Played some 0.9.2 today. BklTYr4

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 Played some 0.9.2 today.

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Lego Shaq

Lego Shaq


Played some 0.9.2 today. Empty
PostSubject: Played some 0.9.2 today.   Played some 0.9.2 today. EmptyThu Apr 04, 2019 7:51 pm

Today in class, after encouraging them for days, I got to play Crusade with close friends of mine.

They're mixed on it, but think they'll like it better when we get controllers and get to play against each other over CPU's. They really enjoy the character roster size and saw every character as busted. They're used to Flash 2, so it's a very refreshing change of pace.

Playing it reminded me of how awesome this forum was. I know I haven't been around often for 2 years now or so, but you guys were central to my interest in writing; I'm now working on journalism. I won't be pursuing that unless things go south for my main career, but I have a passion for it, and a lot of that is thanks to all the essays I wrote advocating for characters, arguing against users like TrinitroMan (if you see this; I was a kid back then, hope you're doing well man), and just generally being a snarky rascal on here.

I just wanted to thank you guys who remember me, and the developers of this game. Dust and Sliss; I hope you guys are doing well, it's been a long time!

I'm looking forward to playing some Geno, Petey, and Chun-Li (I'm thinking those are my big 3) with my buds tomorrow, and it's all thanks to you guys and your hard work.

Thanks for everything. I'll try to visit again soon!

(and yes i totally pointed out my name to them during the opening credits)
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Played some 0.9.2 today.
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