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 Adventure Mode

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PostSubject: Adventure Mode   Adventure Mode EmptySun Dec 24, 2017 4:55 pm

Pls Add Adventure Mode! In SSBC 9.1.2.!

Stage 1:Mushroom Kingdom

Part 1:Reach the Flagpole

Part 2:Team Mario and Peach Battle

Alternate part 2:Team Luigi and Peach Battle: If Luigi Is Unlocked. Time:X:X2:XX

Stage 2:Kongo Jungle

Part 1: Tiny Donkey Kong Team Battle

Part 2: Giant Donkey Kong Battle

Stage 3: Underground Maze

Find the Triforce:Master Sword Locked Battle.

Stage 4: Planet Zebes

Part 1: Samus Battle

Part 2: Escape Zebes

Stage 5: Green Greens

Part 1: Single Kirby Battle

Part 2: Kirby Team Battle

Part 3 (bonus): Giant Kirby Battle:It Team Kirby Is Defeated. Less than 31 seconds

Stage 6: Corneria

Part 1: Fox Battle

Part 2: Fox Reborn Battle:If Fox Use Red Color.

Alternate part 2: Falco Battle:If Falco Is Unlocked.

Stage 7: Pokémon Stadium

Pokémon Battle:It Jigglypuff have been unlocked, a minority of them may also appear as well. The only items that appear on the stage are Poké Balls, with more appearing on lower difficulties.

Stage 8: F-Zero Grand Prix

Part 1: Reach the Finish Line

Part 2: Captain Falcon Battle:In Very Hard, Captain Falcon will wear his red "Blood Falcon" costume.

Stage 9: Onett

Team Ness Battle

Stage 10: Icicle Mountain

Survive the Scrolling Mountain + Team Ice Climber Battle

Stage 11: Battlefield

Part 1:Fighting Sprites Team

Part 2: Metal Mario Battle/Metal Bros. Battle:If Luigi is unlocked, then Metal Luigi will appear alongside Metal Mario. Defeating both causes the player to win the Metal Bros. KO bonus.

Stage 12: Final Destination

Giant Bowser Battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure Mode   Adventure Mode EmptyMon Dec 25, 2017 11:44 am

Did you just mentioned each phase of Melee's adventure mode? I would think crusade's, even if based on melee's, would include actual phases for Crusade newcomers like Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, snake, etc.

lego shaq wrote:
look without "BUT X CHARACTER NEEDS TO BE IN FIRST" goggles.

Athorment wrote:
Those "More deserving ones" will get votes regardless of circumstances, so i suggest supporting who you want in regardless of popularity

Crusade Wishlist::

Returning Veteran Wishlist::
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  Crash Bandicoot

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PostSubject: Re: Adventure Mode   Adventure Mode EmptySun Feb 18, 2018 8:22 am

Heres my Idea, There will be 16 stages (Each with 4 Levels (With the exception of Planet Zebbes, which has 5)) This adventure mode will Have Mid-Bosses of enemies (or in this Case, Predators)

Stage 1 Mushroom Kingdom
1-1: Reach the Goal
1-2: Reach the Goal and defeat the TowTow
1-3: Find all of the Mushroom Keys and then Defeat Mario
1-BOSS: Defeat King Bob-Omb

Stage 2: Kongo Jungle
2-1: Reach the Goal, and defeat Giant Donkey Kong
2-2: Reach the Goal and Defeat General Klump
2-3: reach the top of King K. Rools Castle
2-BOSS: Defeat King K. Rool

Stage 3: Underground Maze
3-1: Reach the Goal and Defeat Link (Green, Red, Blue Yellow, and Black Color)
3-2: Reach the Goal and Defeat Toon Link
3-3: Reach the Goal and Defeat Ganondorf
3-BOSS: Defeat Skull Kid

Stage 4: Planet Zebes
4-1: Reach the Goal and Defeat Ridley
4-2: Reach the Goal and defeat the Roturret
4-3: Find the Path to Mother brain
4-BOSS: Defeat Mother Brain
4-5: Escape Planet Zebbes

Stage 5: Dream Land
5-1: Reach the Goal and Defeat Kirby
5-2: Reach the Goal and Defeat Bonkers
5-3: Reach the Goal
5-BOSS: Defeat Kracko

Stage 6: Green Hill Zone
6-1: Reach the Goal
6-2: Reach the Goal and Defeat Sonic
6-3: Reach the Goal
6-BOSS: Defeat Dr. Eggman

Stage 7: Parrallel Universe
7-1: Defeat Ice Climbers
7-2: Defeat Duck Hunt Dog
7-3: Defeat Mach Rider
7-BOSS: Defeat Duon

Stage 8: Pac-World
8-1: Reach the Goal
8-2 Open a Portal to the Netherworld
8-3: Defeat Pac-Man (If the Player is Using pac-Man in his default Pallet, Then Pac-man will use a red pallet)
8-BOSS: Defeat Betrayus

Stage 9: The Plain
9-1: Reach the Goal
9-2: Reach the Goal
9-3: Reach the Goal and Defeat Poppy bros. Sr.
9-BOSS: Defeat Wiggler

Stage 10: The Wilds
10-1: Reach the Goal
10-2: Reach the Goal and Defeat Boom Boom
10-3: Defeat Saki
10-BOSS: Defeat General Guy

Stage 11: Wily Castle
11-1: Reach the Goal
11-2: reach the Goal and Defeat Spaak
11-3: Reach the top of Wily Castle
11-BOSS: Defeat Dr. Wily

Stage 12: Lake of Rage
12-1: Reach the Goal
12-2: Defeat a hoard of Pikachus
12-3 Defeat Giant Pikachu
12-BOSS: Defeat Rayquaza

Stage 13: The Beaten Road
13-1: Reach the Goal
13-2: Defeat Ness and Lucas (A Random ally is chosen, If you Play as Wario, Then Waluigi will be his ally, and Vice Versa)
13-3: reach the Goal
13-BOSS: Defeat Erwin (From Pac-Man world 3)

Stage 14: Wumpa Island
14-1: Reach the Goal and Defeat Crash bandicoot
14-2: Reach the Goal and Defeat Dr. Neo cortex (He is a predator in this game)
14-3: Reach the Goal
14-BOSS: Defeat Dingodile

Stage 15: Battlefield
15-1: Defeat the TowTow, General Klump, and Roturret
15-2: Defeat Bonkers, Poppy Bros. Sr., and Boom Boom
15-3: Defeat Spaak and Dr. Neo Cortex
15-BOSS: Defeat the Giga TowTow

Stage 16: SubSpace
16-1: Reach the Goal
16-2: Reach the Goal and Defeat a Metal Character
16-3: Find the Generators that reach to the Final Door
16-BOSS: Defeat Tabuu
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure Mode   Adventure Mode EmptyTue Oct 16, 2018 5:09 am

It’s not bad actually. Support
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure Mode   Adventure Mode EmptySat Oct 20, 2018 8:21 pm

I'll definitely give it a support!
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure Mode   Adventure Mode EmptySun Oct 21, 2018 7:55 am

I'll support Monadoboy's idea, it sounds fun actually
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure Mode   Adventure Mode Empty

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Adventure Mode
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