a less, eh...provocative example. The Villager would grow a tree to high heights, with a Beehive hitting his head and attacking him at intensity levels below 2.0

You can adjust which Items Spawn throughout the Entire Game, Multiplayer Included! In my topic suggesting to Tweak the Smash Meter, I said I wanted the Smash Ball Back, but one of the fine Developers here pointed out why they did not want the Smash Ball in the First Place.

Falcon8r wrote:
The Smash Gauge (or Meter, depending on who you ask) was implemented so that players not only had more of an equal chance to use Final Smashes, but also to reward players for participating in the fight and not running away or "camping".

So to remedy this problem, I came up with the Item Spawn System that chooses at which intensity should a specific Item Spawn. And yes, you can set up the Entire Game Does not have any Items at all, Tourney Tards... The Image representing this Aspect of the Intensity Meter is Navi being effected by the Triforce, She's Dead you go lower Lower than 2.0 and if you go Higher, She grows and Grows and GROWS until Intensity Level 9.0 when she's a Great Fairy, blessed with all the Beauty it entails.

Why not go further and Choose which Pokemon should Spawn from the Pokeballs at Which intensity? The Image is of a Pokemon Battle, With The Pokemon in the Center dependent on the Intensity Level with a Goldeen being Intensity Level 0.0 and Arceus appearing at Intensity Level 9.0

Assist Trophies
And Why stop with Pokeballs, Assist Trophies Work the Same Way, Right? The Image is of a Smash reaching for and using an Assist Trophy, With the Trophy Disappearing at intensity Level 0.0

So, What do you think?
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New uses for the Intensity Meter
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