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 Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”

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PostSubject: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”   Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:28 pm


Character Image:

Description: Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright are a duo resembling the moon (Mr. Shine) and the sun (Mr. Bright). They are semi-recurring bosses in the series. They first appeared as bosses in Kirby's Adventure, and have always appeared together and have never been seen apart. Even after one of the two is defeated, they still work as a team (to an extent) to fight against Kirby.

Why this character?: This was just an idea I’ve thought about for a while and I’ve wanted to throw out. I also wanted a ‘switching’ character to not be a completely different character, like Zelda/Shiek and Samus/ZZS, and be variations of each other. I don’t expect them to get in, but I would like them to anyway.

Series Symbol: The Kirby series symbol, a Warp Star

The Basics

Idle: Mr. Shine yawns and gazes up at the sky, then shakes his head./Mr. Bright cracks his knuckles and smirks.

Walk: Mr. Shine walks forward like a normal person./Mr. Bright moves forward, hovering off the ground slightly as he doesn’t have legs.

Jump: Mr. Shine jumps up, hands in the air. He spins around clockwise as he does his double jump (Kinda like Ness)./Mr. Bright jumps up, pushing his hands down to create lift. He spins counter-clockwise as he does his double jump.

Dash: Mr. Shine runs with a subtle trail of miniature sparkling stars behind him./Mr. Bright hovers forward with his hands at his sides.

Crouch: Mr. Shine ducks down, in a sort of squatting position./Mr. Bright lowers himself onto the ground, his hands touching the platform. He can crawl in this state.

Normal Moves

Jab/Combo: Mr. Shine slashes with his left hand, then right, and finishes with rapid slashes with both hands./Mr. Bright throws out his right fist, then left, and ends with an uppercut with his right hand, all of these have flame properties.

Side Tilt: Mr. Shine performs a vertical slice with his left, this slice is like Mega Man’s Flame Sword, but without the flame./Mr. Bright thrusts his palm out, causing a small explosion at the center.

Up Tilt: The ‘idle’ character goes behind the current character and goes around him. This is like Bowser’s up tilt, but starts behind and it always launches the opponent upwards.

Down Tilt: Mr. Shine performs a forceful strike with both fists while crouching./Mr. Bright slams his open hand on the ground, that creates a small burst of fire in front of him, with a small lava drop flying out of it, before it falls back down. The lava drop goes as high as Mr. Bright.

Dash Attack: Mr. Shine draws a crescent blade in each hand and slices forward in an ‘X’ formation./Mr. Bright throws his hands out like Zelda’s dash attack, but has a fire effect and a small explosion at the end.

Ledge Attack: Mr. Shine performs a low sweeping kick as he pulls himself up back onto the stage./Mr. Bright hops back up onto the stage, performing a burning headbutt attack.

Get Up Attack: Mr. Shine draws a crescent blade in each hand and spins twice, hitting enemies on both sides./Mr. Shine shoots out small rays of sunshine out of himself.


Neutral Air: The ‘idle’ character spins around the active character quickly. Mr. Bright spins clockwise, Mr. Shine spins counter-clockwise.

Forward Air: Mr. Shine holds a crescent blade in his hand and raises it upward./Mr. Bright claps his hands slightly diagonally downward and blasts nearby enemies with a close-range shockwave of fire.

Back Air: Mr. Shine does a roundhouse kick behind him, his foot is a sweetspot to cause more damage as it has a slice-like effect./Mr. Bright’s back flares up, releasing a bit of flame behind and above him.

Up Air: Mr. Shine draws a crescent blade in each hand and slashes rapidly at the air./Mr. Bright punches rapidly in the air above him, with small flame effects.

Down Air: Mr. Shine holds 2 crescent blades and performs a ‘pincer’ slice, like Pit’s side tilt, but downward. Hitting the points of the blades causes a meteor smash./Mr. Bright puts himself upside down, with his fists out, and twirls downward, his whole body is not safe to touch, and his fists leave a small flame trail.


Neutral Special: Moonerang: Mr. Shine throws a golden, crescent shaped boomerang. It travels a fair distance in a circular motion before coming back to Mr. Shine. If it hits a fighter, it continues on it's path anyway. Only one can be out at a time./Hot Shot: Mr. Bright shoots a fireball in front of himself. It travels quickly and in a straight line. If it hits another fighter, it delivers some fire damage and does not pass through them.

Side Special: Lunar Steamroller: Mr. Shine rolls forward at a high speed, knocking away all enemies in his path until the move is cancelled. Leaves after images that create a ‘slice’. The further away the after image is, the fainter and weaker it is./Burning: Like the copy ability, Mr. Bright burns fiercely and charges forward with a flaming body, sending enemies he hits straight upward. If he hits a wall during this time, a small burst of fire erupts upwards, but Mr. Bright is stunned. This attack can also be turned around, and has a cone shape, like Kirby 64.

Up Special: Celestial Flip: Mr. Bright in sun form gains his hands to pick up Mr. Shine and throws him upwards at an angle. Mr. Bright flips around in the air during the move./Rising Dawn: Mr. Shine in moon form gains his hands to pick up Mr. Bright and throws him in an arc. Mr. Bright burns intensely during the move.

Down Special: Noon Shift: The current character jumps into the air and changes to his idle appearance, while the other enters his fighting position. This attack changes the controlled character.

Final Smash: Eclipse: Mr. Bright jumps into the background while Mr. Shine jumps into the foreground, then Mr. Bright proceeds to unleash a highly damaging aura of flames, hitting enemies in all directions. To avoid this attack, opponents will have to hide behind Mr. Shine’s shadow, true to the Kirby games./Hybrid: Mr. Shine flies towards Mr. Bright, absorbing him. Now they are a hybrid of each other! Hybrid is slightly larger than the both of them, and only faces forward, floating (Like the sprite provided). Pressing A will launch out 4 blades that come back to Hybrid in a small circle, like a recurring attack Soul bosses use. Pressing B will launch a large, flaming Moonerang that can be controlled, like a Hyper Cutter. Pressing Side and B will make Hybrid preform a burning Lunar Steamroller. Pressing Up and B will make Hybrid go ‘idle’, and fly around quicker, enabling him to do damage just by touching. Pressing Down and B will make Hybrid unleash flaming meteors down below him. This form lasts for 15 seconds (Might be changed in the future for balancing).

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: Mr. Shine readys his hand before swinging it out, causing a large slice to appear in front of him, like Strider’s Gram move in MvC./Mr. Bright shoots a beam of fire from his hands, like a Shinku Hadoken from Marvel Vs Capcom, but thinner. Mr. Bright is on fire during this attack, which can burn anyone he touches during this time.

Up Smash: Mr. Shine juggles crescent blades in the air, the longer the charge, the more blades he juggles./Mr. Bright radiates solar rays (These look like the Pharaoh Wave from Mega Man, but are shot vertically) of the top of his body.

Down Smash: Mr. Shine smirks and points upwards. As he does this, Mr. Bright fires a wide, solid ray of fire down around Mr. Shine, similar to Pikachu’s Thunder attack./Mr. Bright smirks and points upwards. As he does this, Mr. Shine fires a rain of stars down around Mr. Bright.


Grab: Mr. Shine grabs the opponent with one hand./Mr. Bright grabs the opponent with both hands.

Pummel: Mr. Shine slashes the opponent with one of his crescent blades./Mr. Bright transfers some of his heat to the opponent, burning them.

Forward Throw: The ‘idle’ character pushes the opponent away with a ram, Mr. Bright causes a small fire effect.

Back Throw: Mr. Shine does a backflip kick, knocking the opponent behind him./Mr. Bright rolls back a short distance, with the opponent, dealing damage during the roll (Don’t touch him while he’s rolling either, it’ll burn you) and throws the opponent behind him when he’s done.

Up Throw: Mr. Shine throws the opponent in the air, who falls down onto Mr. Shine, who lifts his head so his ‘point’ stabs the opponent, launching them away./Mr. Bright throws the opponent on top of him, and burns them on top of him, spitroast style.

Down Throw: The current character slam the opponent onto the ground and jump on them, rolling. Mr Shine causes cutter effects, Mr. Bright causes flame effects. Note that other characters can take damage too, if they are touching the current character.


Entrance: A sun and moon appear rotating around each other. The selected character will jump out of ‘idle’ form and resume fighting stance. The ‘idle’ character hovers behind the current character.

Win Animation: Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, in ‘idle’ form, spin around each other, like the sun and moon at the end of Milky Way Wishes, then return to normal as they high five each other, then laugh heartily.

Lose Animation: Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, in ‘idle’ form, but cracked like when they’re defeated in the Kirby games, spin around each other before crashing into each other, exploding.

Taunt: Mr. Shine sparkles and brandishes a pair of crescent blades, showing them off, while Mr. Bright burns brightly in the background./Mr. Bright burns brightly and bumps his fists together, causing a small flame explosion as his knuckles hit each other, while Mr. Shine sparkles in the background.

Shield: Both of them do general shield poses.

Dodge: Both characters roll on the ground (Even Mr. Bright) as their dodge, facing the same way as they are blocking while rolling, no matter if going left or right.

Extra Attributes: None.

Alternative Colours: Yellow and Orange (Normal), Light Orange and Red (Kirby’s Adventure sprites), Blue and Pink (Lololo & Lalala, Marx Soul’s splitting attack), Brown and Pale Yellow (Pon and Con), Purple and Dark Orange (Lololo & Lalala’s Revenge), White and Brown (Orbservor artwork colour and Orbservor’s 1st alternate palette), Pale Purple and Light Blue (Orbservor’s 2nd/4th and Orbservor’s 3rd alternate palette), Dark Yellow and Green (Orbservor’s normal palette)

Final Notes

Hope you enjoyed this silly idea of mine I've been working on for a while now. Criticism is always welcome! Like a Star @ heaven

Supporters: None Yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”   Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:30 pm

Don't mine me, just getting notifications.
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”   Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:43 pm

Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright?
Wasn't expecting this to be the next Kirby character...

My only problem moveset wise is that they both fight at the same time (sort of). Even though one of them is the main focus, the other is still doing something. When Mr. Shine should be shooting stars when not active and Mr. Bright should be shooting a laser when not active. It shouldn't common enough to be overpowered.

Besides that though I can't support because of how ridiculous the character choice is. Sorry!
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”   Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:08 pm

Well you can't move during that attack, as it's the Down Smash.
It's perfectly fine that you don't support, I wan't expecting people to do that.
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”   Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:24 pm

As a Kirby fan, I've got to say neither would be a good rep for the series.
Unlike other characters I've seen suggested in this forum, they're neither protagonists in any game (Bandana Dee, Adeleine) nor true main villains (Dark Matter, Galacta Knight). They may be staples of the franchise, but they're pretty much in the same position as King Bob-Omb from Mario or Gohma from Zelda.
Honestly, I think they'd be better staying in the background of Vegetable Valley (if that stage is ever gonna come back, of course).
So, basically, no support. Sorry.

I truly hope we get an Expansion Character Maker for this game, because their moveset looks like a lot of fun Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”   Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:27 pm

Too bad I can't code or sprite, because I would make 'em.
I would even make my own fighting game tbh.
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”   

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Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright (Kirby) Discussion: “We rule both night and day!”
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