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 Smash Quest (Based on N64 Classic Mode)

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Smash Quest (Based on N64 Classic Mode) Empty
PostSubject: Smash Quest (Based on N64 Classic Mode)   Smash Quest (Based on N64 Classic Mode) EmptyWed Nov 05, 2014 3:47 pm

Remember the 1P Mode from The Original Super Smash Bros. Game for N64, Well, I'm going to enhance it for Project Crusade. It will be an Unlockable Mode for when you unlock all the characters needed for the Game to Function. And I'm going to Incorporate the Intensity Meter in all this.

Smash Quest (Based on N64 Classic Mode)
* Now's your chance to play through a newly expanded version of the Mode that Started it all.

1-vs. The Triforce (Link, Zelda and Ganondorf. Toon Link is there Instead at Intensity Levels Lower than 2.0, Who is then Joined by Tingle at 1.0)
2-vs. Yoshi Team (10 Yoshis)
3-vs. Star Fox (Fox, Falco, Krystal)
Bonus-Break the Targets
4-vs. Mario Bros. (Princesses Join the Brawl at Intensity Level 3.0 or Higher)
5-vs. Pokemon (All the Pokemon developed for Crusade)
6-vs. Giant DK
Bonus-Board the Platforms
7-vs. Kirby Team (Giant Kirby appears at Intensity Level 4.0 or Higher)
8-vs. Bounty Hunters (Samus and Captain Falcon)
9-vs. Earthbound Kids
Bonus-Race to the Finish
10-vs. Fighting Alloy Team
11-vs. Metal Mario Bros
12-The Hands (Crazy Hand joins at Intensity Levels above 2.0, Does not Even happen at Intensity Level 0.0)

Intensity at 5.0 or higher

13-vs. Koopaling Team
14-vs. Fire Emblem Warriors
15-vs. Odds and Ends Team
Bonus-Sandbag Smash
16-vs. 3rd Party Team (Goku appears at Intensity 6.0 or Higher)
17-vs. Bowser

Intensity at 7.0 or Higher

18-vs. Giga Bowser (Overtaken by Master Core at Intensity Level 8.0 or higher, resulting in access being granted to:)
19-vs. The Spirits of Skyworld (Kid Icarus Characters, Assisted Magnus and Kratos if Already Installed, They will be Absent at Intensity Level 9.0)
20-vs. Dry Bowser
21-vs. Master Fortress

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Smash Quest (Based on N64 Classic Mode)
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