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 Hollow Knight(Hollow Knight)

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PostSubject: Hollow Knight(Hollow Knight)   Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:48 pm

Hollow knight


Hollow knight

Range of jump:
normal the first jump, second jump a little higher

Hollow knight, is a character different from others, as this has the unusual characteristic of representing a spirit in an insect, anyone would think it is very weak, but is quite strong compared to other characters, his title would be special espadachin,

Why should I be in crusade?

This should be in crusade, because it would be a faithful representative of indie games, which have a great gameplay, an ecennial with great care and detail,
And show that even with a platform game in 2D you can create a fantastic story, sad, hopeful, and different.

Many think that characters like shovel knight or steve minecraft show this feature well, but hollow knight has something that sets it apart, and is that it shows a small being that at first sight looks evil, with a dark soul, and his History shows us a celestial being with an almost divine power, but that appearances deceive.

It is good that in crusade we have a character that paesca dark, dark and even diabolical but that shows that all can be good no matter what their appearance.


Hollow Knight will put us in the skin of the homonymous protagonist, who embarks on a mission to enter the depths of Hollownest, a decaying civilization ravaged by a plagued that has razed everything. Most of its inhabitants have either died, or completely lost their heads, and there are only a few that remain - with difficulty - sane. After reaching our base of operations, Dirtmouth, where we can buy various items or talk to the NPCs to give us clues as to where we should go, will play catch-up.

The story will be told in a very cryptic way, with many dialogues with the NPCs (usually, eliminate a zone boss or access a new one) that will tell us how the kingdom gradually fell apart. There are many other things that do not tell us directly and that we will infer by means of the environmental narrative that matches the title. It does not reach the level of The Witness or the Souls saga, nor does it pretend to match them, but it is certainly a success by the kind of story that wants to transmit us.

The cast of characters that we will find throughout the game is enough variopinto so that we are interested in their own stories and complete their secondary missions to find out how their plot arc ends. That, together with all the bosses also have their own background and are not there because it does make us interested in the lives of those who are meeting. Eventually we will have access to an object that will allow us to read the thoughts of both allies and enemies and bosses, which will give us even more information about Hollownest and his fall from grace.

Move Set


Attack with a sword to his rivals

Smash down:

Gives a spin with his sword that hits and backs

Smash Down Reloaded:

Gives a spin with the dream snail that paralyzes enemies

Smash down in air:

Gives a small cut that when hitting with an enemy returns it to elevate, without losing recharge of jump

Smash Up:

Gives a blow to the ground that elevates it a little, but only if it hits the ground,

Smash arriva uploaded:

Use the hornet sword and move it and shake it like hornet it hase

Smash up in air:

Gives a blow with his sword that moves him down quickly

Side Smash:

Gives a quick cut.

Smash side loading:

This uses the glass heart that propels him forward in a thrust


Gives several quick swords

While holding his enemy throws the hornet sword and brings it with the hprnet thread:

Makes a little squeak of souls more devil
special attacks

His special attacks are more original and do not immobilize his sword

Focus: it absorbs the collected soul force, to recover its health

special down in air
Desolate Dive:While in the air concentrates the strength of your soul to give a strong blow down

special down in ground
Abyss Shriek:Gives a heavy load, bursting into a scream of soul and darkness

Special lateral
shade soul:Charges a dark soul that strikes his enemies in front of him

Special up
Monarch Wings:Wings of ethereal matter that shimmer in the darkness.
Allow one to jump again in mid-air.

Final smash
Hollow knight frees himself from his mask and frees his soul to brutally beat those who catch him


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PostSubject: Re: Hollow Knight(Hollow Knight)   Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:30 pm

While I would totally support the character, the moveset need work. It's very jarring to look at, and isn't complete.
You got something here, refine it and make it something to be proud of
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PostSubject: Re: Hollow Knight(Hollow Knight)   Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:46 pm

It's better, but you still need all the normals (Tilts, aerials, grabs)
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PostSubject: Re: Hollow Knight(Hollow Knight)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:14 pm

This is an interesting proposal, I draw attention to this character because he played his game and I think he should be, although his grabs are not entirely comvincentes, but I support the character.

I liked the alternative colors, especially the black color.
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PostSubject: Re: Hollow Knight(Hollow Knight)   

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Hollow Knight(Hollow Knight)
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