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 Rick, Kine and Coo, ¡The Animal Trio!

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PostSubject: Rick, Kine and Coo, ¡The Animal Trio!   Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:45 pm


I wanna make a little disclaimer before starting to talk, this is my first topic, so bear with my errors please -w-" with that being said, let's begin.

I always thinked Kirby deserved more characters both in the official games of Smash and in Crusade, obviously in the fangames King Dedede and Bandana Dee would be a no-brainer, and i didn't wanted to discuss them because it would be repetitive, not only for the Kirby franchise but in general, there's a lot of villains being asked for the game, so i really gave up on discussing anyone for this, that was untill i saw the DLCs of Kirby: Star Allies, when i saw Rick Kine and Coo as a Trio, my mind exploded, it was just weird seeing the characters just switch without warning, but recently i thought, "man... that could be kinda cool in Crusade..." and here i am, making this post about these three little animals, and their inclusion in Crusade, now...

Who Are Rick, Kine and Coo?

Rick is an Energetic and Friendly Hamster who helps kirby in his adventures from time to time, and first appeared in Kirby's Dreamland 2.
Kine is a Relaxed and Calm Ocean Sunfish who Befriends Kirby, and brings him a hand in his journeys sometimes, he also comes from Kirby's Dreamland 2.
Coo is a Wise Owl who's friends with Kirby, he decides to him when there's trouble in Dreamland, and comes from the same game, Kirby's Dreamland 2.

(See how i basically said the same thing over and over? thank you synonyms...)

Today i'm going to TRY and provide a moveset for them as a character, not like the ice climebers though, that would be insane, but sorta like how they appear in Star Allies, so let's finally begin, for real.

Normal Movements

-Jab: They're jab would be first, Rick hitting with the cutter ability.
then Kine would Tackle the enemy, based on the Splash that he can do on Star Allies.
Then after that Coo does a similar thing to his Parasol attack, it would be multi hitting.

- Forward tilt: Kine would bring a Parasol Out, like again... his Parasol attack (get used to that).

-Up tilt: Rick does ... surprise, his Parasol Attack, but obviusly, without Kirby.

-Down tilt: It could be the same PARASOL FOR CHRIST SAKE attack, just that with a different animation.

-Dash Attack: Rick would do his Rock ability, though it would stop after rolling a bit.

-Ledge Attack: The same as the Dash attack.


-Neutral Air: Kine would execute his Needle move, i imagine that before that Rick and Coo would hide before he does it.

-Forward Air: Rick shoots a beam whip that is multi hitting, obviously from the Beam ability.

-Back Air: Now Rick would execute his needle movement.

-Down Air: I think Coo's fire ability fits here as a ring in a finger.

-Up Air: The Same as the up tilt.


Up B: This would be a recovery, Coo grabs them with his claws and flies upward, then when it's over, Kine brings out the same parasol from his tilt, so they descend slowly.

Side B: This is simple, the Cutter Attack Coo does in Dreamland 2, shooting 3 feathers in different directions, it could be like in DL3, but i think it'd be too similar to link's boomerang.

Down B: I originally thought of making this Rick's Needle, but i think his Ice Ability could be useful too, you can consider this kind of a tie, but i would prefer Ice.

Neutral B: I think Kine's ice would be pretty fitting, this would be a multi hit attack.

Final Smash: The only thing worthy of a Final Smash that i can think of is that they could bring out the rainbow drops, that would then transform into the Rainbow sword, this could lead to 2 things, it could be a type of transformation, when they can slash the enemies with the sword, or you could do it a 1 hit move, having to be close to the enemy before executing it, OR (though i didn't mention this cause i think it would be kinda lame) it could be as Mario's Final Smash, that they create a slash of energy that damages enemies across its way.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash: I think that making this Kine's spark ability would be cool, it could be that when Kine charges the attack, the light bulb shines, and when you release the button, it explodes!.

Up Smash: The same as the up air and up tilt.

Down Smash: the same as the down tilt.


Grab: Rick Grabs the enemy... that's it.

Forward Throw: Kine would eat the enemy and at the same time as he spits it, he will shoot a fire ball that will take away the enemy with it.

Back Throw: Rick puts the enemy behind and then activates his needle ability, wich hurts the enemy and launching them backwards.

Up Throw: I can´t think of anything but Coo launching the in the same fashion of Kine, but with a rolling feather, and upwards obviously.

Down Throw: Rick smashes the enemy on the ground.

Pummel: Rick bites the enemy in the way that he eats in DL3.


Entrance: They could come in a warp star, or it could be a bit more complicated, like Rick comes running, Kine jumps out of the water, and Coo comes flying.

Win animation: their celebration in Star Allies.

Shield and Dodge: First each one puts their arms in their heads, though Kine hides behind Rick.

Alt. Colors:
*They could have one with the palette of Nago, Pitch and Chuchu, Rick being Orange or Black, Coo being green, and Kine being bright red.
*they could also have a color palette with Rick being Pink resembling Kirby, Kine being Red and Sky Blue, resembling Dedede, and Coo Being Dark Blue, like Meta Knight.
*Other options could be having color palettes based on other character relating to their games, like both forms of Dark Matter, 0, 02, or even characters not relating to them, like Marx, Galacta Knight, Magolor, Susie, etc. I just don't want them to be uninspired.

Taunt: They do their celebration of DL3.

Lose Anim.: They appear in the same poses as in DL3 when losing the game.

Extra Abilities: I think they should have 4 jumps counting the one off the ground, one for Rick, and the others for Coo.


First of all thank you for reading all this clusterfuck of a character submission, i really worked my head to make this character very accurate to the games, and i appreciate that you took the time to read this whole post, now, i wanna make some things clear, starting with, i KNOW how ambitious this character is, i Know how hard it would be to make it, not only because of being 3 in one, but because to fit with the other Kirby Characters in the game, they would have to be done starting from the ground, but i think it would be really cool to see them in this game, and coming from such amazing ones, i also think they deserve to have a character spot, besides, i'm not that demanding, they could be in this game in many ways, while i think it would be better to match them to the colorful and cartoony style of SSBC, i think it wouldn't be bad in anyway for them to have the style of DL3, though it would be very unfitting, also, they don't have to be 3 in one, they could be just like in Star Allies, changing them depending on the situation, cause again, it would be HELL to animate the 3 of em', plus having to rework them from ground, unless yo recolor Sprites from DL2 of course, but anyway, really that's all that i can think for these 3, i hope you decide to support the character, i would love it to see it in the game, also, if you have any suggestions PLEASE leave it down below, i want this to be as good as possible, and without anything else to say, hope you liked it.

Supporters List~<3


Thank you two!

Next time i'll be looking at this edgy freak called Meta Knight, stay tuned!.

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PostSubject: Re: Rick, Kine and Coo, ¡The Animal Trio!   Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:20 pm

why not? i suport but i think that other characters can be first that the animal trio
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PostSubject: Re: Rick, Kine and Coo, ¡The Animal Trio!   Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:50 pm

kirbydaistar64 wrote:
why not? i suport but i think that other characters can be first that the animal trio

Support based on the merit of the character(s) itself, not whether or not "others should come first".
If you dont want to support because you would rather vote for King Dedede then dont. You can vote for This AND King Dedede as well.

lego shaq wrote:
look without "BUT X CHARACTER NEEDS TO BE IN FIRST" goggles.

Athorment wrote:
Those "More deserving ones" will get votes regardless of circumstances, so i suggest supporting who you want in regardless of popularity

Crusade Wishlist::

Returning Veteran Wishlist::
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PostSubject: Re: Rick, Kine and Coo, ¡The Animal Trio!   Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:05 pm

Maybe Rick, Coo and Kine can be their own character, while Gooey can have more moves involving Nago, Pitch and ChuChu? I support.
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PostSubject: Re: Rick, Kine and Coo, ¡The Animal Trio!   

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Rick, Kine and Coo, ¡The Animal Trio!
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