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 Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)

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PostSubject: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:41 pm

Character Bio

The evil cassowary Boss Cass enters the Outback to activate the Dreamtime by stealing five mystical talismans so he can become the ruler of Australia.However, he is confronted by a family of thylacines and they fight for control of the talismans. Boss Cass uses the last talisman and opens a portal to the Dreamtime to attract the Tigers in. However, his plan proves to be a failure when one of the Tigers family members throws his Doomarang to dislodge the talismans. The portal is destroyed and the talismans become scattered.Following his family's disappearance, Ty becomes the last of his kind, and a family of Bilbies adopt him. Ty thinks that the other Tasmanian Tigers are dead during his time with the Bilbies.Years later, Ty falls into a cave by accident while playing with the Bilbies. While there, he encounters the Bunyip elder Nandu Gilli, who informs him about his heritage and Cass' intentions to seek out the talismans again.]Ty resolves to retrieve the talismans and save his family, and is rescued by Maurie,


Neutral Attack:
Left and Right Rang Slash
Ty uses the left side first for a quick strike and then uses the right side second for another quick strike

Dash Attack:
Name: Rang Slide
Ty will slide with his boomerangs in front of him.

Side Tilt:
Rang Cut
Ty does a slow slice with his boomerangs.

Up Tilt:
Rang Land Spin
Ty spins his boomerangs upwards on land

Down Tilt:
Rang Slam
Ty slams his rangs flat

Side Smash
Multi Rang
Ty throws 4  of his Multirangs

Up Smash
Ty throws his Kaboomarangs at the same time upwards

Down Smash
Ty spins around with his Shadowrings downward

Neutral Aerial
Boomerang spin
Ty spins around with his boomerangs in the air

Forward Aerial
Ty strikes with his Infrarang

Backward Aerial
Back Rang
Ty does a 90 degree angle hit to anyone behind him with his boomerang.

Upward Aerial
Ty uses his Smasharang upward to attack anyone above him.

Downward Aerial
Meteor Boomerang
Ty slams his boomerangs downward, the result of anyone under him is slamming downward faster.

Ty uses his Lassorang to grab anyone in front of him.

Ty does a quick bite to the opponent who he grabbed.

Forward Throw
Bite Forward
Ty bites his opponent and throws them forward

Back Throw
Bite Back
Ty bites his opponent and throws them back

Upward Throw
Throw and Bite
Ty throws his opponent upward and then jumps and bites his opponent.

Downward Throw
Bite Down
Ty bites his opponent and throws them down

Neutral Special
Ty throws his main weapon, his boomerangs, forward. Each boomerang deals a different amount of damage and has a different effect, shown in the Special Traits.

Side Special
Boomerang Swap
Ty swaps his boomerang forwards or backwards, depending on the direction the player presses, left or right.

Up Special
Ty uses his Lassorang upward to either grab the ledge or an opponent close to the ledge, dealing damage to the opponent.

Down Special
Ty uses his white teeth to bite his opponents and deals damage to them. Ty can even charge his bite to deal more damage to his opponents. If the player holds and releases the Special Button, Ty will go to the closest opponent and deal twice the damage to the opponent.

Final Smash
Shadow Bunyip
Ty releases his Shadow Bunyip, like Fox, Falco, and Wolf's Final Smashes in Sbb4 and Brawl, but unlike the Star Fox characters, the Shadow Bunyip can turn easily, can punch, and charge/release its laser for up to 15 seconds. After the time is up, Ty hops out of his Shadow Bunyip to continue the battle.

A portal appears on Ty's starting point, then Ty appears from the portal and takes out his boomerangs from his back before the portal disappears.

Ty spins one of his boomerangs like a basketball for three seconds before putting it back.

Ty logo

Victory Song
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PostSubject: Re: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:01 pm

Never cared for this character, but he does look pretty cool. I say screw it, let him join the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:24 pm

I had this guys game once. My parents, who I love dearly, may've not anticipated me playing it for one day...

But, personally, I don't think he should be in Crusade. He's from like, 2 third party Gamecube games. The moveset is good, but it is about entirely about his boomerang..
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PostSubject: Re: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:12 pm

I support the character, but I'm pretty iffy on the moveset. I think he needs a little more to make him truly unique.
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PostSubject: Re: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:18 pm

I'm not convinced that this guy should be in Crusade.

I mean, why should he?

I don't see any reasons at all besides the fact that his weapon of choice is a boomerang.
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PostSubject: Re: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:26 pm

I have played movie-based platformers more satisfying than Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.

I think that sort of sums it up really. Stitchface
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PostSubject: Re: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:05 pm

I was thinking about doing Ty so, good thing I checked first.
Honestly, there's too much boomerang, not enough biting.  I just replayed the game 100% and about 40% of the fighting I did was either underwater or biting things.  Besides, for Ty to make it into Crusade (if anyone else even wants him, no one seems to) he would need to be less ranged, which is weird, but it's got to be balanced.

Second note:  My ideas for Ty were stationary special to switch boomerang type between the normal, flame, frost, and electric rangs.  And somehow include his glide ability.  (I'm still working on it :/)
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PostSubject: Re: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:52 am

I know Crusade tends to go for obscurity here and there when it comes to the roster, however I don't think this is a character who has anything to offer. His series isn't anything impactful or memorable. His move set is nothing but biting and boomerangs which is rather generic these days when you look at many of the roster. I will have to say no on this one. His series needs to have more of a presence and move set needs more variety
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PostSubject: Re: Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)   

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Ty (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger)
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