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 Rivals in Story/Adventure Mode: A few ideas

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Rivals in Story/Adventure Mode: A few ideas Empty
PostSubject: Rivals in Story/Adventure Mode: A few ideas   Rivals in Story/Adventure Mode: A few ideas EmptyMon Jun 23, 2014 5:41 pm

So I've been thinking about how rivalries could be implemented in Adventure/Story mode.

First off all, this will be largely determined by the plot itself. If we go with Master Hand fusing the worlds together for whatever reason, I think we could divide the characters in 2 distinct groups: those against Master Hand, and those who serve him.

Now, these 2 groups should not be confused with good evil. Mach Rider is a good character, but he may be working with Master Hand because he is brainwashed/manipulated/blackmailed. Ganon is an evil character but he will be against Master Hand because his agenda is conflicting with Master Hand's.

So, rivalries will develop between characters that are not in the same group. Danick had some pretty good ideas, like Lucario vs Ryu etc. It would indeed be more interesting if the characters did not belong in the same franchise.


In my opinion, rival battles would be completely pointless without an intro cinematic and a minimalistic story behind it, even if Smash Bros. isn't plot-heavy.

For example:

Mach Rider is chasing the Blue Falcon, while shooting at it. The Blue Falcon catches fire and Captain Falcon emerges from the Blue Falcon, which crashes further down the road. Mach Rider casually walks towards Captain Falcon, who says "COME ON".

Link walks up to Marth, who is looking the other way. Marth quickly catches wind of link and does a series of attacks (Side Special) trying to hit Link. Link backsteps/rolls avoiding Marth's attacks. Marth points his sword at Link (Voiceless Taunt), and the Link taunts.

We can easily use existing stages for all of those. In Captain Falcon's case, we would simply need to add a burning Blue Falcon to the background of the stage the fight will take place on.


Rivals, besides adding a story element to the game, should also exist to enhance gameplay. My idea of rivals is that they should be really potent computer players, obviously, with a couple of other unique characteritics depending on the rival.

1.Their damage is not visible to the player.
2.Their damage slowly decreases at a steady rate, or at a rate which increases at higher levels of damage.
3.Slighty higher damage attack speed, damage, knockback, movement speed, air speed etc.
4. Reduced knockback scaling.

I think boss fights should never end too fast. This is what suggestions 2 and 4 accomodate. Number 2 adds suspense and Number 3 increases difficulty directly.

Just my 2 cents.
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Rivals in Story/Adventure Mode: A few ideas
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