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 Zero (Megaman Zero Series)

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Zero of Time
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PostSubject: Zero (Megaman Zero Series)   Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:50 pm

Zero is a character in the Megaman X series known for wielding a sword in combat. He was formerly a Maverick Hunter working with X.
After a very long hyper sleep, Zero works with Ciel and the resistance many years later to fight against Copy X in order to save reploids from "retirement."

Standard attacks:

- - - Ground Moves

- Jab: Z-Saber Combo
     - The iconic triple slash zero uses in every game he appears in. 3-hit

- Dash Attack: Dash Slash
    - Saber slash used while dashing. Alternatively, there is the Gale Attack.

- Forward Tilt: Recoil Rod Combo
     - Basic attack of the Recoil Rod. If pressed rapidly, he will use the 1000 slash Ex Skill. Can be angled up and down.

- Up Tilt: Split Heavens
     - Zero jups up and slashes with the saber.

- Down Tilt: Throw Blade
     - Zero slashes hi saber, releasing an energy wave in front of him at a short distance.

- Forward Smash: Charged Recoil Rod
     - A stab with both Recoil Rods.

- Down Smash: Charged Saber
     - Zero slashes the ground, creating a large burst.

- Up Smash: Charged Triple/Chain Rod
     - Zero twirls the weapon above his head. 6-hit.

- - - Aerials

- Up Air: Triple Rod
    - An upward stab with the Triple Rod.

- Down Air: Saber Smash
    - Zero comes down with a downward stab of the saber.

- Forward Air: Aerial Slash
    - A slash in front of Zero.

- Back Air

- Neutral Air: Saber Spin
    - Zero flips in the air while swinging his saber.

Special Moves:

- Neutral Special: Buster
    - A small buster. Fires weak shots. Can be charged.

- Side Special: Chain Rod
    - A small energy sword placed at the end of a retractable chain. Hit items opponents to drag them in and stun them for a short time. Can be angled in the air

- Up Special: Charged Triple/Chain Rod
    -Zero twirls the weapon above his head. Pulls him upward rapidly.

- Down Special: Shield Boomerang
    - A shield that also acts as a boomerang. Hold to reflect projectiles. After a certain time has passed, release to throw the boomerang.


- Final Smash: Transforms into Omega Zero for a short time.

- Grab: Zero Knuckle
      -- Throws
      -- Forward Throw:
      -- Back Throw:
      -- Up Throw:
      -- Down Throw:


- Zero stands up straight, and a Cyber Elf appears behind him for a few seconds, before returning to his battle stance.


- Normal (Red)
- Energy Form (Yellow)
- X Form (Blue)
- Active Form (Orange)
- Defense Form (Green)
- Rise Form (Grey)
- Power Form (Purple)
- Erase Form (Pink)
- Proto Form (Dark Blue-Grey)
- Ultimate Form (Normal With a Red Tint)

Note: All attacks are 1-hit unless stated otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: Zero (Megaman Zero Series)   Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:57 pm

Zero really needs to be in this game. Definite support.

I do believe we should use his "classic" look however.
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Naughty Ottsel
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  Captain Falcon

PostSubject: Re: Zero (Megaman Zero Series)   Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:27 pm

I could have sworn Zero already had a suggestion thread. I'm assuming this is more specifically for Zero as he appears in his own series. I would love to see Zero in Crusade, but I firmly believe he should be a blend of his two incarnations. So, unless this is up to shift to more of a mixed Zero, I'm gonna have to decline to support. Sorry. It's not a bad post, but I'm hyped for a more representative Zero. Plus, including his moves from X gives his moveset a lot more variety.

As far as advice goes, I'd recommend explaining his abilities in a bit more depth. What exactly are the Recoil Rods, and how are they functionally different to the Z-Saber? What's the 1000 slash ex skill? Stuff like that.
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Nohrian Sadist



PostSubject: Re: Zero (Megaman Zero Series)   Sat Dec 24, 2016 11:16 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Zero (Megaman Zero Series)   

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Zero (Megaman Zero Series)
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