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 Unusual Suggestions.... I guess?

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Unusual Suggestions.... I guess? Empty
PostSubject: Unusual Suggestions.... I guess?   Unusual Suggestions.... I guess? EmptyThu Jan 28, 2016 5:07 pm

Hey, i just found out about your project and I'm lovin' it. Seriously, I really like the concept of crusade and there are many great ideas, already involved in the game.
Anyhow here are some things I want to suggest to you:
1)Be different!
Let's be honest, basically everybody compares this project to SSF2 and I think it's important that you distance your project from SSF2 in some way. As SSF2 is a project that began much earlier than yours, it's pretty normal that they are further developed in some aspects of their game. Anyway I think you really should be more experimental with (for example) game modes. I just took a look into these forums and noticed the capture-the-flag mode somebody suggested. Really creative idea if you asked me.
I know that you guys are planning some kind of "king of the hill" for the next version and I appreciate you are doing so but also try to add other fun modes in the future! Also I think the controller support you're developing right now will be a big fat plus for your project!
2)Don't be different!
Well, I also suggest you to (as rude as it sounds) steal some of the ideas from SSF2. I'd recommend them the same thing vice versa. In my opinion it's no problem to at least take a look at some aspects of other projects that'd also fit in your project perfectly. Seriously, Sandbag Soccer is a game mode that every smash game should have lol! In some aspects it's and will be impossible to be totally different of SSF2. Both are smash games, you know...
3) Think twice about new characters!
It's no secret that SSF2 got a bunch of talented sprite artists while your game is criticized because some of the sprites used are questionable. While I think this criticism is justified to some extent, I'd also say that your project just got another artstyle and it's no wonder that people's opinions about your sprites are bad if they got used to the style that SSF2 uses to design their characters.
Anyhow, as I agree to that criticism to some extent, I suggest that you think twice about adding a character that's suggested by the community.
First, because you have to create sprites for a character if no good sprites are available,
Second, because it doesn't make sense to add characters to the game that doesn't add anything to the game in terms of gameplay variety
Third, because new characters ALWAYS mean more work in terms of balancing, bugfixes etc.
I'm definetly not saying that you shouldn't introduce more chars anymore but if I look at the rooster right now, I don't wonder why you guys are taking long for updates (no offense!).
4) Get popular!
I personally had trouble just finding this forum after I found out about this projects. I'm pretty sure you guys are searchin' for devs right now and I hope that with the next release of the game, you will get more popular and have more ease at finding devs.
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Unusual Suggestions.... I guess?
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