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 Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp

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Perfect Hell

Perfect Hell


Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp Empty
PostPhoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp

Phoenix Wright Builds His Case!

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp PffUNU1
(Pictured: New up tilt!)

In v0.9.0, Phoenix's evidence gimmick is fairly bland.  It does little to create an interesting fighting style, and fails to capture the essence of the character.  The rest of his moveset followed suit, creating a boring and unviable character.

In v0.9.1, Phoenix Wright is better than ever!  With a brand new evidence system and redesigned playstyle, he feels fresh and ready for trial!

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp 7M2soaO

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp NG6atpQ

Phoenix can gain evidence in a variety of ways. First, his crouch.  By crouching to look at his surroundings, Phoenix can occasionally gain evidence!  There is a passive timer constantly counting down, and once it is at 0 there is an available evidence to find by crouching.  Finding this evidence resets the timer.  Check the stage often to build your evidence!

He can also gain evidence randomly through his Neutral Air (read paper), Jab (search books), Up Tilt (think) and down tilt (examine)!  Use these often to keep your evidence high!

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp AugBcAb

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp XpslVKn

Phoenix's down special has been updated as well!  Like before, it can capture opponents' projectiles for evidence gain, then release those projectiles later by using the attack again.  However, when he has no projectile in storage and at least 1 available evidence, Phoenix will drop a piece out of the briefcase!  This acts as an interact-able item on the stage, and costs 1 evidence.  Phoenix can only have one evidence item on stage at a time, so use it well!  There are many different kinds of evidence he can spawn, each with their own unique physics and special effects to keep your opponents on their toes!

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp KHBiS8D

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp A0Uqkiv

That's not the only way he can bring evidence into the field!  His new up smash will toss an item into the air as long as he has one available, at a cost of 1 evidence.  This item can hurt opponents on its way up, and becomes interact-able on the way down!

His forward smash will also interact with evidence.  The number of papers thrown will now depend on his available evidence.  If he has little to no evidence, he may throw only one or even none.  But with high evidence, he can bombard his opponents with papers!  Each paper thrown will cost 1 evidence, though he'll always have a lot more available evidence than he tosses for this attack.

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp Pjf1MMS

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp GdHkxCB

Even his forward air got special treatment!  If Phoenix has evidence available, he will use 1 to throw a projectile piece of paper at his foes!

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp PtqpWkN

Phoenix's grab system is going through some changes as well.  While he still gains 1 evidence with any throw, Phoenix can also use his new pummel, present evidence, to lose 1 evidence per pummel.  With each evidence presented, the opponents psyche becomes weaker and weaker, making the breaking throw that much deadlier!  Expend evidence to pump up the power of your throws!  But be careful, if you spend too much time on evidence and your opponent breaks free before you can throw, the evidence was lost.  Don't miss your chance!

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp EMYOmiy

Phoenix's other special moves have also gone through some small changes.  Hold It and Objection will no longer gain evidence, instead they join Take That as primary spenders.  Without enough evidence, Objection will simply destroy hitboxes and projectiles as well as push opponents back a bit.  However with 3 or above, he will spend 3 to also reflect opponents and projectiles, flip opponent momentum, and flip their facing direction!

Hold It works the same as in previous versions, however he will now spend 7 evidence if he has it to get a more potent stun!  This can only be done on the ground so you won't have to worry about accidentally wasting evidence when you just need a recovery.

Take That is still a powerful attack, but it works a little differently.  Under 10 evidence, it is simply a knock-away attack but with very little scaling, just used to get opponents off of you.  With 10 and above, 10 will be spent to get a fairly powerful killing hit.  With the maximum of 20 evidence, Phoenix Wright flashes white constantly.  When this indicator is going off, use all 20 in one shot with Take That's most powerful version!  This attack is almost certain to destroy any foe it hits!

Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp UmEBTfE

With these changes, Phoenix has become a fast paced and unique character.  He specializes in creating space, using that space to build evidence, and spending that evidence to dominate the fight!

Full-Res Image Gallery:

Excited to try out the new Wright in 0.9.1?  Let us know what you think!  Tune in next week to discover an exciting new alternate character playstyle!

Perfect Hell

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Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp :: Comments

Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:14 pm by OmegaSteve777
Pretty cool guys
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:21 pm by wheeled_tank
Like I said earlier, I didn't mind Phoenix too much, but I love these changes
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:51 pm by dash1771

Phoenix Wright is one of my favorite characters of all time, and I've always wanted him in smash.
This updated version of him means that i can actually play him without losing every time, as well as making him not feel like a cardboard cutout of his former self.
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:59 pm by Braystar
Finally he has the justice of being good!
Also the thinker statue is no longer the up tilt thank god that always bugged me
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:34 am by Snek
It's like the UMVC3 Phoenix Wright where it has the evidence system. If you guys are heading that direction as well, then that's how you make a Phoenix Wright character in a Smash game. Good job guys!
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:10 am by DestinyIntwined
And then the heavens opened up and gave on to us a Pheonix Wright we could actually god damn play
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:18 am by TaXMaN
This is going to be fun! Really love how the evidence items comes into play.
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:41 am by GamingGryffindor
Ironically enough was listening to Objection! 2013 while reading. 10/10, can't wait.

Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:56 pm by SnivyKawaii
wow, great work guys! Smile
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:55 am by Roy
Yes, the different kinds of evidence!

Interesting how you worked in the evidence... but considering you can have a maximum of 20, you need to get a lot of it. Curious how easy it is going to be to come by, since the 4 attacks that can get it are random, and crouch is on a timer.
Perfect Hell
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:15 pm by Perfect Hell
From playtesting i can defintiely say that evidence both comes and goes extremely quickly, making for a surprisingly fast-paced gameplay on a defense oriented character.
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:59 pm by wheeled_tank
That sounds...interesting. To be fair, it is hard to get the sense of speed from words and still images. Can't wait to see the improvements, as I like using Phoenix Wright even now (though I prefer Klonoa)
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:38 am by desu
Finally, now one of my mains got what he deserves Very Happy . Hope we can try it out soon.
Evan McGrath
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
Post on Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:55 pm by Evan McGrath
Sweet! His forward smash and throws now function as intended!

Now he just needs ye olde shield cancel objection and he can be broken again
Re: Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp
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Phoenix Wright v0.9.1 Revamp

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