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 Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber!

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Perfect Hell

Perfect Hell


Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! Empty
PostGoku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber!

Goku Trains For v0.9.1!

Goku is known for two things; his endless appetite for food and never-ending lust for training and fighting. No matter how strong Goku gets, there is always someone stronger to threaten the Earth! Therefore, Goku never stops training and refining his techniques!

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! DFr17J3


Where better to train than the iconic Hyperbolic Timechamber?  This classic training ground makes its debut in SSB Crusade v0.9.1!  Take in the stunning visuals while you train your skills against foes without impeding platforms, slopes, walls or even edges.  This stage features a flat, walk-off design for a test of fighting prowess.  But that's not all; play with hazards on and gravity is amped up!

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! VWnJlYJ

So what has Goku learned with his time in the chamber?  For starters, let's revisit what we learned during the v0.9.1 direct.  Rather than shooting a large beam fairly quickly, Goku now has to charge his neutral special in order to achieve the same results.  Pressing "Special" will initiate a charge, and pressing "Special" again will fire.

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! 0pcb0Hv
Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! XXm4X8E

But that’s not all! Aiming to be as close to canon material as possible, we’ve given Goku the ability to aim the wave up and down. Hold up or down to direct the attack accordingly!

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! FW6Wjoh
Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! G0SSQWl
Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! TfSc80f

That's not all Goku has learned from training.  Introducing: Warp Kamehameha!

This iconic move was first seen in Goku’s duel against Cell. Your opponent thinks you’re immobile while you’re charging the Kamehameha… think again! Teleport away from your original position and fire away!  By pressing "Attack" or "Grab" followed by a direction, Goku can teleport once during charging.  He can even come out of the teleport facing a different direction by using left or right directionals as he reappears!

But that’s not all, as you can continue the charging where it left off and aim the wave up or down after teleporting! Use this keep your opponent on their toes!

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! D5LzfKo

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! F6kd8Ms

The Continuous Kamehameha is an interesting variation of Goku’s Side Special: the Ki Blast. The input is similar to the regular Ki Blast, but functions like a “Smash Special”, meaning that the input is similar to a Smash Attack.

Before moving on to talk about Continuous Kamehameha, let’s talk about Ki Blast. It now boasts decreased end-lag and increased hitstun at the cost of less Knockback. However, this is overall beneficial, as Ki Blast now is a projectile that can provide adequate pressure and even provide Goku with the opportunity to transition into his combos, depending on the circumstance.

Continuous Kamehameha on the other hand requires a charge-up time, but produces several Ki Blasts that amount to far higher damage if all connect. The projectiles travel with lower velocity and travel less distance overall, but home in on opponents and cover more area at once, assisting Goku with his spacing game!

Continuous Kamehameha has more end-lag than Ki Blast, but slows Goku’s descent, whereas Ki Blast does not. Choose between the two accordingly!

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! UCInswh

An additional tool in Goku’s arsenal is the Dragon Dash! By pressing "Grab" in the air, Goku will charge forward with a surrounding hitbox that knocks in the direction he is flying!  Use it to gain some extra distance in the air and hit unaware opponents! You can even aim the dash up or down as you go!

Beware however; not only does it leave Goku helpless, it doesn’t snap to the ledge either. Use the Dragon Dash with caution!

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! CfixBFY

Lastly, Goku's Kaio Ken attack has been adjusted.  In previous versions, this move was just as overpowering and spammable as Kamehameha.  It could be used over and over again until it connected, providing a massive built-in combo on hit.  We've redesigned the attack to feel more fair while still being useful.

The spectacular combo that ensues after the Kaio-Ken Attack connects now transpires faster than it did before. As a result, Goku will now actually deal more damage during Kaio-Ken Attack than what he’d receive as per the Kaio-Ken state. Additionally, Kaio-Ken Attack will cause the Kaio-Ken state to be automatically switched off regardless of whether the attack connects, preventing spamming of the attack and adding risk to using it!

This can be either bad or good depending on whether you wanted to stay in the Kaio-Ken state for longer. Mr. Popo thinks you should choose wisely!

Full-Res Images: https://imgur.com/a/B7NWS

Excited to try out Goku in v0.9.1?  Let us know what you think!  Tune in next week to see how we've improved Geno!

Perfect Hell

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Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber! :: Comments

Holy crap, this stage looks awesome! This alternate playstyle also looks really fun Smile
Also please tell me you changed Geno's Voice Actor or at least muted him like in 0.8
This is not an alternate playstyle. These are changes to the default, and only, Goku playstyle.
Geno hype
Re: Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber!
Post on Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:47 am by Braystar
Hey it's Final Destination 2.
Jokes aside, noice. Can't wait to see Geno.
this looks fun(and far less broken)
Make Geno's Up B viable and he would be perfect
Re: Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber!
Post on Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:51 am by SP
Braystar wrote:
Hey it's Final Destination 2.
Jokes aside, noice. Can't wait to see Geno.

I think you mean Bridge of Eldin
I remember someone posting in these forums a revamped Geno spritesheet which was basically Crusade Geno with a fresh new coat of paint
If that's used for 0.9.1 Geno (As well as a new voice that isn't "Geenuhwuh") I will be a happy camper
If not, I'll still be happy anyway since Geno's super cool
Re: Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber!
Post on Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:13 pm by TaXMaN
This stage looks awesome! I also like the episode reference with Buu.
Re: Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber!
Post on Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:54 pm by armatage
"I thought it was called the room of space and time."
"I called it that because you couldn't pronounce it
Re: Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber!
Post on Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:34 am by desu
Oh, I knew there would be a HTC stage Razz, I predicted a thing once at last! xD. Good changes overall, it makes Goku a lot more like the show while still being in a smash game.
Now let's wait to see Geno next week Very Happy

Goku Revamp and Hyperbolic Timechamber!

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