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 Fish [Nuclear Throne]

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Level 1 CPU


PostSubject: Fish [Nuclear Throne]   Tue Jun 16, 2015 4:36 pm


Neutral - Revolver
He shoots his revolver doing 3% and can be shot pretty quickly

Left & Right - Roll Arrow
Essentially Mewtwo's up special but only left/right and has a rolling animation. Also damages enemies it touches.

Down - More ammo
Spawns a random item anywhere on the map. Has a mediocre-long cooldown.

Up - Water Boost
You can fly moderately fast indefinitely, but can't attack while flying and take +1% when hit (if hit)

Smash - Fish Can Roll affraid
You get really big and go to the left side of the map. You can go up and down but not right. After 2 seconds, you get launched across the screen doing 50% to the first person you hit and 10% less to each subsequent opponent hit. You get slower each time you run into someone.

Basic Attacks

Jab - Starts playing guitar and shoots out a sound-wave that does 10%

Forward Tilt - Rolls a short distance forward and back and does 5% each time it hits.

Up Tilt - Shoots a bullet into the air that does 5%

Down Tilt - Spawns a radiation can that blows up into radiation in a short distance damaging all nearby enemies for 4%

Taunt - He rolls in place inside a fishbowl.

I'm not good at balancing, so if anyone has anyone has any balancing suggestions, please put them in the comments.
PS. This is my first post
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Level 5 CPU


PostSubject: Re: Fish [Nuclear Throne]   Fri Jul 10, 2015 4:29 am

Who is this character
Why should he be added
What does Smash mean
Mewtwo's up special doesn't act anything like you described

I can see this is your first post. Absolutely no support whatsoever.
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Fish [Nuclear Throne]
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