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 Pretty Bomber (Bomberman) Discussion

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PostSubject: Pretty Bomber (Bomberman) Discussion   Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:31 am

Pretty Bomber is a recurring villain (Sometimes allie) in the Bomberman series. She is the only female member of the Five Dastardly Bombers as well as the World Bombers. She was originally one of the first main antagonists of the series, but was later depicted as a friend and even love interest of Bomberman.

Why should it be included?
She is the most recurring character of the franchise after obviously White Bomberman & Black Bomberman, Sometimes she is treated like a villain or the love interest of Bomberman, and I feel that Bomberman needs another representative to cover the role of the villains and to use the different harmful items of the franchise like the Skull
In addition Bomberman has been a franchise very close to Nintendo, having lots of games on almost all their consoles, crossovers with their characters in video games, mangas, comics, etc

Game appearances

Super Bomberman 2
Bomberman: Panic Bomber
Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W
Super Bomberman 3
Panic Bomber
Bomberman GB 2
Bomberman B-Daman
Neo Bomberman
Bomberman Fantasy Race
Bomberman Party Edition
Bomberman Land
Bomberman Tournament
Bomberman Kart
Bomberman 64
Bomberman Land 2
Bomberman Kart DX
Bomberman Hardball
Bomberman Land 3
Bomberman Land Touch!
Bomberman Land Wii
Bomberman Land Portable
Bomberman Land Touch! 2
Super Bomberman R



Neutral Special (Hearth Bombs): Pretty throws up to four bombs that move randomly on the floor, if they connect with an opponent they explode creating a small pink fire cross, Pretty can also be damaged by explosions

Origin: In Super Bomberman 2 Pretty uses this attack to kill bomberman creating a chaos of explosions

Up Special: Pretty floats on a kind of blue duck like in Neo Bomberman's ending, she can move freely for a short period of time, then she will fall into a helpess state

Side Special: Pretty throws a Skull that will bring different effects to whoever touches it, including herself (The Skull will stay on stage for a while and then disappear)

*The effects last about 3 seconds and these can be:
*The enemy speed increase.
*The enemy speed decrease.
*The attacks of the opponent become weaker.
*Poison effect.

If you spams this attack, it can be counterproductive as it will do great harm to the user

Origin: The Skull item is a recurring item in the Bomberman series. It gives the player one of a set of negative effects.

Down Special(Karaoke Bomb): Pretty put a bomb on the ground, that explodes when it passes near an enemy, This can be thrown but only by the user

Origin: Is The Special Abilitie of Pretty and her alter ego Sexy Bomber in Super Bomberman R

Smash Final (PrettyBalloon): Pretty merges with Pommy Sea, And forms a kind of pink octopus
She moves slowly around the stage and attacks the enemies with their tentacles and can shoot a kind of projectiles through them

Origin: She uses this in her boss battle in Bomberman Tournament in much the same way as described above

Smash Attacks

Side Smash: Pretty equips herself a pair of boxing gloves and strikes hard forward

Up Smash: Pretty does an uppercut that ends in an explosion of hearts

Down Smash: Pretty hits the floor with her two hands similar to Bomberman

Normal Attacks

Jab:Pretty hits with two punches followed by a headbutt and a kick

Side Tilt: Pretty uses both her hands to give a push

Up Tilt: Pretty hits with a head butt up

Down Tilt: Pretty punch while crouching


Nair:Pretty hits with a simple kick

Uair:Pretty throws a gift to the air, which is actually an explosive that explodes on contact

Dair: Pretty throws a block down, which works like Megaman's Dair

Fair:Pretty pushes with her hands forward

Bair:Pretty hits with a punch back

Pummel:Pretty kicks his opponent in the ankle

Forward Throw:
Pretty pushes the opponent

Down Throw: Pretty throws the opponent to the floor and then steps on it

Back Throw:Pretty performs a monkey flip throw

Up Throw:Pretty throws the opponent up

Float: Yes

Dash Attack:Pretty uses some skates to ram the opponent

Taunt: Pretty puts her finger on her lower eyelid as in the next image

Win: Pretty puts her hand in her mouth and sends a kiss to the camera

Lose:As in Panic Bomber, Pretty is kneeling and with dirty clothes

I'm still working on her moveset, but this is a basic idea of how she would work,
She plays better at a distance and causing great damage and diferent effects to her opponents
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Pretty Bomber (Bomberman) Discussion
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