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 DeMille (Tomato Adventure): Master Of Gimmicks!

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PostSubject: DeMille (Tomato Adventure): Master Of Gimmicks!   Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:32 pm

Well, after several time of absence, I'm back with another proposal for possible Newcomers for SSBC.

Here's another one: the Boy With Several Gimmicks Who Dislikes Tomatoes: DeMille!

-Appearence: Tomato Adventure (Game Boy Advance; Japan-only; 2002)

An 8 years old boy from the Ketchup Kingdom. Labelled as a Dropper, he lives in a village known as Spillville, where all of the Droppers of the Kingdom live until they can overcome their dislike for tomatoes. He'll eventually go on to embark on an adventure across the Kingdom in order to rescue his girlfriend Parsley, and stop King Avila who plans to turning everyone into toys!

Why I support him?
Well, it could be a nice idea bringing some oscure Nintendo characters, due to maybe they could get some popularity thanks to the SSB-games (no matter if they're official or fangames). It's a bit easier and a bit shorter game, but it's full of charm and some great, simple design work. In battle, characters use "gimmicks" which are a collection of bizarre inventions that can only be used after playing a short mini game for each one (ie: mashing a button to fill a bar or copying a number combination) and you can set the games to higher difficulties to do more damage.
The gimmick system inspired me to fit Demille - the game's main character - with a gimmick in his specials: If you press the command button a second time at the right time it will extend the attack to deal more damage.
It's a real shame the game fell into obscurity once the developers hit it big with Mario & Luigi. They're good games but it would be nice to see more from their own original franchise. It hasn't even appeared on any Virtual Consoles but now that GBA games are on Wii U maybe it'll see a return, though an English translation seems unlikely.

Normal Moves:
-Neutral: Punch
-Neutral (x2): Kicks
-Neutral (x3): Throws his Geartooth Yo-Yo
-Side: Using his Magnet Gloves, he throws a heavy object to his enemy
-Up: Uses the King Meow Gimmick, who scratches his enemy
-Down: Crashes the Noisy Face Gimmick at the ground

-Dash Attacks: Uses Snea-Car Gimmick against his enemies

Aerial Attacks:
-Neutral Aerial: Demille spins in place hitting with his feet.
-Front Aerial: Uses Banana Snowbowl Gimmick
-Up Aerial: Demille flips and kicks upwards with both feet.
-Back Aerial: Uses his Chomper Gimmick
-Down Aerial: Demille bunnyhops and stomps downwards.

-Grabs: (he throws the Chomper Gimmick for grabbing)
-Jab: Punches his enemy
-Forward Throw: He uses Turtle Shell Glove Gimmick
-Up Throw: Uses his Magnet Gloves against his enemy, throwing him/her upwards
-Back Throw: He uses the Rolling Riceball Gimmick, who rolls the opponent as a ball, or throws him/her a rolling rock
-Down Throw: Summons the Doki Doki Train Gimmick

Smash Attacks:
-Side Smash: He uses the Fire Dragon Gun Gimmick, which throws a fireball
-Up Smash: He uses the Angry Volcano Gimmick, throwing fireballs upwards
-Down Smash: He uses the Tanooki Tail Gimmick, spinning a tail against his enemy

Special Attacks:
-Neutral Special: Linear Glove: A chargeable attack. if the Special Button is held, DeMille will throw a punch forward causing his Linear Glove Gimmick to materialize on his hand as this move is charged. DeMille will slowly pull his arm back until it is held vertically- by his shoulder- at this point the Linear Glove will flash alerting the user it's at full power. Releasing the Special Button at this time will cause DeMille to step into a punch that will send the Linear Glove rocketing off his hand and blasting forward leaving a trail of energy behind it this move will travel fast dealing DMG to any foe it makes contact with. DeMille will throw his arm backwards as the Linear Glove appear on his hand again as he exits this animation the Linear Glove dematerializes. If DeMille taps "B" instead of charging the glove, or releases "B" during a charge, DeMille will still follow through with an attack though the gloves power will be reduced to the amount it has been charged.

-Side Special: Nitoryu Gimmick: Using the Nitoryu Gimmick, DeMille traps his opponents in a dragon-like figure, and two fists-like fireballs will punch him/her. However, if the attack is fully charged, the damage will be bigger.

-Up Special: Hoverboard: Pressing up and "B" will cause DeMille to have equipped his Hoverboard; holding down the "B" button will cause DeMille to pull up on the board causing two jets from under the board to propel DeMille upwards this deals no DMG but can grant DeMille great recovery- when the Hoverboard's power is drained DeMille will begin to descend as smoke pours out of the Jets- this Special move does not cause helplessness. This move works a lot like R.O.B.'s Robo Burner.

-Down Special: Pyramet: Holding down and "B" will cause DeMille to take out his Pyramet Gimmick- placing it on his head he begins to move his arms around as he closes his eyes. the antenna on the Gimmick begins to emit a circular glow- nearby foes will begin to receive racking DMG and find that three energy triangles surround them they pass a line of energy between them, connecting the smaller symbols this creates a large symbol which then detonates dealing DMG and knock back. DeMille will continue to use this move as long as "B" is held however if DeMille receives any DMG the Gimmick will fail and the area effect will end. The area effect isn't to big but the effect does activate quickly. the more this move is used the smaller the effected area is. not using this move will allow it to re-charge when it's fully charged, two Gimmick Gears will swirl around DeMille.

-Final Smash: Parsley's Song: Pressing "B" after filling the FS Bar will cause the camera to zoom to DeMille who takes out a record player and he plays the record. Like Peach's FS, images appear that boarder the screen of Parsley- DeMille's girlfriend. The song that the record plays is Parsley's Song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPYETn7tLRo); suddenly a thick bolt of lightning strikes DeMille! the scene flashes to white- when the white fades we now see DeMille- he is infused with power- Parsley's song has granted him extraordinary strength! for teh duration of DeMille's FS he will be invincible and gain buffs to all his attacks. when the FS is over DeMille will let loose a wave of energy signifying the end of his FS. (After gaining the power from Parsley's Song this theme plays: Season with Amazing Organ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeT_THN3dg0)

Entrance To The Stage: An explosion will occur as the smoke begins to dissipate DeMille will walk away from a broken T.V. set that splits in half and vanishes as DeMille shakes off the soot on his body and enters fighter stance.

Taunt: DeMille will use his Gimmick Yo-yo and play with it for a second before re-entering fighter stance.

Victory Pose: DeMille will face the camera and hop up and down excitedly "Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!"

Victory Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znGRONqDNAs

Well, what do you think? Comment, please.

More info about the Gimmicks:
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DeMille (Tomato Adventure): Master Of Gimmicks!
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