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 Invoker (DotA) Discussion: The Arsenal Magus

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PostSubject: Invoker (DotA) Discussion: The Arsenal Magus   Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:13 am

"Behold before you, the illustrious, the imperious, ingenious arch-mage… Carl."

Invoker hails from the popular Warcraft 3 mod, Defense of the Ancients. He was later reintroduced in a complete game in Valve's sequel to the original mod, DOTA 2.


Why DotA?

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre has seen an immense explosion in popularity in recent years, with such titles as League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and DotA. By their nature they are competitive team-oriented games, and so they are very popular for professional play. League of Legends holds the largest tournaments in the gaming community, and DOTA 2's International has the largest prize pool of any gaming tournament. I believe such popularity warrants a place in Crusade.

In addition, both Valve and PC games as a whole lack a representative in Crusade. Invoker covers both of these.


Why Invoker?

Invoker's Lore:

Invoker has a reputation for being one of the hardest heroes in the game to master. Instead of having 4 abilities like most heroes in the game, Invoker has ten, each identified by a 3-value code that Invoker must input to use the spell. This means that a competent Invoker player must memorize the codes for each spell, input the codes in order, and do this fast enough to be of use in a teamfight. This results in some crazy strategy and APM at the top level. Because many players want to try their skill at such a hero, Invoker is currently the second most picked hero in the game.

A Popular Pro Player Practicing Invoker:

Because of his diverse ability pool, Invoker has many more moves available to transfer to Smash. Invoker's playstyle is characterized in a massive skill ceiling that enables precise setups and impressive plays. He has many powerful moves that are easy to avoid if not properly used. I'm trying to transfer that high difficulty and high reward into this character suggestion.



Due to his dark and mysterious magiks, Invoker maintains an ethereal and deliberate movement pattern. He is a Floaty Character, having about the same fall speed as Ness.

His Jump Height is average.

His Air Movement is slightly below average, but not enough to hinder his movement too much.

His Walk Speed is slow, and his Dash Speed is also relatively slow.

His Normal Weight is middling-low, comparable to Peach.

He cannot crawl, wall-jump, or wall-cling.

His size should be fairly imposing, comparable in height to Ganondorf.



Neutral Special: Invoke
Move Type ~ Character Property Alteration
It may be a bit unorthodox to start a moveset with the specials, but in this case, the entire character revolves around the NSpec.

When Invoker activates his NSpec, he can then input a direction to activate his Orbs:
Left gives Quas
Down gives Wex
Right gives Exort
Once he is done activating orbs, Invoker can press NSpec again to "Invoke". The orbs float above Invoker's head.

These orbs affect many different sides of Invoker's moveset. First of all, every Quas orb gives increased weight. This means that Invoker is more resistant to knockback. With three Quas orbs, Invoker's weight is equal to Bowser's.

Every Wex orb gives Invoker increased movement speed. With three Wex orbs, Invoker's ground speed is comparable to Marth. His aerial drift is then comparable to Megaman.

Every Exort orb gives Invoker increased damage. Every orb multiplies the damage by 1.07x additively, so with three orbs the multiplier would be 1.21x.

When Invoker invokes certain three-orb combinations, however, it has drastic effects on his other moves, as will be shown in due time. Order of input makes no difference in effect. Using an upgraded move causes that move to be entirely unusable for 7 seconds!

Invoke Spell Combination Chart:

Up Special: Blink Dagger
Move Type ~ Non-Damaging Teleport
Invoker uses his Blink Dagger to teleport a set distance in any direction after a small cast time. After blinking, however, Invoker is sent into freefall. The range is longer than Mewtwo's or Goku's teleports. Can sweetspot ledges.

Side Special: Force Staff
Move Type ~ Non-Damaging Positioning
Invoker uses his Force Staff to propel himself forward to better position himself. It has a small range, but is fast and does not send Invoker into freefall. Use this move to recover or to compensate for Invoker's lackluster base movement!

Down Special: Linken's Sphere
Move Type ~ Super Armor
Every 30-45 seconds, Invoker can activate his Linken's Sphere to absorb the knockback from a single move. The armor effect lasts for 7 seconds, and Invoker can move freely during this time. Since a Linken's Sphere's bubble could be hard to sprite, a blue glow can visually cue the super armor. Use this move to block massive incoming attacks and survive longer!


Jab: Orb Strike
Move Type ~ Physical Disjoint
Invoker's foremost orb deals a fast lunge forward to deal 3% and moderate knockback for a jab. A one-hit jab, much like Ganondorf's. Use this move to disrupt enemies who get too close for comfort!

Up Tilt: Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Move Type ~ Physical Displacement
Invoker uses his Eul's to lift an opponent in front of him into a mighty cyclone for 1.7 seconds. While the enemy flies helplessly in the air, they are unable to be hit. When they hit the ground, they are dealt 5% damage. The hitbox of this move is only active for 2-4 frames, and the endlag is punishable. Aim this move wisely and use it to set up more powerful moves like USmash or Fsmash!

Side Tilt: Cold Snap
Move Type ~ Projectile
Invoker fires a bolt of ice a short distance, chilling his foes to their very core. In normal circumstances, this move does moderately low damage (5%) and decently high hitstun. This move can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Quas Quas Quas is invoked, Cold Snap is upgraded. The move now deals more damage (9%) and deals massive hitstun, comparable to Rayman's FTilt. Use this move to set up more potent damage dealers!

Down Tilt: Ice Wall
Move Type ~ DoT Area Denial
Invoker generates a path of solid ice in the area where he is standing. Enemies standing in the ice receive 2% damage every twenty frames and have their ground speed slowed, much like Petey's NSpec works in Crusade. Ice Wall cannot be cast again if another Ice Wall is still in play. This move can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Quas Quas Exort is invoked, Ice Wall is upgraded. The move now deals 4% every ten frames. Use this move to deter enemies from certain areas!

Dash Attack: Ghost Walk
Move Type ~ Physical
Invoker manipulates the ice and electrical energies around him, rendering himself invisible for a short time. He rushes forward in a lunge attack, with only a blur visible. Anyone hit by this attack is dealt 8% damage and low upwards-diagonal knockback away from Invoker. They will also have their ground speed slowed for 2 seconds, while air speed remains untouched. This move can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Quas Quas Wex is invoked, Ghost Walk is upgraded. The move now deals 16% damage and slows for 8 seconds. Use this move to force the enemy's hand and chase them down!


Up Smash: Sunstrike
Move Type ~ Physical
Invoker sends a catastrophic ray of fierce energy from the sun to his own location. After Invoker casts the spell, he can move freely while the energy charges. The energy builds for 1 second, then erupts in a fiery pillar, sending victims in a vertical path. This move has three hitboxes, the strongest being at the bottom, dealing 13% and killing at 135% on FD. The middle section deals 9%, and the top section deals 5%. Sunstrike cannot be cast again if another Sunstrike is still in play. This move can only be used every 5 seconds, and can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Exort Exort Exort is invoked, Sunstrike is upgraded. The move now deals 19%, 14%, and 10% at the bottom, middle, and top respectively. It now kills at 110% on FD. Use this move in conjunction with moves like Ftilt and Utilt to maximize effectiveness!

Side Smash: Chaos Meteor
Move Type ~ DoT Area Denial
Invoker pulls a flaming meteor from space onto the battlefield. The meteor appears and flies down for 0.9 seconds before dealing damage. After casting, Invoker can move freely while the meteor falls after moderate endlag. Upon impact the meteor deals 10% damage and moderate knockback. After impact the meteor continues to roll for 3 seconds or until it falls off a ledge, dealing 3% and tiny knockback once immediately then every 0.5 seconds. Chaos Meteor cannot be cast again if another meteor is still in play. This move can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Wex Exort Exort is invoked, Chaos Meteor is upgraded. The move now does not roll, only dealing 18% damage and high horizontal upward knockback on impact. Use this move in conjunction with Utilt and Usmash for massive combos!

Down Smash: Deafening Blast
Move Type ~ Physical Disjoint
Invoker unleashes a mighty sonic wave in front of him, disrupting anyone in his path. The wave covers a short distance in the direction he is facing, and has high endlag. The move deals 9% damage and moderate knockback in a horizontal trajectory. Shouldn't really kill from the ledge until 110% or above. This move can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Quas Wex Exort is invoked, Deafening Blast is upgraded. The move is now unleashed in both directions, dealing 15% damage and high knockback. Use this move as a reliable kill move off the side, but beware the lag if you miss!


Neutral Aerial: Magic Wheel
Move Type ~ Physical
Invoker accelerates his orbs to a circular blur around himself, daring his foes to approach. It deals 13% if sweetspotted, then less as time goes on, to 8%. It works much like Krystal's Nair in Crusade.

Up Aerial: EMP
Move Type ~ Physical Disjoint
Invoker builds a charge of electrical energy, then unleashes it above his head. Has a very long startup, but deals 13% damage and moderate knockback. Think Zelda's Uair crossed with PK Flash. This move can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Wex Wex Wex is invoked, EMP is upgraded. This move now deals 19% damage and kills off the top at fairly early percents. Use this move as a followup to grabs to finish off your opponents!

Forward Aerial: Firebolt
Move Type ~ Physical Disjoint
Invoker gathers his energy for a moment, then casts a bolt of fire in a straight line in front of him. Works similar to Megaman's Fair in crusade, dealing 8% damage. Visually looks like Link's first animation when activating his Final Smash in Brawl:

Back Aerial: Tornado
Move Type ~ Projectile
Invoker unleashes a fast moving tornado behind him that damages enemies in its path. The tornado flies a moderate distance, while Invoker himself is pushed away from the tornado. The tornado deals small damage, but only the smallest amount of knockback, meaning most characters can't be carried the full distance. This move can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Quas Wex Wex is invoked, Tornado is upgraded. The move now deals twice as much damage and deals enough knockback to carry opponents the full length, assuming bad DI. Use this move to gimp recoveries and gain control of the stage!

Down Aerial: Telelightning
Move Type ~ Physical Disjoint
Invoker blasts a small area below him with bolts of lightning. After a moderate startup, this move has 5 instances of damage, each instance dealing 4% and slight downward knockback. Use it as a surprise edgeguard or as a damage dealer/combo extender onstage!


Grab: Forge Spirits
Move Type ~ Grab
A spirit embodying the strength of fire and the fortitude of ice rises from nothing to grab Invoker's foes. Invoker's grab's hitbox is a moderate set distance from Invoker. Between Invoker and the grab hitbox, there is a large Roy Zone where there is no hitbox. This cannot grab airborne opponents. At the location of the grab, a Forge Spirit's hands rise from the ground to hold the enemy in place, while another Spirit rises to Pummel.

Pummel: Melting Strike
Move Type ~ Physical
One of the forge spirits attacks the victim in a slow pummel that deals 3%. This move can be upgraded by a certain orb combination.

When Quas Exort Exort is invoked, Forge Spirits is upgraded. The Pummel now deals 14% damage per instance. Use this move as a potent damage dealer!

Up Throw
Move Type ~ Throw
The attacking Forge Spirit heaves the victim upward. Deals 7% and kills off the top of FD at 140%.

Forward Throw
Move Type ~ Throw
The attacking Forge Spirit first pulls the enemy back, then launches them forward. Deals 8% and should never kill.

Back Throw
Move Type ~ Throw
The Forge Spirit heaves the enemy behind itself, launching them above Invoker's head. This throw is relatively strong, dealing 12%, but shouldn't kill until 130% due to the space Invoker needs to grab. Mostly this grab is useful for comboing into Nair or Uair.

Down Throw
Move Type ~ Throw
The Forge Spirit throws the victim onto the ground and breathes fire into their face. The enemy is launched slightly upward and backward, receiving 11% damage. Should combo into Fair or Nair, and should never kill.


Special Move: Alacrity
Move Type ~ Status Effect
When Wex Wex Exort is invoked, Alacrity is applied. This gives a lag reduction on all of Invoker's moves for 7 seconds. Once Alacrity is invoked, it cannot be invoked for another 20 seconds.

Final Smash: Assassination Combo
Invoker obtains Aghanim's Scepter, allowing him to unleash a furious storm of spells. After a startup animation, Invoker sends a Tornado forward that catches opponents. If the Tornado hits, he unleashes a massive combo, Sunstrike>Chaos Meteor>Deafening Blast>EMP. Refresher optional.



Taunt: Grand Exposition
Invoker spins and flourishes his orbs.

Invoker materializes into existence through fire and energy.

Victory: The Master Juggles
Invoker juggles his orbs nonchalantly with one hand.

Lose/No Contest
Invoker crosses his arms and looks off sternly, robes flowing in the breeze.



Yeah, I know it's complicated. You may hate Dota. You may hate MOBA's. You may hate the gimmick. But honestly I thought it was a nice concept and this moveset was fun as hell to make. I tried to make it complicated as all hell.

Thanks for your consideration, and feedback is appreciated!
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PostSubject: Re: Invoker (DotA) Discussion: The Arsenal Magus   Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:44 am

Very nice thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Invoker (DotA) Discussion: The Arsenal Magus   Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:01 pm

First off; amazing thread, man. Props to you.

Second; no support from me.

The character immediately stopped my support. Out of all the Valve franchises, DotA is one of the last things I'd pick to rep.

I understand it's fame, I understand it's well-loved, but Gordon Freeman or perhaps even The Heavy are infinitely more iconic as characters, and Half-Life and TF2 are big parts of gaming history.

Another issue with DotA is that it's impossibly tough to choose just one rep. This Invoker guy? Why should he be in over anyone else, besides moveset originality, which could get numerous other characters in?

I don't feel having "the biggest prize pool" warrants much when it comes to Smash rep.

However, your moveset is absolutely wonderful. I commend you. It's original and fun and complex, and I'd love to see it in a character that deserves reputation.

Overall; splendid moveset, amazing layout, but poor character choice, which is in the end what matters, at least to me.

No support, but you've got a ton of potential.
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PostSubject: Re: Invoker (DotA) Discussion: The Arsenal Magus   Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:01 pm

Excellent moveset, but no support from me
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PostSubject: Re: Invoker (DotA) Discussion: The Arsenal Magus   Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:48 pm

couldn't help myself from laughing while reading. no offense but the idea of a Dota hero in a 2d fighter is the most ridiculous shit ever
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PostSubject: Re: Invoker (DotA) Discussion: The Arsenal Magus   

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Invoker (DotA) Discussion: The Arsenal Magus
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