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 Rena Lanford (Star Ocean) May the power of healing be in battle!

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The Real Rita Mordio
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PostSubject: Rena Lanford (Star Ocean) May the power of healing be in battle!   Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:39 pm

Rena Lanford is your typical 17 year old girl who lives on the small planet called Expel. With her Moon Hairclip, and stylish blue hair, She's always ready to help those in need. She has decent combat skills in both the physical arts, and the magical ones. She uses magic, or 'Symbology' to heal, raise stats, or cast few offensive spells. She first appeared in 'Star Ocean: The Second Story' for the Playstation. The game was later made for the PSP and it was known as 'Star Ocean: Second Evolution'. (She also appeared in the mobile phone version called 'Star Ocean: Blue Sphere')

My reasoning for wanting Rena in game is because not many people have really heard of a Star Ocean game (Or, many people just do not like them) Rena was introduced in the first Star Ocean game.If I were to pick a character to represent my favorite games, it would have to be her. She's memorable, and she makes you feel the feels in Star Ocean. Fun fact: She's the only female main protagonist in the entire Star Ocean Series. I suppose that's another reason for why I believe she should be in Crusade.

Playstyle: Although she's shown with a knife or short short in her concept Art, Rena actually doesn't use them. She mainly fights with her fists and (or Knuckles as they're called) and her magic abilities. She would be a lightwieght character and was somewhat fast (but like super fast.) Her jabs would be the best thing to combo with since that's how she mainly fights in Star Ocean. (Aside from magic) Whenever she uses one of her specials, she'll be unable to use them for a short while again. (Like Ashley, but maybe put a small bare by her layout in battle to show how long you have to wait? That's what Star Ocean does)

Battle Entrance: Using a Tractor beam, she's teleported down onto the battlefield from her friend's starship. She also says 'Looks strong!' (Referencing Star Ocean: Blue Sphere since that's when she actually leaves her planet)

Jab/Combo: Rena will punch forward twice, dealing low damage, but stunning a character for a split second.
S tilt: Rena uses her knife and swipes forward slightly in front of her.
D tilt: Rena swipes the ground i front of her with her knuckles.
U tilt: Rena points upward, causing a small sparkle of light. This move references the spell 'Light Cross' that she gets.

Dash Attack: Rena runs forward and slugs a super hard punch.
Get up attack: using her feet, Rena kicks around her and stands up.
Edge Attack: Rena flips back up on the stage, kicking her way up quickly.

F smash: Rena glows red slight, pointing forward. A small explosion goes off in front of her. The longer it's charged, the longer the range gets. This move references the spell 'Star Flare' she gets.
D smash: Rena swipes her hands down, summoning a small light ray to fall directly on her, while saying 'Energy net!' or 'Fix Cloud!' The knockback is horrible, but it will stun characters that are too close to her.
U smash: Rena charges up a powerful kick and back flips when she attacks.

N air: Rena jumps up and swipes her knife and both sides of her.
F air: Using her powerful kicks, Rena jumps forward, kicking quickly.
B air: Rena leans back in the air and creates a small sparkle of light on her fingertips.
D air: Rena slams her foot down, forcing her to fall at an angle downward, taking those she hits down with her.
U air: Rena punches upward slowly.

Grab: Rena does your basic grab and grabs onto her opponent with both hands
Pummel: Rena uses one hand to punch into her foe quickly.
F throw: Rena punches them hard, sending them forward.
B throw: Rena throws her foe behind her, with them getting caught in a sparkle of light for damage.
D throw: Rena kicks her opponent into the ground.
U throw: using her knife, Rena slashes her foe, which sends them upward slightly.

Neutral special: Ray/Laserbeams- Rena focuses on her magic. If used with little to no charge, a small explosion is set off in front of Rena. (Sort of how her Smash attack works.) The longer it's charged, the greater the explosion with be.
Side Special:  Reflect/Anti Rena casts Anti (or known as Reflect in the newer remake). This creates a small shield in front of her, protecting her from ranged attacks.

Down Special: Gravity Press/Press: A large weight appears a few feet away from Rena, falling quickly down, crushing opponents. Depending on how long you charge it up, depends on the spell. If it's just normally used without any charge, it'll be a single weight. (Press) If it's charged up all the way, it'll become multiple weights. (Gravity press)

Up special: Tractor Beam- Rena gathers her energy and uses her spell 'Tractor Beam'. the beam carries her up diagonally a short distance before her energy gives out and she falls.

Final Smash: Team Attack! Rena calls for her friend Claude. if anyone is near her, Claude starts slashing them with his sword while Rena aids him by casting her magic (More than likely Gravity Press) Once Slashed up, Claude uses his ability called 'Helm Splitter' which causes him to jump up and stab his sword into the foe from above, which now send's them flying.

Taunt: Rena does her after battle pose and holds her two thumbs up, saying 'Easier than I thought!"
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The Real Rita Mordio
Level 2 CPU


PostSubject: Re: Rena Lanford (Star Ocean) May the power of healing be in battle!   Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:50 pm

I feel really stupid at the fact that this whole time..the picture never showed up... Facepalm Talk about embarrassing myself...
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Rena Lanford (Star Ocean) May the power of healing be in battle!
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