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 Urban Champion (Urban Champion) Discussion

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PostSubject: Urban Champion (Urban Champion) Discussion   Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:03 pm

Background: Urban Champion is the character you play as in the NES classic Urban Champion. Urban Champion had a 3D port to the 3DS and was featured in NES Remix.

Gameplay: Urban Champion would be a close range fighter. He would have slow movement like in his games, but will have some fast attacks. Some moves will be taken from another fan game called Famicom Fighters. His FF moveset can be found here. Also, he will use some attacks from other NES games.

Gimmick: UC can change his attack position. While shielding, press down or up to change where UC's hands are. This will change some of his attacks. Lower attacks will do less damage but will be faster, higher attacks do more damage but are slower.
Moveset: (It is reccomended to download and play Famicom Fighters to get a better understanding of the moves.)
Neutral: Fistful Fury (from Famicom Fighters) (UC will do a series of rapid punches followed by one
strong punch.)
Side: Quick Dash (from Famicom Fighters) (UC will dash forward. Pressing A after dashing forward
UC will do a high punch which is slow but does more damage. Pressing B will make UC do a low
punch which is fast but does less damage.)
Up: Rising Upper (from Famicom Fighters) (UC will do a rising uppercut that goes a bit horizontal
does multiple hits. It is not very good for recovery.)
Down: Dodge Attack (from Famicom Fighters) (This move was originally called Counter Attack
Famicom Fighters, but it didn't seem like a counter. This move makes UC punch while being
invincible. If he gets hit during the attack the attack will be stronger.)
Jabs and Tilts:
Neutral: Punch (From Famicom Fighters) (A high punch or low punch depending on your attack position.)
Side: Low Smash (From Famicom Fighters) (Always the same. A strong, slow punch thats knocks down your opponent and
can be chained with other attacks.)
Down: Crouching Jab (From Famicom Fighters) (The higher version is like a regular move but the lower version has a chance
of tripping your opponent.)
Up: Uppercut (From Famicom Fighters) (Always the same. Sends your opponent up a bit.)
Neutral: Sword Jab (A stab with NES Link's sword)
Up: Confetti (UC throws confetti up. The damage depends on how good you're doing.)
Down: Confetti (Same as Up but it's thrown downward.)
Forward: Air Smash (Similar to Mario's forward air. A forward punch which can
smash opponents down.)
Back: Spin Punch (UC spins and punches opponents behind him.)
Side: Hammer Swing (Swings with a hammer from Wrecking Crew.)
Up: Balloon Pop (Pops a balloon from Balloon Fight)
Down: Flowerpot Smash (Smashes opponent with a flower pot. When fully charged it can stun
Grab Attack: A punch.
Forward Throw: When in Up position it throws opponents forward but when in down position
it slams opponents down.)
Back Throw: UC spins and throws opponents. When in up position it throws opponents but
in down position it slams opponents down.)
Up Throw: UC throws opponent upwards.
Down Throw: UC slams opponent down.
FS: Sewer Brawl (From Famicom Fighters)
UC does a series of punches to the targeted opponents and then hits them into a sewer
while in the sewer they all get beat up and then get punched out of the sewer.
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PostSubject: Re: Urban Champion (Urban Champion) Discussion   Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:36 pm

Seems very generic, and very similar to Little Mac. Unless you can spice things up, no support.
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Urban Champion (Urban Champion) Discussion
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