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 Overhaul suggestions - Part I: Snivy

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Overhaul suggestions - Part I: Snivy Empty
PostSubject: Overhaul suggestions - Part I: Snivy   Overhaul suggestions - Part I: Snivy EmptySat Nov 24, 2018 2:54 pm

Most newcomers feel like they need some sort of overhaul or tweak to fit more in a Smash-like game. And that's not new. At all. So I wanted to help the team on suggesting how to do it, more precisely, because free time, y'know?

So yeah.
We could make Snivy a character that is good in the ground, and good when comboing upwards, too. Its weaknesses could be not being able to hit people directly below it and maybe a bad dash dance too? A character with a good ground speed but bad dash dance seems very unique, don'tcha think? So with that in mind...

Its jumps also seem a bit high. Higher than Falco's, even. We could give her a normal first jump and buff the double jump, in turn. Maybe make it rely on "N-Air"'s boost for more height?


Snivy also seems pretty weird atm with a very slow D-Smash that does not match its animation, and a F-Smash that is slow, and also lackluster. Like, it doesn't KO or deal much damage either. Most smash attacks lack damage for some reason.

Since Snivy usually utilizes its vines to fight, why not make its F-Smash something like Maypul's, from RoA? It could work fine, since its vines seem to be as long as Snivy wants them to be.

U-Smash could be based on Maypul's too, or remain the same, but with more impact. If it gets replaced, the old U-Smash could be easily an U-Tilt, and move away from Pikachu's.

F-Tilt could use a snap and Snivy could lean forward a bit for more range. What if it brought people closer, too? D-Tilt is fine, by the way. Maybe make it a bit weaker so he can combo, but besides that, it's pretty good. Nice job.

Dash attack is fine as a concept. Maybe it the leap could have less vertical height and more knockback so it can be more effective as a low percent combo tool?


We could swap N-Air and U-Air. U-Air makes sense for the "gives a boost" move. And the old U-Air animation being N-Air makes sense with all the "can't hit directly downwards" thing.

B-Air could be two tail swings backwards. Think of Yoshi's, but less excessive.

F-Air is... yeahhh... We could just make the leaf longer and give it some more stretch if we really want to keep a leaf move. So that fixes the range issue. Make it KO, too, since it has no range.

For D-Air, this one has no range and seems pretty bad, too. It doesn't really make sense for Snivy, and doesn't make sense for the dead zone weaknesses. So I thought, how about a somewhat diagonal move? Would be good to have that, so it wouldn't be completely vulnerable against people below it.


Specials are the neat part. Most of them are pretty weird.
Neutral-B is just Lucario's and I think we can change that. Not sure how though. Any ideas?
Side-B could use some more usefulness; give it more startup, make it deal more damage, probably also a strong, final hit like Centered Marth's Dolphin Slash...

Up-B has a good concept. I think it should make Snivy helpless (that should be an universal treatment tbh). Maybe add some Ivysaur-like tether thing at the beginning? Final hit could send people upwards so Snivy can KO people via vertical blast zone in the air.

Down-B shows Snivy's attitude pretty well, but so does taunt. I also think it could be done by just changing its face on attacks, too. Make it smile less in all attacks. Animation could be Snivy actually throwing the leaf thing, because rn it looks pretty weird.

Throws are pretty good. D-Throw could use some hitlag nerf, and maybe less knockback too?
B-Throw could use just a quick animation change, where Snivy spins and throws the opponent backwards.


That's it. I would do Crash too, but this one ended pretty long already. Maybe for another time?
I hope y'all liked it and it wasn't too boring to read through all that text.
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Overhaul suggestions - Part I: Snivy
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