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    Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:49 am
    Message by Dry - Falcon frame data
    Note that for Falcon this is from my current balancing, which I haven't done yet and which you haven't received. Also, some of the more ridiculous stuff is because I'm trying to make Falcon's entire moveset kill or combo, for fun.

    Duration: 20
    Hit: 3-7
    Cancels into Jab2: 5-19
    Jab1 is an infinite into itself from about 60% onwards. I decided to keep this as a unique feature of Falcon, which isn't much trouble when he already 0-death's everyone.

    Duration: 29
    Hit: 4-7
    Cancels into Jab3: 6-18

    Duration: 20
    Hit: 8-11
    Cancels into Jab Flurry: 15-19
    IASA (Gentleman only): 10
    If you don't use the Gentleman, you are forced to use the jab flurry.

    Jab Flurry
    Duration (minimum): 21
    Hit: 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, etc.

    Duration: 29
    Hit: 9-13
    IASA (on hit only): 11
    Ftilt is purposefully very different from Melee's version. This is because you can't use dash attack without having run for a little while, which can occasionally mess up with Falcon's comboing at low percentages.

    Duration: 38
    Hit: 16-22
    IASA: 35

    Duration: 26
    Hit: 9-12
    IASA: 19

    Dash Attack
    Duration: 23
    Hit: 7-17
    IASA: 16

    Down Attack
    Duration: 38
    Hit: 10-14, 22-26
    IASA (on hit only): 16
    When I said I'm making his entire moveset combo, I meant his entire moveset Very Happy

    Edge Attack
    Duration: 39
    Hit: 25-29
    IASA: 33
    Invincibility: 1-33

    Duration: 34
    Hit: 5-8, 17-20

    Duration: 40
    Sweetspot hit: 13-14
    Sourspot hit: 13-27

    Duration: 30
    Sweetspot hit: 8-9
    Sourspot hit: 8-12

    Duration: 35
    Sweetspot hit: 5-10
    Sourspot hit: 11-17
    IASA: 29

    Duration: 39
    Spike hit: 8-12
    Meteor hit: 8-16
    Much faster than Melee, I think. As the core of Falcon's lightweight 0-death combos, though, I'd suggest not touching this at all.

    Duration: 28
    Hit: 6-12

    Duration: 32
    Hit: 13
    IASA: 20

    Duration: 27
    Hit: 15

    Duration: 34
    Hit: 17
    IASA: 24
    Since the animation is him smashing them with his knee, I decided to give this very high knockback. Kills at about 100% on FD.

    Duration: 31
    Hit: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19
    This is now a tech chase throw. It's currently the only tech chase throw with less than 20 frames of end lag, meaning that Falcon has the frame advantage for a re-grab. But, as with the jab infinite, this doesn't make Falcon any more broken than he already is...

    Duration: 41
    Sweetspot hit: 16-18
    Sourspot hit: 19-21

    Duration: 50
    Hit: 17-20, 27-30
    JC: 19-26
    Yep, first hit can be jump cancelled to combo. Second hit kills at 110%.

    Duration: 57
    Hit: 15-19, 30-34

    Falcon Punch
    Duration (uncharged): 82
    Duration (uncharged, reversed): 105
    Hit (uncharged): 49-54
    Hit (charged): Haven't decided yet Very Happy

    Raptor Boost
    Duration (miss): 54
    Duration (after hitting): Startup + 32
    Hit: 15-31
    IASA (on hit only): Startup + 18

    Falcon Dive
    Duration (miss): 60
    Duration (after hitting): Startup + 42
    Hit: 14-27

    Falcon Kick
    Duration (ground): 65
    Duration (air): 46
    Sweetspot hit (ground): 15-22
    Sourspot hit (ground): 23-39
    Sweetspot hit (air): 17-21
    Sourspot hit (air): 22-42
    IASA (ground): 57
    Both versions can be jump cancelled immediately (retaining all horizontal momentum) on hit. I haven't done the change yet so I don't know what it'll combo into, but it should combo into nair, fair and uair at least.
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