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 Akira Howard (Astral Chain): Directive: Combat Phase!

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Akira Howard (Astral Chain): Directive: Combat Phase! Empty
PostSubject: Akira Howard (Astral Chain): Directive: Combat Phase!   Akira Howard (Astral Chain): Directive: Combat Phase! EmptyThu Jun 25, 2020 7:02 am

And now, after several months of absence, here I come with another Challenger idea!

The Legion Law Enforcer: Akira Howard!

-Name: Akira Howard

-Series: Astral Chain

-Bio: Born on the same day as a mysterious meteorite struck into the planet, Akira and her twin sibling were orphans. They were adopted by Maximilan Howard, an officer of Neuron,a police force that fight the alien like Chimera that threaten the planet. He then enlists them into the force, training them to use Legions, neutralized Chimeras that aid them in battle.

Why I Support Him?
Frankly, his ability of using the Legions of the game for fighting gives him enough potential for making him as a playable character in Crusade.

Normal Moves:

  • Jab/Jab Combo: Lashes the X Baton out a couple of times.
    Side Tilt: Akira hits with his X Baton 3 times.
    Up Tilt: Akira slashes his X Baton upward.
    Down Tilt: Akira sweeps with his legs.

Dash Attack: Akira slides forward.

Air Attacks:

  • Neutral Air: Akira delivers an axe kick.
    Front Air: Akira slashes with the X Baton forward.
    Back Air: Akira Slashes with the X Baton backward.
    Up Air: Akira hits 3 times with the X Baton, similar to his Side Tilt.
    Down Air: Akira thrusts the X Baton in its blaster form ad fires a laser beam off.

Grabs And Pummels:

  • Grab: Akira sends the Sword Legion out to grab an opponent.
    Pummel: The Sword Legion slashes the opponent 3 times.
    Front Throw: The Sword Legion slashes the opponent and throws them forward.
    Back Throw: The Sword Legion slashes the opponent twice before throwing them backward.
    Up Throw: The Sword Legion throws the opponent into the air and points its sword upward, stabbing them.
    Down Throw: The Sword Legion slams the opponent into the ground and slashes them twice.

Ledge Attack: Akira slashes with his X Batton
Floor Attack: Akira jumps and kicks the enemy

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash: Akira spins with his X Baton, and later shoots a powerful blast.
    Up Smash: Akira does an uppercut.
    Down Smash: Akira spins around his X Baton in its gladius form.

Special Attacks:

  • Neutral Special: Legion Call: Akira opens up a menu to call upon one of 5 Legions, similar to Joker’s Rebelion Gauge, the Legion will disappear after a short time.

    • Warning:

    Side Special: Send Legion: Akira sends out the Legion out, attacking any nearby opponents, pressing B will send them back to Akira.
    Up Special: Legion Lift: Akira sends the Sword Legion out to lift him up, any opponent above will be hit by the Sword Legion.
    Down Special: Chain Wrap: Akira goes into a counter like stance. If hit, the Legion will wrap the opponent in chains.

Final Smash:
Sync Attack: Akira wraps the opponent in chains and sends his Legion out, attacking the opponent all out, with Akira delivering a series of slashes, before the Legion ends with a powerful attack. The Final Smash has 5 variations, depending out the Legion sent out, if there are no Legions out, a random Legion will be selected.

Entrance To The Stage:
Akira jumps out of a portal from the Astral Plane on his bike, and later rides off it.

Akira does a police like salute

Victory Pose:
Akira calls upon the Sword Legion before striking a pose rising up his X Baton

Defeat pose:
Claps for the winner

What do you think? Comment, please.
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Akira Howard (Astral Chain): Directive: Combat Phase!
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