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 Leon Powalski (Star Fox)

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PostSubject: Leon Powalski (Star Fox)   Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:19 am

Ok if some people request on having slippy in the game why not having the second member
from star wolf
A bit of his story
The Great Leon
Leon was a member of Wolf O'Donnell's original Star Wolf team that was hired by Andross during the Lylat Wars. His first encounter with the Star Fox team since the war began was on the planet Fichina. Here he tried to prevent the team from stopping a bomb from going off in a Cornerian base. He also fought Star Fox ace pilot, Falco Lombardi. Leon was quickly shot down by team leader, Fox McCloud, who then proceeded to take out the bomb. If Leon was not shot down by Fox, he defended the Bolse Defense Satallite.
If the Star Fox team managed to make their way through Area 6 to get to Venom, Leon and the rest of Star Wolf would spring an ambush in their new, advanced ship, the Wolfen II. Leon was forced to use special targeting systems to pilot this ship. Unfortunately for Leon, he was still bested by the Star Fox team and went under their radar for nine years.
Leon's Return
During those nine years, Star Wolf left the Venomian Army's employment, lost two members, and gained a third. Other than Wolf himself, Leon was the only Star Wolf member to see these nine years through. Leon assisted Wolf in building an empire in the Sargasso Space Zone. When Star Fox infiltrated the base, Leon, along with Wolf and the team's newest member, Panther Caroso, returned and fought the team. Once again, Leon was defeated by Fox. When the Star Fox team stormed the base of Pigma Dengar in the Asteroid Belt, they found the ruined remains of the Wolfens.
After Fox was ambushed by the Aparoids, Star Wolf revealed their survival and saved him. Leon and Star Wolf followed Star Fox to the Beltino Orbital Gate and helped them destroy the missiles sent to destroy the base. They also entered the warp to the Aparoid Homeworld. Before the Star Fox team made it to the Aparoid Queen, Leon with the rest of Star Wolf distracted the queen's guards so that Star Fox could make their move.

Will like a combination with Fox, Falco and Wolf but with some changes
The Tilt will have and electric advantage and some smashes will have as well an electric advantage and fire advantage, but he will be like a combination of that 3 but will be much like a Wolf clone because if Falco is like Fox clone then Leon have to be Wolf clone in a way

Neutral attack: This will be similar to Falco and a little part like wolf
well what Leon as Falco he will do the same jab fast as him but the difference is that he will the he will scratch like Wolf does but more faster

Foward Tilt: This actually will be as Wolf he will scratch the players but the difference will be that when Leon scratches will produce a little electric shock

Downward Tilt: This wont have much to difference to the Wolf downward tilt will perform exactly the same kick Wolf but will burn the players just to have a bit of damage

Upward Tilt: Will do the same as Wolf upward kick but with his same electric advantage

Dash attack: The same as Wolf, Leon runs and then performs a back flip out of a run

Neutral Aerial: As Wolf Leon will curls up and then flip several times just will add flip but he instead can burn the player

Back Aerial: Similar to Falco's back aerial just instead his kick will electrify the players

Forward Aerial: As Wolf he slashes with his left arm but just will be more powerful this wont have any source of electric or fire advantage

Downward Aerial: As Falco and Fox this chameleon will be spins as them but just electrifying and will spin will his tail instead of his feet

Up Aerial: As Falco and as well Fox he will hit with his tail but with two advantage obviously the elemental advantage the will burn and the other than can make a bit more of damage

Forward Smash: The will be much similar with snivy forward will same hist with his tail instead his tail will turn on fire and burn the player

Upward Smash: As Wolf he will perform an upward scissor kick but the difference is that he will electrify while kicking

Downward Smash: The same that has waluigi he kicks from both sides but electrified


Neutral Special: Well if Fox shoots a red laser, Falco shoots blue and Wolf green i think Leon shoot color may be yellow but the point is that this will be based one of the custom move Falco has in Ssb4 that will be the explosive blaster what he does is that he fires a shot that slows down as it travels and explodes right before it stops

Forward Special: Illusion will combine Wolf because of the verrtical way Wolf does his illusion but will add a similarity to one Fox custom move in Sbb4 is that is the Fox burst but in a vertical way a i said but wherever he stops will produce a little explosion

Upward Special: As Trinitro Man said in his Wolf request will the Ice Wolf but instead will work as the wolf up that is planned but will last more in Leon and it will be more powerful than Wolf's Ice

Downward Special: Obviously reflector and will be red as Wolf reflector ovbiously will does much damage if he does it in front of player but the difference is that instead of electrifying   will burn and will have a bit of similarity to one custom move from Falco in Sbb4 the reflector void what this does is that the reflector can only reflect projectiles while moving forwards, but increases the speed of the reflected shots


Pummel: As  every other Star Fox character except Krystal and maybe the Slippy move i saw but will do the same as the other three just hits rapidly with his knee

Down Throw: Reflector down well this just consists the Leon throws the enemy downs and then burns with his reflector

Back Throw: he throws the player and hits it with his tail like i said with the forward smash it will burn after hitting with his tail

Upward Throw: He throws the enemy upward and shoots as Fox and Falco but a little powerful

Forward Throw: Leon throw the enemy forward and  punches with his electrfied armed but just we will see it electrified when do this

Final Smash: If you planned that wolf will have the Wolfen in his final so Leon will have the same final smash of wolf have in brawl with the landmaster will last the same and will be as faster as that landmaster of Wolf

Just adding the victory theme the same i added on wolf post
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PostSubject: Re: Leon Powalski (Star Fox)   Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:03 am

I think is like a base of the moveset so actually i will change all the moveset except the tilts and aerials i will leaveit like that just the tilts and aerials i willl change smashes and specials

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PostSubject: Re: Leon Powalski (Star Fox)   Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:04 am

This seems sort of like Star Wolf's answer to Falco, at least in this interpretation of the character. It's fine and all, but I feel like this would be an out of place choice for Crusade. Not only is it another repeat-representation of an already considerably repped series, but it's of one of the characters that seem to be in the lower 50th precentile of importance. Not that that's hard, as the Star Fox series has a somewhat lacking cast.

Before Project M or Smash 4, I was actually a Wolf main in Brawl. I even still have Wolf as a secondary in Project M and I strongly believe he is the funnest Space Animal by far in both games. However, as much as I like playing as him, I want him to keep his chaotic take on the Star Fox moveset basis to himself. I'm one who thinks that Fox, Falco, and Wolf are all widely separate characters rather than clones. It's partially because I don't believe in clones, but that's for another discussion.

This all being said, I do not support Leon. Sorry.
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PostSubject: Re: Leon Powalski (Star Fox)   Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:40 am

If Star Fox were to have 5 characters (After the current Fox, Falco, Wolf, Krystal), Leon would be a decent choice. However, he still would have to compete with Slippy and Peppy. The character itself faces too much competition, and I have doubts there will be a 5th Star Fox character, even with the new game coming soon.

The moveset is also another clone. To be expected, sure, but disappointing and doesn't seem worth the effort.
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PostSubject: Re: Leon Powalski (Star Fox)   Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:00 am

Sorry for double posting but yes i didnt planned this move very well as like my last 2 but its ok i will change it
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PostSubject: Re: Leon Powalski (Star Fox)   

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Leon Powalski (Star Fox)
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