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 Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”

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PostSubject: Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”   Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:07 am


Character Images:

Description: Marx is the main antagonist and final boss of the Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. He had originally appeared as a small jester, somewhat resembling Mirror Kirby, bouncing on a multicolored beach ball, which is striped with the colors of red, white, and blue. He asks Kirby to help him end a war between the Sun and Moon. Kirby listens to his plea and does what he suggests, completely unaware of Marx's ulterior motives. The jester then turns up just in time to send the final part of his devious plan into motion and simultaneously reveals that he used Kirby the whole time in order to gain control over Planet Popstar. Upon gaining power, Marx transforms himself into a fearsome bat-like monstrosity with golden yellow-colored wings with two sharp fang-like claws jutting out from each one. The wings also have flashing mirror-like, multicoloured, hexagon-shaped scales under them.

After Marx makes his wish to take control of Popstar, he
Why this character?: Marx has been one of the Kirby series’ most popular final bosses, along with being the only one to be playable (Not counting Dedede). The Kirby series also does not have a full-on proper villain character in Smash as of making this.

Series Symbol: The Kirby series symbol, the Warp Star.

Normal Moves

Jab/Combo: Marx opens up his wing to shoot a hexagon out of it. It can be fired rapidly, but the hexagons only go a short distance, rendering it a close range attack. (Inspired by the Kunai, Reflect Force and Feather Gun moves)

Side Tilt: Marx swings his right wing down, creating a cut. (Based off the Mirror Cut)

Up Tilt: Marx swings his wing upwards like an uppercut. (Inspired by Wing’s Toss move)

Down Tilt: Marx does the slide kick Kirby characters do in the Kirby games.

Dash Attack: Marx jumps and turns to the side, performing a headbutt. It has large ending lag. (Inspired by the Condor Head move)

Ledge Attack: Marx lifts himself up with his wing claw, and sweeps the ground near him with his wing.

Get Up Attack: Marx jumps up of the ground, creating multiple gusts below himself. (Based off the Bluster Shadow Uppercut)


Neutral Air: Marx faces the screen and shoots out four crescent blades that don’t go out that far before coming back. (Based off his cutter move)

Forward Air: Marx faces forward with his wings by his side and shoots a bunch of close range electric arrows. (Based off his arrow attack)

Back Air: Marx spins around and spreads out his wings, shooting fireballs out. (Based off Sizzle Rush)

Up Air: Marx looks up and opens his wings, shooting two diagonal lightning bolts out. (Based off Zap moves)

Down Air: Marx looks below himself and opens his wings, raining down pink and blue paint balls. (Based off this Soul form’s paint attack)


Neutral Special: Jester Ball: Marx summons a Jester Ball, which is functionally similar to a Bomb, but can be ridden, for as long as Marx wants. It comes with it’s own special, but only has one normal attack (A), which is Marx swinging both his wings up. Marx can move forwards and backwards, and can dash (his speed on the ball is slower), but can only do one jump. Running into an opponent will cause 1% of damage and launches them a small bit away.

-Ball Kick: Pressing B while on the ball causes Marx to kick it. The ball bounces a bit before exploding. Holding B allows you to aim the arc the ball launches with. Holding B without a ball will also cause this, alleviating the worry of having to get on then kick.

-Ball Shot: Presing Side and B makes Marx kick the ball at a high speed that travels straight ahead. Explodes immediately when it hit an opponent or the ground, causes a burst of water when exploding, letting two droplets arc out.

-Bluster Ball: Marx’s ball turns into a Bluster Ball, which allows him to float around. It however, is now on a timer, causing a large whirlwind to explode if he stays on it for too long. Leaves Marx helpless after the move ends.

-Time Bomb Ball: Marx hops off the ball, placing it on the ground, which can be left to explode or be hit to launch it into an opponent. A blaze is formed in its explosion.

-Ball Spit-Drop: In the air and without a ball, Marx puffs out his cheeks and spits out a black ball at the ground, which turns into two circular ice projectiles that slide across the stage from the site of impact, which has a small batch of crystals form that point that could freeze an opponent if they touch it.

Side Special: Blizzard Rush: Marx charges forwards surrounded by a rainbow aura, causing icicles to form along his flight path. The icicles fall to the ground if in the air, damaging enemies. Leaves Marx in a helpless state if used in the air, but can combo into Up Special before the Rush ends.

Up Special: Marx Megaspin: Marx performs a dipping motion and rises upwards, before rising near vertically. A cyclone appears at the end of the Megaspin. (Based off Bluster Megaspin)

Down Special: Marx Flip Ultima/Shadow Uppercut: Marx does a backflip mid-flight and jumps down into the ground, becomes an invulnerable shadow. He can stay up there for up to five seconds if the button is held. He then blasts upwards with a Shadow Uppercut once the button is let go. If held for the five seconds, he unleashes four fireballs that come out with him when he burst out of the ground.

Final Smash: Black Hole: Marx splits himself in two symmetrical halves and reveal his iconic attack. Anyone caught will take extremely heavy damage if they gets sucked into it. The attack has decent range, draws opponents nearby closer and guarding is ineffective against it.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash: Marx's cheeks puff out, charging up and spitting out a white beam, but this one is now narrow, the longer it’s charged, the further it goes. (Based off his beam move)

Up Smash: Marx drops 2 small seeds to each side of himself, which grow into thorny vines. The top of the vines have a rose on top of them, a sweet spot. (Based off his vine move)

Down Smash: Marx crouches down, covering himself with his wings, before opening them, launching two energy blasts from them, but are close range. The left blast is pink, the right blast is blue. (Based off his Soul form’s energy ball move)


Grab: Marx swings his wings out to grab the opponent. If he does he hops on top of them like his does with his ball.

Pummel: Prankster Kick: Tramples on top of the opponent like he is riding on a ball.

Forward Throw: Marx kicks the opponent forward, with a water affect added to them (Based off Splash Prank Kick)

Back Throw: Marx kicks the opponent behind him, using them as a platform to launch off of, creating gusts as they are launched. (Inspired by Bluster Rush)

Up Throw: Marx performs a backflip, launching the opponent up into a lightning bolt. (Inspired by Zap moves)

Down Throw: Marx jumps up with the opponent, with four small ice stalagmites appearing on the ground, before landing on them with the opponent getting stabbed by them, followed by Marx spinning 90 degrees anti clockwise while jumping 5 times, ending by facing the screen and taking one last, hard jump off the opponent, smashing the ice. (Inspired by Blizzard Shadow Uppercut)


Entrance: Marx teleports into the match, laughing at the screen before taking his normal appearance, but with his wings still on him.

Win Animation: His Dream Friend summoning animation from Star Allies, but he also grows his wings to hover in the air and laugh.

Lose Animation: A recreation of his Soul form’s death animation, but much faster and without the haunting scream.

Taunt: Marx closes his eyes and mouth, before opening them again, revealing his more boss-like face. (Star Allies idle animation)

Shield: Marx takes his defence stance from Star Allies, but also has his wing block attacks.

Dodge: The spin dodge from Star Allies. His Spot Dodge is his teleport from his boss battle.

Alternative Colours: Galaxy Purple, Soul Pink, Beam Yellow, Third Blue, Forth Green, Clockwork Silver, Simirror Red, Mirror Pale (Modern Mirror Hat colours with KSSU pale skin)

Extra Attributes: Marx has five mid-air jumps, taking advantage of his wings. He can also glide, his glide attack makes him spin, ejecting water drops.

Final Notes

After finally playing as Marx in Star Allies, I immediately noticed the potential for a moveset for Smash. Would love feedback on the moveset!

Like a Star @ heaven

Supporters: None yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”   Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:09 am

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PostSubject: Re: Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”   Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:08 pm

I have very mixed thoughts on whether or not this character should be included. On the up side, Marx is one of Kirby's more memorable final bosses, and he's in the newest title as his own playable character. On the bottom side of things, it feels like other characters would fit in more?

I'll say support, but other characters should probably make the cut first.
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PostSubject: Re: Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”   Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:00 am

I'll support this, it's very interesting and also Marx deserves a little attention, good one!
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PostSubject: Re: Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”   Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:48 am

Support! I love Marx
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PostSubject: Re: Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”   Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:51 pm

Full on support, and not just because i made a moveset for him myself, but because Marx is an awesome character
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PostSubject: Re: Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”   Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:41 am

Support, I'd rather see Marx than Gooey
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PostSubject: Re: Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”   

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Marx (Kirby) Discussion: Galactic Ambition, “I want to control Pop Star!”
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