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 Plum (Super Mario) Discussion: Nice Shot!

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PostSubject: Plum (Super Mario) Discussion: Nice Shot!   Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:48 pm

Another character idea.

This time, it's for the young rookie golfer girl: Plum!

-Mario Golf (Nintendo 64; 1999)

A rookie golfer who was one of the first playable golfers in Mario Golf. She's not all that strong, so her drives tend to lack distance. On the other hand, her strike area is large and allows for refined control. She's a very stable golfer, both well balanced and easy to master, which makes her a favorite among beginners and pros alike.

-Why I support her?
I think adding to Crusade some unfamiliar characters doesn't sounds as a bad idea, and she's one of my most favourite underrated Super Mario characters ever. Despite I support Daisy and Rosalina, I think adding another Super Mario girl doesn't sounds as a bad idea.

-Normal Attacks:
-Neutral (x1): Swings her golf club
-Neutral (x2): Swings back her golf stick
-Neutral (x3): Thrusts her golf club
-Side: Spins her club in front of herself
-Up: Swings her golf club in an arc above herself
-Down: Stabs her golf club along the ground

-Dash Attack: Thrusts forward a lob wedge

-Aerial Attacks:
-Neutral Aerial: Swings her golf club in a circle around herself
-Forward Aerial: Spins her golf club in front of her three times
-Up Aerial: Swings upwards her golf club
-Back Aerial: Swipes backwards a golf club bag
-Down Aerial: Swings the club below herself

-Grab Attacks:
-Pummel: Hits the opponent with her club
-Forward Throw: Performs a topspin to her opponent
-Up Throw: Swings the enemy above her head
-Back Throw: Performs a backspin to her opponent
-Down Throw: Buries her opponent with a divot

-Smash Attacks:
-Side Smash: Plum pefroms a Super Topspin
-Up Smash: Plum jumps and swings her golf club above her head three times
-Down Smash: Plum performs a Super Backspin

-Special Attacks:
-Neutral Special: Tee Off: A golf ball on a tee shows up at Plum's feet. She gets a special Swing meter to the back side of her, similar to the Mario Golf games. Players can hold down the Special button until it reaches the desired point on the meter and release for Plum to take a swing and strike the ball into an arc. The power and flight distance of the ball will depend on the placement on the meter, with the apex resulting in the strongest, furthest shot. This attack could cross long distances, or could be used for a point-blank power shot to the face. She also changes of club type with this move; the club she gets in this attack is the one she'll use for another moves (this includes Normal, Dash, Aerial, Grab, and Smash Attacks):

-Wood Club: Faster, but not so strong
-Iron Club: Stronger, but not so faster
-Rescue Club: Stronger and faster at the same time

-Side Special: Bunker Blast: Plum takes the same stance as she would in Tee Off, but without the Swing meter or the ball. Instead, she takes a quick swing at the ground and knocks up a cloud of sand that will not only stop projectiles in their tracks, but also dizzy anyone close enough to get a face-full of sand. In the air, Plum would toss a bag of sand in the air and hit it with her club like a bat. The sand has a high priority and can halt pretty much any move a character might be performing. However, if she performs this move near an opponent, she'll bury him/her.

-Up Special: Ring Shot: Plum soars into the air swinging her club and striking a ball in fornt of herslef, throwing the ball in a road of 3 to 5 Rings. After the swing, she jumps on the Rings for finishing the move with a swing of her club.

-Down Special: Putter Shot: Like Bunker Blast, Plum takes a quick swing with her club, this time a putter. It knocks a golf ball along the ground at a very high speed, knocking anyone it hits on the ground straight up in the air at a slow speed, setting them up for an air combo, or a follow-up powerful Tee Shot. It also can act as a meteor smash if it hits from above; while it travels on the ground, it will go over edges in a downward arc, meaning you can use it to finish off anyone trying to recover.

-Final Smash: Hole-In-One: Plum charges and strikes a powerful golf ball which flies in a powerful beam until it impacts on an enemy, knocking him/her! The knockback depends not only on the damage of her enemy, but also in the type of club she's using (Wood=40%; Iron=50%; Rescue=60%/K.O.)

What do you think? Comment, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Plum (Super Mario) Discussion: Nice Shot!   Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:31 pm

Plum is basically an avatar for a Golfing character from what I see here. There is absolutely nothing unique about her as a character except that she golfs. You could use any popular golfing character but instead you use a one-off character who appeared in Mario instead of countless other awesome choices from Mario.

And her normal attacks...she's basically a swordfighter with a golf club. Like, all I see is "swings, swings, swings" and it's just such a boring and bland moveset for neutrals and aerials, and the grabs...spinning. Too. Bland.

The Neutral Special..What is the point? Such a small projectile; it's basically a charge move with a small gimmick, and the result is something that likely won't even hit the enemy.

Side Special is okay, I guess, but it honestly seems so specific that in many occasions it'd be pretty useless. The Up Special is basically a jump and swing but with some golf effects. Down Special is basically a travelling ground projectile.

So, I'm sorry to say..the moveset is really really bad. But enough about the moveset, back to the character.

Your reasoning is that she's unfamiliar, which gives her a spot in Crusade..how? And she's not really even underrated, she's rated for the fact she's a character who appeared in one of many Mario sports games.

For Super Mario girls, you could have Rosalina, Daisy, maybe even Birdo, all 3 of which have potential to be much more unique then this character and moveset.

Overall, no support.
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PostSubject: Re: Plum (Super Mario) Discussion: Nice Shot!   Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:35 pm

I like the idea of using multiple clubs in a moveset, so props to being able to think of a moveset for someone who just swings around a golf club. But... that's the thing. That's all she has going for her. Plum is really not recognizable at all. If she were in more of the Mario "party game" -esque games, then I'd say of course she should be in. But alas she is not nearly as recognizable as three quarters of the other Mario characters. Even if you showed me a picture of her, at first glance I would probably ask what game she was from. Don't know if I stand alone on this but I think she is just very generic... So, no support this time.
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PostSubject: Re: Plum (Super Mario) Discussion: Nice Shot!   

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Plum (Super Mario) Discussion: Nice Shot!
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