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 Out There Somewhere...

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PostSubject: Out There Somewhere...   Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:51 am

I remember when my dad told me about a website where you can make websites. I'm not sure what it was, but I do remember when I made a crappy website.

It was called "Nintendo World" or something of the sort. It barely had anything, but I did add a few things.

The banner was this crappy "Good VS Evil" thing with sprites. If I recall correctly, the good side had Mario, Kirby, Link and Olimar, and the bad side had Bowser, King Dedede, Ganondorf, and a Red Bulborb. It had a white background. Yes, I chose to represent Pikmin over anything else. This is because of my small knowledge outside of Mario, Pokemon, Kirby and Pikmin. Zelda is there because I started playing one of the games (Twilight Princess?) and Pokemon isn't there because I didn't realize that there were villains at the time. (I only played Pokemon Stadium)

Of course the banner was just a picture, so what did the site have to offer? Not much. I remember the main page was just a collection of flash games. My dad showed me a website called "Widgetbox" and that's how I found them. I remember one was in Spanish and you played as Paper Mario collecting falling coins. Another one was a game revolving around Luigi which I never beat. Another was Super Smash Flash, later I found SSF2 (I found it when they just introduced the first demo)

So what did I do besides steal a bunch of content from other websites? I wrote about a few enemies from Mario (I was inspired by the website called "Mario Monsters.") I stole the pictures of the enemies from the Super Mario Wiki. I don't recall much anything I wrote, but I do remember writing about the Viruses from Dr. Mario and talking about how three pills of the same color would kill them.

I don't know what made me remember this, but it was fun to remember about it. Also, despite the topics name, I highly doubt anyone could find the website.
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PostSubject: Re: Out There Somewhere...   Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:26 am

I remember making a website from a website that is about making websites(wix I think it was.). It was about Dragon City.
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Out There Somewhere...
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