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 Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!

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The Real Rita Mordio
Level 2 CPU


PostSubject: Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!   Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:56 pm

*Note* This is my first post or suggestion. It's a rather...odd idea (If I say so myself) But I think it could work.

*EDITED NOTE, PLEASE READ!*(12/21/14)I've updated it's moveset accordingly to what ideas me and Dry had. I've only edited it so that you (the smasher/reader) do not have to scroll all  the way to the bottom to read something new. Since Togetic isn't a physical pokemon, I tried to see what I can do with it's moveset to make it not so physical. I'll be using moves that it can get. Either by breeding, level up, or move tutor/transfer moves according to Serebii. (I may use Swift or Water Pulse somewhere. Just a thought~)

Togetic is a Fairy/Flying type Pokemon that was first introduced in the Johto region. (Second gen, in fact) It's a somewhat defensive pokemon that I personally feel would be a wonderful addition to Crusade. Why? Well it's the one character that people wouldn't really expect to be in. When you look at Togetic, it doesn't actually look tough or threatening in the slightest. (Like Pichu. But Pichu is a boss..) But that doesn't mean it couldn't be strong. Looks can be deceiving after all~

Togetic would be a lightweight, somewhat slow(ish) Character that would hit for somewhat hard damage. Since Togetic is a flying type pokemon, it's air game should be good. It's only fitting. It's ground game would be somewhat lack luster(And slow), and it's range wouldn't be too great either. The only drawback I could see with it is that it could be combo'd somewhat, and killed at early percentages.

Battle Entrance: Togetic wouldn't appear from a pokeball. It would slowly float down from the sky like a little angel. When it landed, it would look around a bit, and happily say 'Togetic!" (With a happy facial expression)

Idle Pose 1: It would barely lift off the ground while looking around or up at the sky in wonder.

Idle Pose 2: It would put it's hands together and jump a bit, slightly flapping it's wings.

Idle Pose 3: (Not needed, but could replace one of the others) It reaches a wing forward and nuzzles it lovingly, as if to clean it like a bird would.

Jump: Togetic gets 3 jumps. (Not needed, but since it can float/fly, I feel it should be able to a bit like Peach, just not as long)

Jab/Combo: Togetic would jab it's tiny arms forward twice, finishing with a tiny headbutt.
S tilt: Togetic swipes it's arm and three stars shoot out from it. (Not far, just a little) The three stars would hit in many places. Above it, on level with it, and below it. Think of Rosalina and Luma's side special in the new smash.
D tilt: Togetic would point it's finger at the ground and a small star would hit the opponent.
U tilt: Togetic stands on the tips of it's toes and points upward at the opponent. A small flash of light shocks them for little damage.

Dash Attack: Togetic runs forward, attacking with it's tiny arms out (Like Peach. Or just make it attack with a running headbutt)
Get up attack: It spins to get up, swiping with it's feet. and wings
Edge Attack: Togetic jumps back up on stage, stabbing the opponent with it's head, or kicking it's way back up.

F smash: Togetic flaps it's wings once in an attempt to perform the move 'Air Slash'  (Could call this 'Air Cutter' since it actually gets that move, also would look like what Palutena does for her forward smash) A light slash of air would be sent from Togetic (Not far)
D smash: Togetic slams it's wings on the ground on both sides, creating a wind effect, and doing a bit of damage (ok-ish range)There's a sweetspot on the tip of it's wings. So if  smasher is recovering, and you can sweetspot it on the edge, instant (most of the time) K.O
U smash: Togetic closes it's eyes as if to wish upon a star. A large star shoots up from Togetic, damaging anyone above it. After the move, the star travels up until it's off screen. Like Duck Hunt Dog's F-Smash with the ducks.

N air: Togetic spreads it's body out to attack, like King DeDeDe in brawl.
F air: Togetic flaps it's wings forward, sending a small (or large) wave of (slightly) damaging wind.
B air: Togetic stabs with it's wings backwards. If used close to the ground, it would lag and cancel the move when it touched the ground by landing on it's back, having trouble getting up.
D air: Togetic kicks the opponent with it's tiny feet. (Like Peach's D air)
U air: Togetic swipes the air above it with it's wings or it's hand.

Grab: Togetic grabs with opponent with it's tiny hands. (Has HORRIBLE range)
Pummel: The opponent is zapped with Togetic's Extrasensory.
F throw: The opponent is thrown away by Extrasensory.
B throw: Togetic throws the opponent behind it using Extrasensory.
D throw: Togetic throws it's opponent onto the ground and jumps on them.
U throw: Just a basic throw upward.

Neutral special (Chargeable)- Magical Leaf: When used, leaves swirl around Togetic, showing it's charging. The range and power of this move depend on the charge (Like with a lot of other moves) Once shot out, the leaf travels forward quickly, and comes back to Togetic, like a boomerang, except you must charge it again after it comes back.

Side Special:  Ancient Power- Togetic lifts up 1-3 rocks (size is random from small, medium, and large) with it's mind and sends them forward with decent range. Sometimes Togetic may pick up a larger boulder. The bigger the rocks, the more damage and knock back this move will have. Good for edge guarding.

Down Special: Follow Me- Togetic instantly becomes the center of attention. This move can draw in items,attacks, or projectiles to Togetic. Once hit with a move, Togetic counters hard using Last Resort, slamming into the opponent. If used and Togetic doesn't get hit(Or draw in items or projectiles), it just looks around for a few seconds, giving opponents time to attack.

Up special: Fairy Wind- Togetic stirs up a dazzling, shining wind beneath it's wings, causing it to fly high into the air. At the peak of this move, Togetic's wings stretch out and let it glide for just a few moments. This move causes minor damage, but little to no knock back. It can be cancelled at any time, but causes Togetic to be in 'helpless' mode.

Final Smash: Metronome- Togetic wiggles it's fingers while jumping (switching from which foot it's standing on). This move will randomly trigger a strong, powerful move listed below.
Draco Meteor- Rains meteors across the entire screen
Blast Burn- Sends out a large wave of fire along the ground from Togetic on both sides
Hydro cannon- Togetic faces the enemy and locks onto the opponent, automatically blasting the water with great force.
Frenzy Plant- The battle field is swamped with plants and sharp thorns, attacking everyone who comes close to the ground.
Hyper Beam- Togetic fires a large beam from it's mouth (from which direction it was facing before using the final smash)
Explosion (This one is COMPLETELY optional. I only added the idea of it because anyone who has ever used a Metronome pokemon knows that something bad CAN happen from it.) - If poor Togetic gets this, it explodes, instantly K.O-ing it

Taunt: Togetic leans back, lifting it's legs off the ground. It uses it's wings to hold it up as it's grabs it's feet, and sings "Toge! Togetic!" with a few music notes around it.

Not the best character, but I think Togetic could be a wonderful addition to Crusade. Thoughts? :3

I have now posted a picture up of the little cutie~

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PostSubject: Re: Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!   Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:10 am

with the url of the picture between the two tags.

Firstly, I should say that this is a great post in many ways. I'm going to fill the rest of this reply with criticisms, but don't take that the wrong way; my response to this post is overall very positive, and it's just that I don't need to say all the positive things. So this reply should be seen as more approving and encouraging than criticising, really.

Anyway, the major question you should answer is, why Togetic instead of other Pokemon? It's the latter part of that question that people often forget. What puts Togetic above other possible candidates? A good answer to that question will get you a lot more support.

The choice of special moves is... interesting. Firstly, Ancientpower is great. I'd remove the 5% heal; if you're going to rep the stat boost, either rep it as it is or don't at all. You could possibly make it temporarily increase Togetic's knockback, weight or mobility, or talk half damage or something. Healing is one of the few things Ancientpower doesn't do.

As for the other moves, why did you choose them over other options? They're not bad or anything, they just seem a little random. Ancientpower at least has significance in that it's involved in Togetic's evolution. But the others aren't particularly related to Togetic. I feel like the special moves could play more with the idea of Togetic as a fairy. There's a lot of potential from moves like Metronome and Wish, for example, which are also more "tied" to the Pokemon since they are level-up moves.

And in the moveset overall, I feel Togetic wouldn't be so physical all the time. Togetic is definitely a specially-based Pokemon with a focus on magic and stuff, so why not have that in the majority of the moveset? Think of how Ness and Lucas have a ton of unnamed PSI moves in their standard movesets. Something like that would work.
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The Real Rita Mordio
Level 2 CPU


PostSubject: Re: Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!   Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:57 am

Firstly, I'm glad that my post had a positive effect on you! It means a lot, and I appreciate the criticism as well. It's important to have, and it's the only way I may improve~

I decided to pick Togetic because, like I had said, no one would really think that it would be in Crusade. I personally feel like it's a very creative pokemon, ad a creative addition to Crusade. If you think back, Misty had a Togepi back when pokemon first aired. It later evolved (An emotional episode I may add) and it would be a nice reference to a character who didn't really get noticed. Pikachu is a reference to Ash (I would assume), and Pichu would reference one of the Pichu brothers. (I even have alt skins for a lot of characters, but we'll discuss that later hopefully) And Jigglypuff is also easy to remember. Who couldn't forget that crazy puff ball that drew on people's faces? Point being, it's a reference, and I think it'd fit in quite nicely.

I picked the specials because they are in fact moves Togetic can actually get (Either through Togepi, or a TM/HM) in game. Tri-Attack isn't like anyone else's special, so it's creative and fun and sets Togetic apart from everyone.

I know that Ancient Power doesn't heal, but it didn't exactly cross my mind that knock back, weight, and such could be boosted at random. ^-^" And I picked it because it learns it leveling up.

I picked Extrasensory over a lot of moves because in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you go a Togepi egg, and it knew extrasensory. I figured that would be a cool little gem for Togetic to get in it's moves. And, like a lot of things in this post: a reference ^-^"

I could understand Fly getting a few looks at it also. But Togetic IS part flying. I figured it was only suiting after all~

I had a feeling Togetic's overall moveset would be questioned, too. ^-^" But, I couldn't really see it using anything else. It's Physical attack isn't all that great, which I took into account by thinking that it's contact moves don't do a lot of damage, but it's special moves should do a bit more than usual, you know?

And you never said anything about it's final smash~ Please tell me what you think of it, please Smile

But, I had pictured Togetic being more unique than the other pokemon (A bit more skill would be needed to 'master' it) After all, Togetic is a wonderful reference to Misty, and to the newly added fairy type pokemon also~

But thank you for the input! ^-^ It's greatly appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!   Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:15 am

I guess what I mean is why Togetic over other Pokemon? It might be a creative Pokemon, but you have to show how it's more creative than other Pokemon. What about Wobbuffet, a Pokemon designed entirely for counter-attacking? Surely that's creative to the extreme, so why Togetic over Wobbuffet? Or, for example, why Togetic over Kecleon, a Pokemon that changes whenever it gets hit? Why over Castform, a Pokemon that changes with the weather? Etc.

It's not like Togetic doesn't learn Metronome and Wish. I didn't know about Extrasensory in HGSS, but in GSC the baby Togepi you get has Metronome, and Togetic learns Metronome by level up as well, so to be honest there's no better move to rep the Johto egg than with Metronome. Wish is also learned by level up, as are moves like Safeguard and Follow Me. Crucially, these moves are all "fairy-like", and rep Togetic's fairy typing better.

It's funny that you say Tri Attack isn't "anyone else's special", because it's one of those few moves that really are attributed to a select few Pokemon, those being the Porygons, Dugtrio, Dodrio and Magneton. Togetic does learn Tri Attack, but the move is far more reminiscent of the other Pokemon than of Togetic. It would be like, say, giving Lickitung Muddy Water. Yes, he can learn it, but the move is clearly better suited to Water/Ground types.

Standard attacks doesn't necessarily mean physical attacks. Think about how many electrical bursts are in Pikachu's standard attack set, or how Lucario uses aura blasts in his smash attacks. I'm thinking that Togetic could do something fairy-like and magical, rather than using kicks and wing swipes.

But yeah, special moves. Here's a summary of my thoughts:
- Ancientpower is fine without the healing. Stat boosts would be fine if you think they're necessary.
- Tri Attack isn't particularly tied to Togetic. There are many potential options for replacing this.
- Extrasensory has the egg move thing, but otherwise there are moves that reference Togetic's fairy-ness better.
- Fly is kinda boring.
- Dazzling Gleam is pretty good. If you don't like the other final smash ideas that are coming up, Dazzling Gleam would be fine.

Now, ideas for potential specials:

- Metronome as neutral special/down special. This move reps the "canon" Togetic in the series, the baby Togepi from Johto, while also being a classically fairy-like move (it's sort of Clefairy's pseudo-signature move), and also being incredibly unique. Obviously it won't churn out every single move, but a select few, say between six and ten, would be enough. There's a possibility of making them all similar to each other, such as all being projectiles or all being variations of punching, to make balance easier. Metronome could also pick out only moves that have movement and could be used as recovery, in which case it would be a very unique up special. Certainly more exciting than Fly.

- Alternatively, Metronome could be the Final Smash, and neutral special could be Dazzling Gleam or something different. As a Final Smash, Metronome would pick famously powerful moves instead, like Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Draco Meteor, Explosion, those sorts of things. So Togetic's final smash would be random every time, and if that's not unique I don't know what is. Dazzling Gleam could then function decently as a neutral special. You could have it as a much weaker version of the final smash, or turn it into a chargeable projectile to replace Tri Attack. Or go a completely different direction, it's up to you.

- Wish would make a decent down special. You could have it like in the games, and have it suddenly heal Togetic a load after a while, or you could Sakurai it, say by protecting Togetic instead of healing, or by making the wishing star crash down as a projectile.

- Fairy Wind has potential in any move slot. As a neutral or down special it could be a large projectile with whatever exciting properties it wants. As an up special, the wind could lift Togetic upwards. As a final smash, it could be a whole-stage damaging move, making it resemble its animation.

- Follow Me could be an interesting one. You could Sakurai it to be a counter-attack, much like Lucario's Double Team, but with a ton of twists. Say, if an opponent is within range and is idle, Follow Me could force them to use an attack, causing the counter to activate. It could also cause all projectiles to home in on Togetic, making it useful in team battles. Lots of possibilities there.
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The Real Rita Mordio
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PostSubject: Re: Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!   Sat Dec 20, 2014 10:13 am

I guess the hardest thing about this is WHY Togetic..Hmm... I don't want to say 'Oh, because it's awesome and yeah!" Or be boring and not give an actual reason. I've looked at a few posts and I see that way too often. I won't succumb to that

When I say that Tri Attack isn't anyone else's special, I didn't mean in pokemon. I meant in Crusade, my friend.~

But now you have me thinking on a few things..I'm on Serebii looking at Togetic's level up moves (I think it would be better if it just had those, ya know?) and I see so many options for a lot of things.

Here's a few:

Magical Leaf caught my eye. I'd love to have it in there. I could see it being used for the up smash, or perhaps even the side special. (Maybe even the forward smash!) That DOES have a lot of different options.

I personally like the whole 'Follow Me' set up as a counter you thought of. Creative~ (I feel Last Resort could also be used as the same thing)

I feel like Fairy Wind would have to be one. (Too bad it doesn't get moon blast. That could easily be it's neutral special) It could be it's recovery, or maybe even a part of it's side smash by having Togetic flap it's wings once, sending the wind, not doing much damage (but has HUGE range) and somewhat a decent wind effect.

With wish, I'm iffy on it. It would be cool to have it as an attack, but healing could help it as a support character in teams (Assuming it might could heal the team mate as well.)

The final smash, Metronome would be quite appealing. If you wanted to be cruel, add a VERY slim chance for nothing to happen (Or for Togetic to randomly explode off screen)

I personally feel that Togetic's neutral special should be a projectile. Heck, make that Magical Leaf. Charge it up, and then send it flying later.

There's a lot of changes I see to it now. How would this sound? :

-The F smash would be changed to Togetic flapping forward with it's wings (Like Palatina does in the new smash), but a small slash of air extends from Togetic. (I don't want to say 'Air Slash' because it doesn't learn that, even though it should.. -.-" )

-The Up smash could look like Snivy's, but have the opponent shocked above Togetic (with it's eyes glowing) It could work as Extrasensory, or Dazzling Gleam.

-The down smash would be like Palatina's in the new smash, just less range

(We can discuss tilt attacks and such later. Right now is just the main stuff)

- The Neutral I still feel should be Tri-Attack, or perhaps Magical Leaf

-The side special I think is fine with Ancient Power. We wouldn't HAVE to give it stat boost. (Since I would assume that wouldn't be too easy to program.)

-The up special could EASILY be Fairy Wind. It would be a LOT more exciting that Fly. (Or we could be cheeky and make it Sky Attack. Haha)

-The down one should be the 'Follow Me' tactic you had going.

And the final smash I feel should be Metronome.


(Even with this, I'd actually like to do alt skins and maybe try to help with spriting XD I have the perfect Black color set for it, too -drools- )
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PostSubject: Re: Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!   Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:44 am

I really like the fsmash idea. It's a nice reference to Togekiss without actually making it necessarily Air Slash. You could imagine it as Togetic attempting Air Slash, and it being weaker and more basic because she's not a Togekiss yet.

With Neutral Special I'd personally be for Magical Leaf, but what do you think of the Dazzling Gleam idea? Between those two, though, I'd probably still be for Magical Leaf. It could also be homing or a boomerang, to reference the infinite accuracy.

Everything else looks good.

But, if you want to see this character in Crusade, you have to have a good answer to "why Togetic". In other words, you need to persuade everyone that your chosen character should be in before most of the other characters on this board. Good luck with that...
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The Real Rita Mordio
Level 2 CPU


PostSubject: Re: Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!   Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:49 pm

I'd prefer the Magical Leaf one over Dazzling Gleam because it just seems for fitting. Dazzling Gleam would require Togetic to get close to the enemy, which won't be good for the little cutie~

As for why Togetic above all else? Hmmm....

Togetic is is a childhood character. Anyone that had played the old Johto games can tell you about when they first hatched, raised it with all their hard work, and finally getting it to evolve into a cute, happiness filled cutie. I know little things like a sappy child's story won't work here, but also keep one thing in mind here:

Super Smash Bros Crusade was made to bring our favorite characters together to duke it out. Crusade has a wide cast of characters from many different games (Even from ones I didn't know existed). Take Saki for example. I didn't know he existed before brawl. No one did, but now look at his games. Popular (I do believe). I believe Togetic should be there to represent it's game. Pokemon. But not just any pokemon. Pokemon Gold/Silver/ Crystal. Yes, we have plenty of pokemon as is, but look at the Mario Characters. They have a lot as well.

Coming up for a good reason for 'Why Togetic' isn't easy since Togetic is really random to have. But that should be all the more reason to have him/her in there! As a fellow Crusade player, I can say I like randomness when I fight. (Characters, items, stages...It doesn't matter to me~) Togetic is probably the most random character to be added. I'm sure other smashers would agree with me when I say that everyone loves random. Togetic would be ideal to fill the role of being random. I can see it being that one character that people are like "Hey, this seems to stand out to me! I should try it!" After all, who doesn't want to play as something that stands out?

Again, that doesn't answer it fully. After all, Togetic is completely random, and it IS indeed hard to come up for a reason for it. But, maybe my fellow smashers can agree with me: We want random Togetic!
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PostSubject: Re: Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!   

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Togetic (Pokemon) Discussion: Togetic takes flight!
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