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 APEX 2015 and More!

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Perfect Hell

Perfect Hell


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PostAPEX 2015 and More!

Today, we have a series of special announcements for the community!

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APEX 2015, the international tournament phenomenon, is coming up this January 30th - February 1st!  Crusade has attended this event for the past two years, and we are proud to announce our third consecutive year coming up!  We've been hard at work improving upon the Crusade formula in a variety of ways!

Unfortunately, APEX has asked us not to stream this year with Nintendo sponsoring the event.  However, we will be recording all weekend, and we will use the footage to create highlight videos and work on a trailer!  Players attending APEX 2015 will get a special opportunity to play the next version of Crusade before it officially releases to the public but, what is this new version?  Today, we unveil Crusade v0.9.1!

Content Expansion

Old fan favorite, Classic mode, stadium modes, such as Multi-Man Crusade, and more await!

APEX 2015 and More! - Page 3 Nc6LUtY
Classic is back!

APEX 2015 and More! - Page 3 WGIsdlj
Luigi on his way to the finish!

Many improvements to the Gameplay

• Improved, more dynamic camera

• Smaller stages that present an environment for more fast-paced bouts

• Upgraded physics

• Balance improvements and adjustments of KO power

• Refined collision detection

• Revamped interactions between items

• ...and more!

Visual Overhaul

A variety of effects have received overhauls, including, but not limited to hit sparks, shields, ledge grabbing, smoke trails.  Certain characters have been smoothed out as well!

APEX 2015 and More! - Page 3 GVRAi3i
New hit effects!

APEX 2015 and More! - Page 3 9aWhd8h
New shield damage effects!

A.I. Improvements

These guys will really put up a fight now!


We look forward to meeting fans both old and new while we're there!

In the past, members of the Crusade team have spent quite a large sum of money attending the event for the community. This money has been spent out of pocket in addition to the countless hours spent making this game out of nothing more than a love for the community and game. As the prices to attend APEX rise year by year, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to bring the game we love to this important event. This year, it has become too much for some to handle, and as such we would like to start a crowd-sourcing fundraiser. Crusade is and always will be free to play, this fundraiser is optional!

If you would like to help us lighten the burden of traveling to APEX, please donate here:


If even 10% of our fanbase donates a single dollar, we will be able to cover our expenses entirely! If you choose to donate, here is what your money will be going towards (3 Developers):
- Travel costs: $250
- Hotel costs: $130
- Booth Fee: $130
- Meals: $140

More information on 0.9.1 will be released over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


Interested in joining the Crusade team?

We've got a new application!

APEX 2015 and More! - Page 3 Ezimba13096635962700

Members of the Crusade team gain access to the content rosters, as well as the right to participate in discussions to change them!  Team members are expected to work somewhat consistently, though we understand if real-life obligations get in the way at times.  Crusade team members are also required to work only on confirmed roster content.  Join today and help this game move forwards!  Gain experience in game development and become a valued member of the team!

Apply here!

Donate here!

Perfect Hell

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APEX 2015 and More! :: Comments

Perfect Hell
Re: APEX 2015 and More!
Post Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:42 pm by Perfect Hell
No big names this year, though we had spectators Mang0, Wes, and others. They didnt play unfortunately.

Tournament will be uploded first, then ill get on the rest. These videos take a crazy amount of time to put up, it's several gb

APEX 2015 and More!

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