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 Laharl Conquers the Battle (Disgaea) + Moveset Discussion

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PostSubject: Laharl Conquers the Battle (Disgaea) + Moveset Discussion   Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:17 pm

Disgaea has been one of my favorite franchises next to the tales series and zelda, and with its vast amount of characters, and even vaster moves/skills, i've always had this lost hope to have a representative of this series is some fighting game or other, and since Laharl, the OG main character is the most well known, it'll be great (I mean, Awesomely Fantastic) to see him with the rest of the cast. also i just want to hear his laugh while he's decimating the competition.

Laharl Moveset:
Taunt: Laharl's Laugh

Jab:2 Slashes.

Forward Tilt: semi-strong Slash.

Up Tilt: a Lift Slash to the air.

Down Tilt: Slash horizontally toward the ground.

Dash: a lunging slash going upwards.

Grabs:(With his scarf)
Forward: His scarf throws the opponent foward.

Back: His Scarf holds the opponent while laharl slashes the opponent out of its grasp.

Up: His scarf Throws the opponent upward While laharl throws a fireball  upward for an extra hit.

Down:His Scarf throws the opponent to the ground, making the opponent rebound in the air.

Neutral: spinning with his sword out.

Forward: a dunk punch similar to Mario's with a meteor effect.

Back: a mini fireball with short range gets shot from behind him.

Down:A horizontal slash down, similar to Marth's only with no meteor effect.

Up: A slash up when if it hits the center of the swing, it lanches them up in the air similiar to Yoshi's up air.

Forward Smash: A strong slash, with an animation similar to the basic attack in the game.

Up Smash: A strong punch with a bit of a jump.

Down Smash: A single 360 spin slash that grinds the floor.

Neutral: Overlords Wrath, A single red ball above Laharl that can be charged(takes time to fully charge), when released, it gets thrown directly in front of Laharl, when fully charged, it splits in to three that falls adjacent to one another and the opponent gets hit with all 3 when the opponent gets hit with the first one that falls, then combo's into the second and third one, can also hit multiple opponents.But it can't be used in the air.

Side: Blade Rush, a long, lunging sword sweep  that can hit multiple targets throughout the lunge, can also be used as a horizontal recovery, but once used in the air, you go into freefall, and opponents can hit you out of the lunge.

Up:Hurricane Slash, Laharl spirals vertically up creating a tornado with a wind-box, then when he gets to the top of the tornado, he drops down with a strong ground slash, similar to ike's aether, the tornado or Laharl while the tornado is forming doesn't have a hit-box, only the slash down. also, Laharl can't cancel out of the entire special move unless an opponent hits and disrupts him in any part of the animation. there is also lag time when Laharl hits the ground. on the way down, it also has a meteor effect.

Down: Blazing Knuckle, Similar to Bowse'rs or yoshi's down special, only instead of the startup going the direction the characters facing, it stays in one stationary position, it doesn't have a hit-box on the way up, but on the way down it hits anything in its way dealing maximum damage. And once laharl hits the ground, a blazing shockwave that deals minimal damage to the opponents in that radius, the radius is small by the way. Opponents can hit laharl when he is going up, but has super armor on the way down.

Final Smash:Meteor Impact, Laharl jumps on a meteor and rides it  until it crashes onto the ground, dealing decent damage on the way down if anyone h=gets hit by it, and dealing massive damage when the get hit by the meteor when it crashes onto the stage. laharl's laugh is happening during the way down.
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Laharl Conquers the Battle (Disgaea) + Moveset Discussion
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