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 Ray MK III (Custom Robo) Discussion: Customization For Battle!

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PostSubject: Ray MK III (Custom Robo) Discussion: Customization For Battle!   Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:55 pm

Another character idea.

This time, I'm going with the fighting customizable robot: Ray MK III.

The custom robo used by the main character. It's the latest Shining Fighter model in the Ray line of robots, which appears throughout the Custom Robo series. The main character switches from his beloved Ray Mk II to this model after his sister and father develop it. This one has a great balance between built-in abilities and ease and depth of available customization.

*Custom Robo Arena (Nintendo DS; 2007)

-Why I Support Him?
His fighting interface in the Custom Robo games make him a good candidiate for being playable in any SSB game. However, it was so disappointing that he wasn't playable in Brawl, despite he deserved it (like several others); and, in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Custom Robo Series hadn't any representation. However, I'm seeing now Crusade as a via for making him playable in Smash.


-Neutral Attacks:
-Neutral (x1): Jabs with his right cannon
-Neutral (x2): Swings his left cannon
-Neutral (x3): Releases a burst of beams from his right cannon
-Side Neutral: Delivers a sidekick, and fires a short range energy burst
-Up Special: Uppercuts with his right cannon
-Down Special: Fires a burst of flame onto the ground in front of himself

-Dash Attack: Performs a slide kick, and he shots a flame to the enemy

-Aerial Attacks:
-Neutral Aerial: Sweep the arm cannon downward in an arc around himself
-Forward Aerial: Delivers a flying kick
-Up Aerial: Fires a series of rapid shots upwards before finishing with a strong shot
-Back Special: Gives a side kick, and releases a burst of flames from its arm cannon behind him
-Down Special: Fires a single energy burst below himself

-Grab Attacks:
-Pummel: Hits the opponent with his cannon
-Right Throw: Punches the enemy away with the arm cannon
-Up Throw: Tosses the enemy above himself, then fires a single energy beam at the foe
-Back Throw: Throws the enemy behind him, and kicks him/her
-Up Throw: Tosses the enemy onto the ground

-Smash Attacks:
-Side Smash: Unleashes a powerful energy burst
-Up Smash: Delivers a bicycle kick, and he shoots enemy
-Down Smash: Fires two bursts of flame onto the ground, first in front then behind of himself

-Special Attacks:
-Neutral Special: Gattling Gun: Ray MK III shoots in an arc a round of laser beams. The beams can intercept aerial objectives.
-Side Special: Bomb Launcher: Ray MK III shoots a missile. Unlike Samus' Missile, the projectile follows the objective, until intercepting. The bomb can also destroy enemy projectiles. He can shoot 3 missiles, until recharging after 15 minutes.
-Up Special: Booster Legs: Ray MK III makes a high jump, and dashesin the air, until intercepting his enemy, where he delivers a flying kick. After this attack, his jumping and speed power increases temporally.
-Down Special: Pod Throw: Ray MK III throws the pod he has on his back, in a direction opposite he's looking. The pod follows his enemy until intercepting. Depending the damage of the enemy, has a great power of knockback.

-Final Smash: Ultimate Upgrade: Ray MK III gets an upgrade where he gets the River Dragon's Wrath Mode. Here, he uses the Formula Legs' speed to move around quickly, as to launch the Direct Bomb and firing the Dragon Cannon, and throwing the Wave Pod. He finishes the attack with the shoot of a strong laser, destroying the enemy/ies.

Other Traits:
He can fly and float temporaly. Also, he can use any of his abilities while flying.

What do you think? Comment, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Ray MK III (Custom Robo) Discussion: Customization For Battle!   Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:12 am

'15 minutes' Volvo plz nerf
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PostSubject: Re: Ray MK III (Custom Robo) Discussion: Customization For Battle!   Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:00 am

15 minutes

Do you even know how long an average Crusade match goes on? You need to make his recharge, like, a minute.

Also, why does he have multiple Up and Down specials in different sections, such as in the neutral attacks section?

I guess the moveset itself is alright. It's a robot moveset, plain and simple. You didn't give any proper reasoning that wasn't an opinion, though.

Not sure if I'm supporting for now.

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PostSubject: Re: Ray MK III (Custom Robo) Discussion: Customization For Battle!   

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Ray MK III (Custom Robo) Discussion: Customization For Battle!
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