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 Mega Man Re-Balanced!

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Perfect Hell



PostMega Man Re-Balanced!

The Super Fighting Robot!

Mega Man's down tilt used to be a very annoying attack to deal with, traveling indefinitely and dragging its unfortunate opponents along with it.  Pictured above is its new maximum range and reduced size.  Its initial hitbox placement will now feel more appropriate for a down tilt, and its limited range feels more natural of a grounded tilt attack, while still being a unique and interesting projectile.  To compensate for this nerf, the attack has also received a strong ending hit!

The Mega Buster has also received some upgrades.  Now, the first shot to hit an opponent will inflict hitstun!  For a short time afterward, subsequent shots will inflict no stun to compensate for the constant rate of fire in Crusade.  However, every couple of shots the stun will come back!

We have also decided to bring back mid-level charged buster from Crusade v0.8.4!  Now Mega Man will have more options than ever before!

In v0.9.0, Mega Man's forward smash did not feel much like a smash attack.  To remedy this, we have included an explosion at the end of his gun to blast foes away!  Don't worry, the crash bomb is still there too!

The crash bomb no longer travels indefinitely.  Instead, it will explode on its own after it has traveled a long enough distance!

Previously, Mega Man's Back Air was a strange move to use as it pulled his opponents closer while he usually wants to do the opposite.  Now the attack will knock opponents away!  We've also included a strong hitbox on his arm to really knock back opponent's who get too close!  

Up Air used to be a very annoying attack to deal with, trapping opponents in with no hope of escape and carrying them skyward.  In v0.9.1, we've made it more like the Smash 4 version of the attack!  It now has multiple hitboxes to do the carrying, which is possible to escape.  It does however have some wind effect to pull opponents in!

View the full-size HD images here:  http://imgur.com/a/KoBP6

Stay tuned, we've got plenty more to come!

Perfect Hell

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Mega Man Re-Balanced! :: Comments

Re: Mega Man Re-Balanced!
Post on Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:10 pm by Shiruza
They listened
Re: Mega Man Re-Balanced!
Post on Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:11 pm by VultureDuck
Can't wait to see the other character balances.
Re: Mega Man Re-Balanced!
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Mega Man Re-Balanced!

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