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 princess Kumatora(Mother serie)

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PostSubject: princess Kumatora(Mother serie)   Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:33 pm


Kumatora is a character in Mother 3. She is the only playable character and permanent member of Lucas' party who is female. She can use many powerful PSI abilities. She is a tomboy, in contrast with previous games' female party members (Paula and Ana) who were stereotypically female characters. This is most likely due to her being raised by the extremely feminine Ionia, a Magypsy.

Kumatora is called the princess of Osohe Castle, although she doesn't actually have any royal blood. In fact, Kumatora was only named princess by the Magypsies after they were asked to care for her by the people on board the White Ship.

True to her tomboyish nature, Kumatora is tough, to the point where she refuses to cry until the game's ending (this could be a reference to a sentence in MOTHER's commercial, saying in Japanese, "There's no crying until the end.") She is also rude, calling Wess by the term, "old geezer" and quickly commenting on Duster's bad breath . She can also be rather impulsive - while trapped in Osohe Castle, she seriously considers cutting off her leg while it was caught in a bear trap and took the Egg of Light before Wess could warn her about the traps attached to it. However, during rough situations, Kumatora does prove to be nice and caring in regards to the rest of the party, and also to others- as she went on to help Salsa escape from Fassad's abuse. She also has a resourceful streak, using her waitress disguise to remain undercover after the Pigmasks take over Nowhere Islands (though she expresses a firm distaste for them).

Why should it be in smash crusade?

he is a strong and brave character who has gained great fame, would be to be in crusade because this is a girl of special attack and away with good power; I do not agree with ashley, I think it is a rough and slow character but although he is a good character I prefer something a bit faster as kumatora

Move set

Kumatora gives a fist (4%) and followed by a low kick that throws the opponent (6%) in total is 10% damage. Useful for keeping offsiders

side attack
Kumatora gives a punch to the front (6%) is not very effective and also has no good reach, but if connected to the combo can help

attack up
kumatora kicks up (7%) his reach is from bottom to top in front of where he looks

attack down
kumatora gives a quick spin kick that does more damage than the low kick and can also knock the opponent down (8%)

neutral air
while Kumatora is in the air gives a kick loaded with psi fire (8%)

side air
Kumatora extien both hands forward releasing energy PSI freeze is similar to ness although this only hits 4 times with a little more damage (3%)

rear air
Kumatora gives an elbow loaded with energy psi freeze is strong but not so fast (9%)

air up
Kumatora gives a blow up releasing energy PSI freeze is short alcanse but can freeze the enemy

air down
Kumatora gives a downward kick that allows him to bounce back (6%) and allows him to give a slightly weaker one (3%).

smash side
Kumatora loads a punch that releases a large force charged with energy psi freeze (20%) that can freeze

smash up
Kumatora releases an explosion of psi fire that has good reach but does not have much damage (15%)

smash down
Kumatora recharges a kick freeing energy psi freeze that can freeze (21%)

dash attack
kumatora extends her hands releasing energy PSI fire(8%)

Kumatora punches while holding opponent(1%)

grab side
Kumatora throws the enemy above her and hits him with PSI fire power(7%)

grab up
Kumatora throws the enemy to the ground and is followed by a kick(10%)

grab down
kumatora hits the enemy against the ground with force(9%)

neutral special
Kumatora uses PSI freeze like ness does but it freezes (9% -11% -24%)

side special
Kumatora launches a wall nail that immobilizes the enemy for a moment (6%)

down special
Kumatora drops a running pump that follows a player and explodes (14%)

up special
Kumatora uses PSI thunder but this one explodes under her raising it, all that clash with the explosion electrocute (10%)

Final smash
Kumatora uses PSI Love this hits all the enemies on screen

Kumatora puts his hand on the hip and with the other generates a small ball of PSI freeze

win pose
Kumatora celebrates jumping while boney runs around her

Kumatora is a famous character and much loved by fans, but since mother 3 has become a character forgotten by Nintendo, even his unique appearance in smash is in a sticker, not a misero trophy, so I think Kumatora deserves a post in smash crusade, please support it so that we all remember the adventures of earth bound.
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PostSubject: Re: princess Kumatora(Mother serie)   Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: princess Kumatora(Mother serie)   Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:52 pm

My problem with Kumatora's inclusion is that I think 3 EarthBound reps is enough. And if we were to get another one, then it should be someone who doesn't use PSI to change things up.
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PostSubject: Re: princess Kumatora(Mother serie)   Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:44 am

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PostSubject: Re: princess Kumatora(Mother serie)   Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:32 pm

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PostSubject: Re: princess Kumatora(Mother serie)   

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princess Kumatora(Mother serie)
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