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 Pokeball Z - A Pokemon DnD

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PostSubject: Pokeball Z - A Pokemon DnD   Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:45 pm


An effort to provide pokemon with meaningful attributes that do justice to their differentation. Intended to be used in Roleplaying.



Strength is a quanitfier for the pokemon's well... strength. It mostly comes in play during grappling and picking up objects. Strength also comes at play during parrying; it's more difficult to parry pokemon with high strength.


How the fast the pokemon can move. Dictates whether dodging attemps will be successful. High agility also makes the user's physical attacks more difficult to intercept/counter/block.


Affects the ability to hit specific spots, such as the head, or places whether there is insufficient protection. Generally dictates object usage, acrobatics and more. Additionally, affects the pokemon's ability to hide.


Health, more or less. Lessened health affects every action negatively.


Pokemon with high endurance are able to fight for longer, giving them an edge over pokemon with less stamina.


Mostly prevalent in psychic types. Allows for the indentification of enemy attacks and the whereabouts of foes. Can be done with various senses such as sight, scent, hearing, electrolocation, psychic powers, touch etc.

Energy Projection

Allows for higher power energy bursts, whether that has to do with psychic blasts, flamethrowers etc.


Armor is defined by type and coverage.

Armor types include:


  • Mostly found in bug pokemon.
  • Cuts slash damage by 30%.
  • Cuts blunt force damage by 10%.


  • Found in various pokemon such as Blastoise, Togetic, Gligar etc.
  • Cuts slash damage by 50%.
  • Nullifies bleeding.
  • Cuts blunt force damage by 20%.

Thick Fat

  • Found in various pokemon such as Snorlax, Quagsire etc.
  • Cuts blunt force damage by 90%.
  • Cuts thermal damage by 50%.


  • Found in various pokemon such as Steelix, Scizor etc.
  • Cuts slash damage by 90%
  • Nullifies bleeding.
  • Cuts blunt force damage by 50%.
  • Cuts radiation damage by 50%.
  • Penalty in higher temperatures.
  • Thermal damage is 50% stronger.

Coverage can vary from 10% to 90%.

Damage types

Slash Damage

  • Can apply the bleeding status.
  • Includes attacks such as Slash, Cut, Razor Leaf etc.

Blunt Force Damage.

  • Includes attacks such as Hydro Pump, Mach Punch, Quick Attack etc.

Thermal Damage

  • Includes attacks such as Flamethrower, Ice Beam etc.

Radiation Damage

  • Includes attacks such as Signal Beam, Hyper Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Dragon Rage etc.

These are executed in excel.













  • Mp3 Toaster
  • Relic

Guest Stars

  • SP
  • Lego Shaq

Mp3 and Relic are duking out in the Itsooy Plateau of Pokemon League. Mp3's Espeon and Relic's Cloyster are evenly matched when a stranger interrupts the fight! Showing up from a helicopter above, Edgar Moedown brings out his Scizor! Almost bringing our heroes' pokemon to their knees, Relic throws a Burn Orb on Edgar's Scizor, forcing the delinquent to withdraw his pokemon and flee.

This causes Lilka Malkovich, a mysterious woman with a french accent, to approach our heroes. She gives Mp3 her business card and claims to belong to some sort of "Million-Dollar Corporation".

Our 2 heroes visit the pokemon center to heal their pokemon, but nothing is working! Entering the reception room and interacting with the staff, they realize the power is out. But why hasn't the emergency generator taken over? With the blessings of a security guard and a flashlight, Mp3 and Relic enter the basement in order to reach the generator.

They reach the generator room where many shenanigans occur. Though the room appears to be haunted, our heroes do not falter! They gather the neccesary clues to uncover a most heinous crime that seemed to have taken place in the generator room. Making the mystery as their priority, they search for more clues and call the police. Inspector Flinders along with SP, a paranormal investigator, and Lego Shaq, electrician, enter the scene.

After a series of misunderstandings Inspector Flinders successfully intervenes to fish out the crime-doer; Jannete Brooks, cleaning crew! Just as our heroes and Inspector Flinders search the Pokemon Stadium's soil for a potential corpse, Mrs. Brooks intervenes, threatening lives with a handgun. Thankfully she is successfully aprehended.

The haunting spirit, pleased by this development reveals itself as a friendly Misdreavus. It faces a dillema in joining the party of either Relic or SP, finally siding with Relic. Inspector Flinders takes our heroes' testimony and Mp3 has a very brief if unpleasant run-in with Samantha Salucci, one of the city's gym leaders.

The next day, Mp3 wakes up, only to find that his and Relic's action have been temporarily on hold, as the Pokemon Stadium now is a crime scene. Many trainers complain at Howard Davis, Pokemon League Spokeperson. Mp3 finds out that some trainers have been talking about him, and may not be very pleased with his actions. Meanwhile, Relic is nowhere to be found.

Mp3 eventually to visit the nearby megalopolis of Santa Pandora. He walks by the road until an ice-cream truck suspiciously pulls over next to him. The driver, Larry Pollard is a friendly ice-cream vendor who gives Mp3 a ride to Santa Pandora. As he informs Mp3, Santa Pandora is the city of the future but, unfortunately, also is a frequent target of powerful pokemon attacks.

Eventually, Larry drops Mp3 off near Forbes Tower, the "heart" of Santa Pandora. Larry informs Mp3 that Forbes Tower belongs to Mr. Forbes, an extremely rich person. The 2 exchange phone numbers and Larry drives away into the unknown.

Shortly therafter, Mp3 witnesses Mr. Forbes and his android bodyguard exit Forbes Tower and be escorted into a black limousine.

It is then when a ghost pokemon spooks Mp3. Relic's misdreavus! The 2 heroes re-unite and briefly explore the reception room of Forbes Tower. They come across some very polite clerks of the tower but are informed that only the administrative offices of the Santa Pandora's Pokemon League are housed in Forbes Tower.

This changes their plans, and the 2 decide to meet with Relic's challenger, who is apparently waiting for Relic in Wong Park, opposite of Forbes Tower.

Cassandra Kahlenberg hasonly one pokemon, just like Mp3. Thus, Relic comes up with the idea of a double battle...

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PostSubject: Re: Pokeball Z - A Pokemon DnD   Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:52 pm

Updated the OP.
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Pokeball Z - A Pokemon DnD
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