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 Fan Ideas for Kirby Copy Abilities

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PostSubject: Fan Ideas for Kirby Copy Abilities   Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:37 pm

Basically this is a thread for any Copy Abilities you had for Kirby in your head.
1. Abilities can have references to other characters/moves, like how Fighter is a huge nod to Street Fighter, but something like a "Shrek Copy Ability" is not allowed.
2. List what the moves are, and how to preform them. E.G. [Hold Down and Press B] (Move Name) (Description of move and any properties (Melts ice blocks, pounds stakes)).
3. If someone has suggested an Ability, and you have an idea for that Ability, you can suggest that too, just don't claim the ability as your own.
4. If your ability had come from something like a fangame, make sure you link it, so it doesn't seem like you stole it.
5. You can't add moves to canon Abilities, but ideas for Suit Modes and Super Abilities can be listed.

I'll post some of my ideas later, as I don't have the time to write out my ideas as I make this.
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Fan Ideas for Kirby Copy Abilities
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