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 Forgein Pokemon Research

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PostSubject: Forgein Pokemon Research   Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:31 pm

Okay, here I shall be working on my forgein Pokemon glitch research. At the moment I've begun on Pokemon Rote [German Red], to gather imformation on if they evolve, crash, etc. Before I had to restart, I ran into 'M and it turned out it is unstable, meaning it can't be used in battle because it has no moves, but I'm unsure if it can learn HMs/TMs, in which I shall find out later on.

Name: 'M
Level: Unknown
Moveset [wild]: can be random
Game effects: Crashes when trying to attack

Moveset [captured]:

I'll edit the blank stats when I run into 'M in the wild. Charizard 'M isn't quite stable, so but I'll get screenshots of 'M when I can. I shall edit my posts, to save trouble.

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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:50 pm

Sounds interesting; can't wait to see the upcoming progress
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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:00 pm

Before I restarted, 'M had a bit of a random moveset in the wild, but as soon as it was captured, the battle kept going [meaning when 'M is first captured, it turns into a Rhydon], and a second time it becomes a 'M, and when 'M is caught the battle goes on as in I don't know if it became a Ditto, like in the English version or is just a never ending cycle of 'Ms, but I will know when I find 'M. Or I could get a video of the battle with 'M, depends what will be better for others.

I've arrived in Cerulean City, and just training my Charmeleon to shred Misty's annoying Starmie, then I can move onto the Thunder Badge.

Post Edit: 9:55 PM - 5th of March 2012

Okay I've finally found a list of Pokemon moves, so I can finally display a translation of moves, a glitch will know/learns and such. Thanks to Bulbapedia for the list, of moves.

Here's a list:

German - English
Pfund - Pound

Karateschlag - Karate Chop

Duplexhieb - DoubleSlap

Kometenhieb - Comet Punch

Zahltag - Pay Day

Feuerschlag - Fire Punch

Eishieb - Ice Punch

Donnerschlag - Thunder Punch

Kratzer - Scratch

Klammer - ViceGrip

Guillotine - Guillotine

Klingensturm - Razor Wind

Schwerttanz - Swords Dance

Zerschneider - Cut

Windstoß - Gust

Flügelschlag - Wing Attack

Wirbelwind - Whirlwind

Fliegen - Fly

Klammergriff - Bind

Slam - Slam

Rankenhieb - Vine Whip

Stampfer - Stomp

Doppelkick - Double Kick

Megakick - Mega Kick

Sprungkick - Jump Kick

Fegekick - Rolling Kick

Sandwirbel - Sand-Attack

Kopfnuss - Headbutt

Hornattacke - Horn Attack

Furienschlag - Fury Attack

Hornbohrer - Horn Drill

Tackle - Tackle

Bodyslam - Body Slam

Wickel - Wrap

Bodycheck - Take Down

Fuchtler - Thrash

Risikotackle - Double-Edge

Rutenschlag - Tail Whip

Giftstachel - Poison Sting

Duonadel - Twineedle

Nadelrakete - Pin Missile

Silberblick - Leer

Biss - Bite

Heuler - Growl

Brüller - Roar

Gesang - Sing

Superschall - Supersonic

Ultraschall - SonicBoom

Aussetzer - Disable

Säure - Acid

Glut - Ember

Flammenwurf - Flamethrower

Weißnebel - Mist

Aquaknarre - Water Gun

Hydropumpe - Hydro Pump

Surfer - Surf

Eisstrahl - Ice Beam

Blizzard - Blizzard

Psystrahl - Psybeam

Blubbstrahl - BubbleBeam

Aurorastrahl - Aurora Beam

Hyperstrahl - Hyper Beam

Schnabel - Peck

Bohrschnabel - Drill Peck

Überroller - Submission

Fußkick - Low Kick

Konter - Counter

Geowurf - Seismic Toss

Stärke - Strength

Absorber - Absorb

Megasauger - Mega Drain

Egelsamen - Leech Seed

Wachstum - Growth

Rasierblatt - Razor Leaf

Solarstrahl - SolarBeam

Giftpuder - PoisonPowder

Stachelspore - Stun Spore

Schlafpuder - Sleep Powder

Blättertanz - Petal Dance

Fadenschuss - String Shot

Drachenwut - Dragon Rage

Feuerwirbel - Fire Spin

Donnerschock - ThunderShock

Donnerblitz - Thunderbolt

Donnerwelle - ThunderWave

Donner - Thunder

Steinwurf - Rock Throw

Erdbeben - Earthquake

Geofissur - Fissure

Schaufler - Dig

Toxin - Toxic

Konfusion - Confusion

Psychokinese - Psychic

Hypnose - Hypnosis

Meditation - Meditate

Agilität - Agility

Ruckzuckhieb - Quick Attack

Raserei - Rage

Teleport - Teleport

Nachtnebel - Night Shade

Mimikry - Mimic

Kreideschrei - Screech

Doppelteam - Double Team

Genesung - Recover

Härtner - Harden

Komprimator - Minimize

Rauchwolke - SmokeScreen

Konfustrahl - Confuse Ray

Panzerschutz - Withdraw

Einigler - Defense Curl

Barriere - Barrier

Lichtschild - Light Screen

Dunkelnebel - Haze

Reflektor - Reflect

Energiefokus - Focus Energy

Geduld - Bide

Metronom - Metronome

Mimique - Mirror Move

Destruction - Selfdestruct

Eierbombe - Egg Bomb

Schlecker - Lick

Smog - Smog

Schlammbad - Sludge

Knochenkeule - Bone Club

Feuersturm - Fire Blast

Kaskade - Waterfall

Schnapper - Clamp

Sternschauer - Swift

Schädelwumme - Skull Bash

Dornkanone - Spike Cannon

Umklammerung - Constrict

Amnesie - Amnesia

Psykraft - Kinesis

Weichei - Softboiled

Turmkick - Hi Jump Kick

Giftblick - Glare

Traumfresser - Dream Eater

Giftwolke - Poison Gas

Stakkato - Barrage

Blutsauger - Leech Life

Todeskuss - Lovely Kiss

Himmelsfeger - Sky Attack

Wandler - Transform

Blubber - Bubble

Irrschlag - Dizzy Punch

Pilzspore - Spore

Blitz - Flash

Psywelle - Psywave

Platscher - Splash

Säurepanzer - Acid Armor

Krabbhammer - Crabhammer

Explosion - Explosion

Kratzfurie - Fury Swipes

Knochmerang - Bonemerang

Erholung - Rest

Steinhagel - Rock Slide

Hyperzahn - Hyper Fang

Schärfer - Sharpen

Umwandlung - Conversion

Triplette - Tri Attack

Superzahn - Super Fang

Schlitzer - Slash

Delegator - Substitute

Verzweifler - Struggle
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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Tue Mar 06, 2012 5:06 pm

Apologizes for the double post, as I think I should have enough Pokeballs to capture some troublesome glitches. If they cost to much, I'll reload the save slot.

Here's what 'M looks like:

Upon encounter in the wild:

After checking one of my Pokemon's stats - they can change their looks:

Name: 'M
Level: 19 [often random]
Moveset [wild - can be random]: Turmkick [Hi Jump Kick], Karateschlag [Karate Chop], Himmelsfeger [Sky Attack], Kopfnuss [Headbutt] - it did use another move before, but I can't seem to find it]
Game effects: Crashes when trying to attack [if captured]

Name: 'M
Level: 22 [often random]
Moveset [wild - can be random]: Ruckzuckhieb [Quick Attack], Himmelsfeger [Sky Attack], Karateschlag [Karate Chop], Wirbelwind [Whirlwind]
Game effects: Crashes when trying to attack [if captured]

Moveset [captured]:
Lvl: 22
EXP: 10648
EXP → Next Lvl: 1519 → L:23
HP: 39
Attack: 16
Defense: 6
Speed: 20
Special: 68

Here are 'M's stats page [Yes, it is a whimp due to low defense] - At the moment 'M is Slf - Slp [Sleep], as it has to be weakened/paralyzed/asleep to be captured:

Here's a screenshot of 'M after I first captured it [I had to attack to make 'M attack me for it to show because it'll be invsible other wise]:

I might try and get a video of the battle, it may depend how long it will take to upload.

Post Edit: 01:11AM - 7th of March 2012

Ah, I just taught 'M TM 34 Geduld - Bide, and its moveset has shown.

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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:36 pm

How you found out these things?
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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:12 am

How I find out what, Daw?

Post Edit: 6:29AM 07th of March 2012

I've got a video of 'M, with my battle with it, but I accidently forgot to turn the videoo off after the capture, so apologize for the lengthly video.

Argh! Due to my useless laptop, it has ruined my video, so I will have to remake it, so sorry about that guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:46 am

Sorry everyone about the lack of posts, I've just been having a busy week, with my laptop being a total nightmare, so I plan to get a video over the weekend about 'M - from its capture, and what it can do but it'll Faint a lot because its Defence is so weak, it's nuts. So, I while I'm working on 'M, I'll try and get it to level up so I can find out what moves it learns at certain levels.
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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:04 am

A Wild 'M appeared!
Kira got desperate!
Wild 'M wants to run(since Kira is a mad pokemon researcher)
Kira used Co-op Research with Prof.Oak!
Wild 'M couldn't run away!
Kira used 100% Catching!
Kira caught 'M!
But...'M won't allow Kira to name it!
'M used Final Explosion!
The World of Pokemon Exploded!
Kira Whited Out!

-Actually,i was kidding,great research about 'M you're doing there.You made the first step into a very long and arduous journey;i hope you can show everyone how much of a pokemon researcher you are.
Also,What the heck...look at 'M's Special Stat.It's totally crazy.It looks like Mewtwo's Special Stat.
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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:12 am

XD That's rather funny. For now I can only get screenshots of 'M's progress, as it takes hours for the video to upload to YouTube, so I'll get to work on that soon as I remember. It needs a lot of EXP to level, but I can't let it take on any strong Pokemon because of its weak Defense. I'll have to look up on the Internet to see what 'M learns and at what level, but it also appears 'M can't learn a lot, even though it is a Bird/Normal [Bird is/was the beta for Flying but only 'M and MissingNo. are "Bird" types] and it can't even learn Fly.

Thanks MitsuriZX, yes 'M's stats is crazy and very odd. The dozy bugger loves to have "random" moves in the wild, as when I was trying to get the video made, I ran into 'M who knew Sleep Power, and it just loved putting my Drowzee to sleep, as Drowzee is my only Pokemon who can 'M to sleep, and it never helps it takes forever to catch 'M, as its like Onix, can't be caught unless weak/Alseep/Paralyzed/Poisoned - and on my real Red, I caught a Mew today. ^^ I will say Charizard 'M is a major pain - I can't run into him in the wild or my game will crash.

Post Edit: 11 of March 2012

Sorry for the very long wait, YouTube have been a nightmare.

My fight with 'M:


A video of 'M's evolution:
-Link removed- Stupid Windows Vista only wanted to record half on the video. ¬¬
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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:57 pm

Alright guys, it took me a while but I finally got a video of 'M's evolution well 'M [II], but at the moment my laptop is going through one of those "can't be bothered to record the VBA video properly" moods again, so it may be a while before I am able to get the video running and uploaded. Apologizes on the posting again!

Post Edit: 16th of March 11:59PM

Finally, a video of 'M's evolution [my second 'M but still]

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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:39 am

Sorry about the triple post, as I think people aren't that interested.

A half-video of Charizard 'M and on how weird this glitch is [half of it got cut off, so I blame Windows Vista for it again.]

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PostSubject: Re: Forgein Pokemon Research   

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Forgein Pokemon Research
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