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 Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq

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PostSubject: Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq   Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:37 am

Lego Shaq is a character suggestion veteran that joined the community in late 2014. Born in 1916 in an indisclosed location, the yellow dribbling man has been a source of creativity, laughs and constructive criticism ever since he joined!

But what makes Lego Shaq... Lego Shaq? Well, let's find out!

Slissith: Where and how did you grow up? How has that influenced the Lego Shaq we know and love?

Lego Shaq: I grew up in a nice little place; and I'm actually still there. Shaq isn't as old as you'd think. Anyway, I do love my town, but I'm dying to get out and live in the city. But family-wise, I couldn't ask for anything more. I've got amazing family, and some pretty great friends. While I've had a lot of problems growing up, and still have some just like anyone else, it influenced me to try and simply be a good person; morally right, lawfully right, just a good kid. I critique threads all the time, but I do it 'cause I care, lmao. So, yeah, growing up was pretty dang fun, and it influenced me in mostly positive ways; though not all positive, those traits are what I like to think come through.

Sounds like a lot of fun! So, what does a guy like you do in his free time?

I really would love to be an actor when I grow up; specifically on Broadway, so I'm always in some kind of production I have to devote time to. That, and a lot of other school things. When I have time to just wind down, I'm just on my computer typing my days away or playing some video games...or both. I do hope to start exercising soon, though!

Very interesting! Why is it that you like acting? To what part of you do you think it appeals?

I've got no idea. I acted in a play when I was younger, and it all just...clicked. Ever since then, I just can't stop performing. I think it appeals to the part of me that wants to be famous, one day; something everyone wants, but it appeals to that Tony-wanting, musical-loving side of me.

I see... you mentioned that you like playing videogames when you want to just wind down... what sort of videogames would those be?

If it has a great story, I'll play it. If I can love the characters, I'll play it. If I can just really have fun, too. Of course, specifically I do love fighting games and open world ones; but also story driven ones like Thomas Was Alone.

Speaking of fighting games, what is your relationship specifically with the Smash Bros. series?

I remember my mom bought home Melee when I was just a kid and I had to look up those GameFAQ's and YouTube videos on how to get Mewtwo and all that. Then, when I was young, I got Brawl. Still one of my favorite games; one of my best friends and I would play it constantly for years. By the time of Smash 4's release, I was a megafan, and got it at the midnight release with some friends. Smash is one of my greatest passions-especially the characters-and one of my favorite series.

Damn! It really sounds like you have a soft-spot for the series!

Absolutely. It's something very special to me.

Did that contribute to you stumbling upon Crusade?

So I'm pretty sure my earliest memory of Crusade is me finding the Smashboards, seeing I could play as Petey Piranha, and trying to register for the forums immediately. I didn't sign up for years, though, but I did after rediscovering the Smashboards thread and having my interest renewed; pretty sure my first post was on that speculation thread about the dug-up old files. I was so excited about the chance to play as Q-Bert. I was a fool.

We've all been there Shaq! Do you have any stories to share in regards to being a part of the community?

Oh definitely. The forum's given me a lot of stories. I remember when I came upon it, the forums were struggling. I like to think that it was me stepping in and suddenly unleashing character thread upon character thread that helped to revive them, but that's probably just me trying to feel good about myself, lmao. It seems like I've made a lot of enemies due to my somewhat harsh nature when I review a thread; remember ol' Trinitro? It took a while for me to find some actual friends there, but I won't forget Dust, in all his weird meme glory, making me feel like I belonged, and then Sliss and I becoming close because of some shared interests. After a while, the PR Rep position was announced, and I didn't actually apply; I just kept bothering the mods, especially Dust, and they decided to let me become a Rep. I felt like a god that day.

Lego Shaq providing news and information to the public in the Smashboards thread. April, 2016.

You have definitely been very active in the character suggestion board, providing constructive criticism and whatnot. What are your thoughts, in general, about suggestion threads?

I never care too much about OP's moveset. For me, it's always about the character. As you may have been able to figure out, I'm very split on the indie game characters debate, and that plays into a lot of my suggestions. It's a bit rare for me to full-on support a character, even when OP has made a masterpiece; because I don't agree with the character's inclusion. I do feel like a lot of people support just because they think the character's cool; they're not thinking of Crusade or its future. Having Sans from Undertale next to gaming legends like Pac-Man and Mario will never fly with me, for example.

Here we can see Lego Shaq provide criticism, back in February, 2016. As you can see, while disagreeing with the character’s inclusion, Shaq is complimenting the thread’s and the character’s positive points. The thread is Kat (Gravity Rush/Gravity Daze) Discussion.

It definitely is something to think about. For example, though the moveset may be poor, the character itself may be worthy or have moveset potential. I think that the fact that you only support the characters that you feel comfortable doing is pretty cool.

Yeah. For some reason, I've always been extremely passionate about who gets into Smash in general, not just in Crusade, so I'm a pretty fierce debater over it.

In regards to Trinitro Man, what do you think contributed to the "feud" between the 2 of you? Would you have done anything differently?

I'm not willing to back down. That's a fatal flaw of mine. I just won't relent, and Trinitro, on the other hand, was always a bit of a rude guy, let's be honest. That doesn't mix. Looking back over...half a year later, wow, would I have done anything differently? I would've tried to at least help Trinitro through whatever he had going on, but some people, you just can't help. So, ultimately, there's not much I could've done differently; some of it was my fault, and some of it Trinitro's, really

The original post of the “Hey Lego Shaq” thread. After Trinitro and Shaq had numerous differences and fights all over the forums, things escalated when Trinitro made this very thread. By virtue of containing several instances of Trinitro getting triggered by the Supa Hot Fire gif and reporting people for it, as well as Destiny trying to be a memester, this probably is the greatest thread in all of the community’s history. January, 2016.

Is it true that you sleep with a supa hot fire gif under your pillow?

Yes, that's how I roast so good every day!

Hahaahahah! Also, we have to know... do you really not even like sports?

I don't! It's true. All I'm good at is being a goalie in hockey.

Not bad at all! Regarding you and your interaction with the community, has it changed you in any way, either for better or worse? If so, how and why?

It definitely changed the way I give my critiques. I've learned to be much more gentle and sensitive with those I'm not familiar with. It also positively changed me because I felt like I had a place in the community, and still do; being a "go-to guy" for character critiques oddly warms my heart.

Very nice! So, as a general question, what do you like about the community? What do you NOT like?

I like how, in the end, though we roast each other, criticize each other, we all recognize that we're friends. We all just want to help out Crusade and each other. Also, the community is very creative and inspired. I do dislike a few things, though; when I say I dislike something you made, like a thread, I don't dislike you. Some of us take things a bit too personally, and we get way too flared up over it. Just always keep in mind this is just a forum full of goons who wanna see their favorite character in a Smash fangame.

Very good point Shaq! Now, as you are well aware (I hope), your avatar was voted for the best avatar of 2016! How do you feel about this development? Why do you think that your avatar was voted?

Uh...I was definitely shocked. I didn't think it was that great. It's just a pic of Lego Shaq, y'all! But I definitely did appreciate it; though I'm a bit mystified as to how that's the award I got out of all things. Perhaps it was voted due to the fact I've never changed it even once. It's like a constant factor of your life, always trashing some indie character; it's really recognizable.

The avatar in question. Lego Shaq claims he has never changed it. And, to be frank, why would he?

Hahahahahahahahha! Lego Shaq, the bane of Undertales and whatnot!

It's not even that bad of a game, probably! But it and other things in the character forums sure make my fury come out, don't they.

Of course. Undertale isn't a bad game per say, but its quick popularity growth exposed it to everyone way too damn fast. No matter how good something is, hearing about it all the damn time gets annoying, fast. I used to avoid Undertale a lot, but recently I've been appreciating its music and listening to covers of it.

Precisely. It's always the fandom that drives people away; and the Undertale fandom...wow. Too many words to say about that. However, the soundtrack is amazing, I'll give it that.

In your opinion, what constitutes a good avatar? Is there any specific avatar that comes to mind?

Something that catches your eye and provokes something; laughter, a "oh-I-get-it" moment, etc. You, Sliss, for example, are always changing up your icons, and sometimes they're just simple things like a lizard knight, but they always pique my interest.



Final Question: Is there anything you'd like to say the community?

Through everything, you've always been a group I've been able to come back to and feel at home. You won't hear me say this often, but thank you for everything. Never stop being that funny group of friends who I can, in odd ways, rely on for quite a few things. And keep making goofy threads for me to tear into like the cynic I am.


This next thread of mine will make you dance to the beat.

Very Happy

Damn! Shaq, thank you very much! Interviewing you was a blast! Your answers were detailed and well thought-out! Can't to see what that thread is about! Wink

Always fun talking to you, this especially. Thanks my man!

Lego_Shaq wrote:
please dont think im actually racist
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PostSubject: Re: Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq   Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:03 pm

The final part was perfect
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PostSubject: Re: Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq   Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:45 pm

Lego Shaq is old he was born in 1916
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Smash King
Smash King
Smash King


PostSubject: Re: Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq   Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:21 pm

Great interview Sliss and Lego Shaw. I think things like this really helps the community as a whole get familiar with more notorious individuals
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King Proto
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PostSubject: Re: Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq   Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:02 pm

Smash King wrote:
Great interview Sliss and Lego Shaw. I think things like this really helps the community as a whole get familiar with more notorious individuals
I know what you mean but using the word "notorious" makes it seem like the people here are criminals lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq   Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:14 pm

King Proto wrote:
Smash King wrote:
Great interview Sliss and Lego Shaw. I think things like this really helps the community as a whole get familiar with more notorious individuals
I know what you mean but using the word "notorious" makes it seem like the people here are criminals lol.
Some of them are, probably
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Lego Shaq

Lego Shaq


PostSubject: Re: Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq   Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:46 pm

Smash King wrote:
Great interview Sliss and Lego Shaw. I think things like this really helps the community as a whole get familiar with more notorious individuals
This is the highest compliment I've ever gotten on this forum I love you big SK
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PostSubject: Re: Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq   

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Crusade Award Interviews: Lego Shaq
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