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 Ultimate Mash Men Crusade

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PostSubject: Ultimate Mash Men Crusade   Ultimate Mash Men Crusade EmptyTue Nov 17, 2015 8:25 am

Based on the amazing Melee mod by Cheezball8, Ultimate Mash Men mode will change everything you know about Crusade.

However, because SSBC has much more characters than Melee, we'll make this mode do certain things for certain tiers of characters.

The tiers are split through heavy, medium, and light characters. Who each get their own changes. Uniques get specific changes.


Heavy: These guys get weird, they have massively decreased fall speed, some attacks are fast and powerful, and some attacks are slow and OHKO.

Medium: These guys just have boosted attacks, but some attacks use unorthodox animations, such as taunts with hitboxes or throws as specials.

Light: Light guys are quite different from others, their attack speed universally is increased but their chracter models are made smaller, along with their hitboxes and hurtboxes. Some attacks may stun enemies or put them to sleep.

UNIQUES: Marth's fAir has increased range, does fixed forward knockback, and can't knock enemies into side blast zones. Petey, Ganondorf, and Ridley have infinite jumps, but their jumps are short and aerials are lackluster. Captain Falcon's falcon punch has increased range and uses his "show me ya moves" animation, does fixed upward knockback, meteor smashes, only works on the ground. Captain Falcon also has very short jumps and very fast falling. Pikachu's jab can hit anywhere on the screen but can't even flinch opponents. Kirby's jab and hammer put enemies to sleep when activated on the ground.
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Ultimate Mash Men Crusade
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