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 Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion

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PostSubject: Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion   Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:18 pm

Peppy Hare is a founding member of the legendary Star Fox team. He served with leader James McCloud and wingmate Pigma Dengar. After the former's death and the latter's betrayal of the team, Peppy joined the new Star Fox team, consisting of Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad. An experienced pilot, he has learned many tricks in his years of flying, and is also very knowledgeable about Andross's forces, since he once had to escape captivity at their hands. He was good friends with James McCloud, who was Fox's father. Even though Peppy is older than all the other Star Fox team members, he declined the leadership role and insisted that the younger Fox McCloud take over the team after James was slain by Andross. After Pigma's betrayal and James' capture, Peppy narrowly escaped to return to Corneria to inform Fox of his father's fate. Ever since then, Peppy serves as Fox's mentor and frequently gives Fox instructions and advice throughout the course of the games.

Plays like: He fights like a magic-less ganondorf, slow and weighed down with age, but still capable of putting up a fight every once in a while due to his combat experience allowing him to think about how to approach each fighter.

B: Blaster - Just a Standard, nuthin special Blaster... Because Duh.

up+B: Jet Pack - It's A Jetpack Peppy uses to get around his Ship, That's it. Oh, you were expecting a Fire Fox-esque move? He's Old! Get over it!

side+B: Missile Launcher - We can give him a Missile Launcher for being an example as to how hard Sakurai can nerf a Star Fox character.

down+B: Impact Mine - Picks an impact mine from his pocket and can place it just about anywhere, with varying types of explosions including the rare Smart Bomb Mine which can stick to midair like a bumper before someone's touch detonates it.

Final Smash: Great Fox Cannon - Here's something that won't remind people of the inevitability of Death, A Giant Laser, Courdacy of the Great Fox!

Why Him?: Just like with Slippy, He deserves to be in Crusade to complete the Star Fox Team. Besides we need more seasoned vets in Crusade.

Last edited by Spoon300 on Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:27 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Extra Elaboration.)
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PostSubject: Re: Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion   Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:17 pm

Like Slippy, there are a couple issues.

- Why should Peppy be in over other characters? Just because he completes the Star Fox team isn't enough of a reason.
- He should have a more defined playstyle. According to you, he's a magic-less weaker Ganondorf. That doesn't sell him very well.
- I don't like how you neutered him just because he's old. Using a jetpack is decent enough, but from the missile launcher and the reflector, it sounds like you want him to be a worse Fox. We want all characters to be viable - from the looks of things, Peppy is not.

He's the most skilled within the Star Fox team due to his experience. He may be old and slower than he used to be, but he fights smarter.
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PostSubject: Re: Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion   Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:13 pm

Spoon300 wrote:

Also, I like the Final Smash idea. I can't imagine people taking this character seriously, but you might prove me wrong.
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PostSubject: Re: Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion   Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:25 pm

Id rather see Peppy a stage hazard or something else rather than a character. He's too old for a ship so he's too old for smash imo.
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PostSubject: Re: Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion   Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:46 pm

If the whole Star Fox crew was playable, I would imagine this.

Fox is Fox as expected.

Falco would be similar to Fox, but with a big more swagger and aerial based.

Slippy would be more technology and projectile based.

Peppy would be more strategic and wise with his playstyle.
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PostSubject: Re: Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion   Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:46 pm

add wolf on peppy place
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PostSubject: Re: Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion   

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Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Discussion
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