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 Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion

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PostSubject: Re: Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion   Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:27 am

@Mellon Ice Climbers had a more unique idea with them.
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PostSubject: Re: Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion   Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:43 am

The Excite Biker is a good idea for the game. However, I visualize him riding his bike, while fighting.

About Special Moves, here are my ideas:

-Neutral Special: Turbo: Excite Biker charges his bike. When the button is released, he dashes rapidly attacking his enemies on the path. He can stop the attack by pressing the Special Button again, or crashing against a wall.

-Side Special: Break: Excite Bike performs a Wheelie. He attacks his enemies while dashing.

-Up Special: Aerial Wheelie: Excite Biker unleashes a ramp. Then, he dashes to it, and he jumps making a Wheelie in midair. He attacks the enemies while making this technique.

-Down Special: Spinning Donut: Excite Biker performs a donut flip, while kicking his enemies.

-Final Smash: Victory Lap: Excite Biker unleashes a group of Excite Bikers which dash against the enemies, attacking them!

What do you think? Comment, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion   Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:42 pm

I support SK moveset. Woop
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PostSubject: Re: Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion   Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:27 pm

Support for the Most Exciting of Bike racers! o/

I dont know if this have been brought up in any discussion yet, but Smash 4 has redesigned a new 3D model for him:

Sm4sh Trophy:

If we base his design around this and the proportions shown on his role as a sprite assist trophy in Brawl, we might be up to seeing something along the lines of a character shorter than Mario + Bike.
This proportion change would pit him taller than Mario, but actually shorter than Mach Rider/C. Falcon, which makes his "unique trait" the ability to be on his bike 100% of the time.
Also, if there is a move where EBRacer loses the bike, he should be Severly limited to the point it's not a good idea to ditch the bike/Foes are rewarded for knocking him off the speedy vehicle.
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PostSubject: Re: Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion   Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:44 pm

My moveset for this iconic racer involves the version used as a Trophy in Sm4sh.
The interesting stylization still keeps the original proportions while also making him easy to envision with Luigi's height. This way it's easy to see Excitebike racer having a wide hurtbox while riding his bike, but not on ridiculous proportions (Probably comparable to Donkey Kong/Bowser in terms of wide).
What makes him unique in this moveset (specially at that size) is the ability to stay in the bike a good portion of the time, performing wheelies and other moves to attack. As an addition, the cartoony aspect of his proportions is multiplied.
With Great horizontal mobility and decent kill power comes great responsibility: Excitebike racer will have a harder time with his get up options and his heavy weight and fall speed make him combo food.

Standing- has the bike turned towards the camera to have the side of his body facing towards the opponent.
Dash- Due to riding a bike, his speed may match Captain Falcon's or even Sonic's. However, he has a unique property where he builds up speed so his initial Dash matches his "walking" speed and goes up as he covers distance.
Jab- he throws out a kick towards the enemy feet > Tilts the bike a little bit and kicks more towards the chest area.
STilt- Performs a small Side jump to tackle the enemy with the side of the bike. Keeps the distance from the jump.
SSmash- Makes the bike spin with the front wheel as the axis to hit with the back one.
UTilt- Winds up his neck backwards a little bit, then stands up on the bike (Not the seat) for a headbutt in an arc that doesnt cover crouching opponents directly in front or behind him.
USmash- Stands on the front wheel and turns around. The back wheel spins quickly as a multihit before launching the opponent with a small jump.
Crouch- For his crouch he gets off the bike, but keeps it beside him to quickly get back up. The animation involved means getting into and out of a crouch position takes him longer than other characters.
DTilt- Throws a straight punch.
DSmash- Performs a Wheelie and then pounds the ground with the front wheel.
WakeUpAtk- Lifts his bike beside him then holds to it for balance as he jumps with a dramatic spin to kick infront of him first, then behind him with the same spin and finally sits down on the bike.
Ledge- For this animation, One hand holds to the ledge while the other grabs on to his bike to prevent it from falling off.
GetUpAtk- Excitebike racer pulls his bike back up with a lot of difficulty, hitting with it before climbing up himself. It's as slow as a melee over 100% attack in terms of when the player can act after so it's highly punishable.
DashAtk- Quickly turns the bike to face the camera while moving to hit with the side of the vehicle. We hear the screech caused by wheels when doing this kind of abrupt maneuvers.

Jump- Performs a wheelie and jumps.
AirJump- Jumps during a wheelie, but actually leaves the seat for a small fraction of time based on this pose.
NAir- Hand stands on his bike and strikes a pose with stretched legs
Fair- Lifts legs, stretching himself backwards. He then spins the bike to hit with the back wheel ahead of him.
Bair- The Exhaust pipe shoots a sudden fireblast to propell the racer forward midair.
UAir- Performs a backflip with his legs not following the bike at first to make it look like he is hitting with the bike above him. eventually the pull of the bike is too much when the bike is directly above him and follows up with his legs for a weaker 2nd hit.
DAir- Performs a front flip to lift the bike above him and then smack below him with a very DK-like F-Smash move but with more coverage below.
Freefall- Lifts the back wheels, but also lifts his legs upwards like he is holding for dear life in an attempt to not let go of the bike.

Shield- Covers himself with one arm
RollDodge- Performs a Wheelie facing towards the camera and makes a little jump sideways. It covers a smaller distance than a normal roll.
SpotDodge- Lifts the forward wheel for a little jump and be seen sideways. He then tilts the bike towards the background in the same way racers take curves in races.
BrokenShield- Holds face with one hand while the other is still on the handle.
Asleep- bends forward to put arms crossed on the handle and use that as a pillow.
Grab- Stretches hand forward
Pummel- Headbutt
FThrow- His hand releases the grab to quickly throw a punch.
BThrow- Tilts the bike to the side opposite of the enemy and with one arm launches the foe behind him.
UThrow- Lifts a little above the steering Handle and performs a wheelie to launch the enemy upwards.
DThrow- Lifts bike into a wheelie and stomps the enemy with the front wheel. Multi hit similar to Sonic's Down Throw.

NeutralB- Flame Wheels. Back wheel spins rapidly as the exhaust pipes fume up. Release at any time for him to perform a wheelie that leaves a trail of fire on the floor as he passes. The fire causes weak damage over time when the opponent stands on it. There's a bit of Start up lag to prevent this move to be used for camping. More charge means he leaves a longer trail of fire behind.
On the air he travels diagonally down like a Bowser Jr. Side B to help mix up his landing speed, but the end lag applies on both versions.
Side B- Speed up. Puts his body closer to the bike and charges. Release it like an Ike Quick draw, but it drives through the opponent instead of stopping upon hit. You can tell level of charge via the smoke the exhaust pipe releases. Longer charge gains armor and distance: Uncharged (No armor, short distance, small smoke puff), Phase 1 (Armor on beginning half, medium distance, large smoke puff), Phase 2 (Armor on 2/3rds of the move, long distance, Fire instead of smoke).
Up B- Wheelie Backflip. Lifts the bike's front wheel and keeps going, performing a backflip with bike included. Disjoint move so hard to intercept, but it only has 2 directions: Diagonally up or directly upwards.
Down B- Swift Drive. He performs a small dash forward while tilting his bike to one side like an evasive maneuver. It avoids projectiles, but not physical attacks. Not available in midair, it just turns into Sm4sh Air dodge.

UpTaunt- Performs a Wheelie and then performs 3 very short hops. His hand has a "v" peace sign based on his Melee Trophy
DownTaunt- Makes a "Vrooom, vrooom!" noise as he leans forward facing the camera in anticipation.

Entrance- Enters the stage running towards his bike (which was already on stage). He then picks it up and climbs on it. This is a direct reference to the animation peformed in the original NES game whenever he performed a trick badly and fell off the bike.
Victory Screen- Quickly drives in a small circle leaving wheel marks on the floor and stops when facing the camera. He then lifts his fist up.

This is my suggestion for Excitebike Racer Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion   Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:32 pm

One year later: Nice moveset, it makes a lot of sense. But I have an addition to the N-Spec, pressing the button after releasing should make the front wheel spin after the dash, which causes multiple hits, but the longer you hold, the slower it becomes until it just stops, and you need to let it go afterwards otherwise you're stuck in a stand still wheelie. The power of the dash determines the length of the wheel's rapid hits, the more charge, the slower the slowdown is.
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PostSubject: Re: Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion   

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Excite Biker (Excitebike) Discussion
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