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 0.9 Dojo update 20 VI 2014

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Perfect Hell



Post0.9 Dojo update 20 VI 2014

Power Up!!!

Ryu isn't the only Capcom fighter who's been revamped! How could we forget the Blue Bomber, Mega Man?! This super fighting robot has gotten a resprite, and something he's needed probably more than anyone else so far; A moveset revamp!

The Leaf Shield is now Mega Man's Down Special, and Tornado Hold is now his Side Special! These moves work just like they did on the old Mega Man, but the Weapon Swap is no longer needed to use them! Hopefully this will allow the player to use these moves more to their advantage, not having to waste time swapping moves.

Here's Mega Man using his classic Slide Kick attack on the Mega Ball! The 'Rock Ball' was originally one of his Weapon Swap attacks, but it has been swapped with the Mega Ball (which works the same way) and will spawn from Mega Man's Up Throw instead of a Special Move. An item spawning from a throw?! How unorthodox! Don't over-think it Phoenix, or you'll have a face full of pain before you know it.

Now then, we did mention a revamped moveset, right? Here, we have some moves taken from Mega Man's appearance in Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS! His Down Smash and his Forward Air have been altered, as you can see demonstrated here!

However, not all moves taken from Smash 4 work exactly like they were shown in the game. Some of them have been re-thought for Crusade! For example, Rush still makes his appearance, but he functions a bit differently...

Mega Mans Buster has been massively reworked as well! First off, of course he charge up his shot to fire a big blast of energy that's nearly unstoppable. Evil Ryu can't possibly think he can beat out a blast of that size, can he? He can also run, jump and shoot with his Neutral Special just like in the old Mega Man games! You can't have Mega Man without that, can you? He's the Jump n' Shoot man, as they say!

Basically, Mega Mans entire moveset has been changed, so you can try everything out and see what you think! All in all, he has become quite a projectile-based character, which suits him quite well. He doesn't even need to be near the enemy to lay the smackdown! There's a lot more to him now than there was before, so he should definitely be a more enjoyable character to use!

Tune in every Friday for more updates!

Perfect Hell

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0.9 Dojo update 20 VI 2014 :: Comments

Re: 0.9 Dojo update 20 VI 2014
Post on Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:50 am by KeybladeSmasher
As Applejack would say, Now THAT'S more like it!! The Blue Bomber looks SOOOO much better and more fun now.
Re: 0.9 Dojo update 20 VI 2014
Post on Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:50 am by AEM
Now this has been a long time coming! Great to see the Blue Bomber remodeled, so to speak.
Re: 0.9 Dojo update 20 VI 2014
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0.9 Dojo update 20 VI 2014

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