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 Commander Video (BIT. TRIP) Discussion

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PostSubject: Commander Video (BIT. TRIP) Discussion   Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:59 pm


First Appearance:
BIT. TRIP Beat (April 28, 2009)

Who is Commander Video?
Commander Video is from an Indie game series "BIT. TRIP" which includes six different titles along with RUNNER 2. Commander Video brings back the memories of the Atari era, and quite popular as Super Meat Boy, Shovel Knight, Shantae, and etc. The BIT. TRIP games is all about the rhythm. In each game, it controls differently. Commander Video has also appeared in Nintendo systems. He even got a trophy of his own in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to be the face of Indie.

Why should he be considered in SSBC?
Unlike other Indie characters, Commander Video can lead to a very unique moveset, and lead to different ideas of what this character can do. As I said, Commander Video has appeared in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a trophy, but that's not the main reason he should be included. He should be included, because he's one of gaming's most iconic Indie characters ever. Due to the fact that he has appeared in WiiWare and eShop games very often over times, he would be a considerable candidate. He has more games than Shovel Knight, Shantae, and other indie characters on Nintendo consoles so he should be more considerable.


Commander Video's movement is pretty fast, depending if the amount of miles he can run. Due time, if he keeps running, a rainbow trail will appear just like in BIT. TRIP Runner. He may run pretty fast, but his jumps are pretty floaty in some points. Though this could give the Commander aerial combos.


Neutral Attack: He peforms a three hit combo, starting off with a punch, then another punch, then he finishes it with a kick. The result of the kick leads greater distance. The kick is a move he used in BIT. TRIP RUNNER.
1st Damage: 3%
2nd Damage: 2%
3rd Damage: 8%

Side Tilt: He slashes with a pong paddle from BIT. TRIP Beat. Keep in mind, this will reflect projectiles, so be very careful.
Damage: 6%
Reflected: Due to the amount of damage the projectile has for the character.

Up Tilt: He grabs a gold bar (the things you collect in BIT. TRIP Runner) and he slashes it upward.
Damage: 10%

Down Tilt: He does a slide kick. Basically the thing he does in BIT. TRIP Runner where he does a downwards kick.
Damage: 5%

Dash Attack: He does a kick which functions like the Down Tilt, but you can move it freely. Rainbow trails will appear with/without the speed mechanic.
Damage: 8%


N-Air: He does a simple pose, which does little damage.
Damage: 4%

F-Fair: He attacks with his head, but he can bounce off from you.
Damage: 7%

B-Air: He spins he feet backwards.
Damage: 4% each hit.

U-Air: He attacks with his headphones. Works like a yo-yo in 3 hits.
Damage: 4% per hit

D-Air: He attacks with his headphones again, but it acts like a Meteor Smash.
Damage: 9%


Grab Attack: A normal jab of a punch.
Damage: 3%

Foward Throw: He throws the opponent then hits them with the pong paddle. This can also reflect projectiles in a certain spot of the paddle.
Damage: 6% per hit.

Backward Throw: He throws the opponent backwards.
Damage: 7%

Up Throw: He throws the opponent upwards and throws a gold bar at them.
Damage: 10%

Down Throw: He attacks with the gold bar downwards.
Damage: 12%

Smash Attacks

Foward Smash: He charges up, and does a punch, won't do much damage. However, when fully charged, a crystal will spawn and he will punch through it, which will do massive damage.
Not Charged: 2%
Fully Charged: 18%

Upward Smash: Purple Flames will emit during an uppercut. Multi-Hit.
Damage: 4% per hit.

Down Smash: He spins, which is a multi-hit.
Damage: 5% per hit.

Other Attacks

Ledge Attack: He smacks with the gold bar, which deals a little damage.
Damage: 6%

Special Attacks

Neutral B: BIT. TRIP Core
He grabs the plus shape thing from BIT. TRIP Core, and allows him to shoot lasers in 4-directions. Downwards laserbeam can do a meteor smash.
Damage: 12%

Side B: Rainbow Boost
Remember where I said the faster he runs, rainbow trails appear? You can make them instantly appear by a boost. This boost deals massive damage, and reverts to the speed gameplay.
Damage: 15%

Up B: Jump Pad
The Jump Pad acts as a recovery. He jumps on a pad which allows him for more distance. You can control the which direction he should jump to. Commander Video can actually damage foes, whether they get trapped in the Jump Pad, or they get hit by the Commander Video.
Jump Pad Damage (3 Hits): 3% per hit.
Regular Damage: 8%.

Down B: BIT TRIP Void
The Commander will summon the black void, which brings enemies closer to him. Can take multi-hits, but if projectiles touches the void, it will be destroyed.
Damage: 5% per hit.

This is the Commander Video's Final Smash. It will create a light aura around him, which allows him to fly and shoot in a 360 direction. The total number of bullets in a row is 3-5. The bullets might do a little damage, but the knockback is pretty fatal when high percentage. To shoot, an aiming cursor symbol will appear to shoot in the direction you're aiming for.
Bullet Damage: 6%


Neutral Taunt: He looks at the screen tapping his foot.
Side Taunt: He stands and raises his fist up the air.
Down Taunt: He floats kind of, but a rainbow trail appears above, then comes back down.

He lands the ground with a parachute.

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PostSubject: Re: Commander Video (BIT. TRIP) Discussion   Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:42 pm

Some changes were made in his moveset. Boring descriptions and unoriginal moves were changed. If I missed anything, I would like to know.
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PostSubject: Re: Commander Video (BIT. TRIP) Discussion   Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:23 am

I'd support this, it seems creative and a pretty good character, but Shaq is the critic so you'll need to ask him about what to change but I support.
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PostSubject: Re: Commander Video (BIT. TRIP) Discussion   Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:36 pm

I edited some moves. Less kicks were implemented. His reasons to join are updated.
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PostSubject: Re: Commander Video (BIT. TRIP) Discussion   

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Commander Video (BIT. TRIP) Discussion
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