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 Golden Sun: The New Dawn (pre-release of Dark Dawn)

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PostSubject: Golden Sun: The New Dawn (pre-release of Dark Dawn)   Golden Sun: The New Dawn (pre-release of Dark Dawn) EmptySat Oct 01, 2011 10:19 pm

While I was digging through my old pc today, I managed to find my old golden sun fan story. This fan story surely brought back memories from 9th grade, and I realized how much I've improved over the years. Let's get to the chase, shall we? Three years before the official release of Dark Dawn, I've decided to create a prediction of what the sequel plot would be like. Quite ironically, I named my little story, The New Dawn. I felt that it was a great title back then. Thus, this story begins as a new age of new monsters, heroes, and civilizations expand throughout Weyard after 22 years prior to the events of the Lost Age.

What saddened me the most was that I never got a chance to finish my fan story because of school work and the stress of the upcoming sophomore year. I was sidetracked by new people and friends; hence, I was unable to fully compensate my time and knowledge of literature onto my story. To be honest, this story could definitely improve if I put the time and effort on it (sorry for being pessimistic, but that's how most people succeed by admitting their mistakes and flaws). However, as sad as it seems, I enjoyed writing this story. I even planned on making a new game based on this story.

To conclude my tedious speech, I have to say that this story is in a dialogue script format, so read it as if you're playing a game. Finally, I present to you, Golden Sun: The New Dawn!

---------------- Golden Sun: The New Dawn ----------------
Rough Script

Author: Nicholas Yeung
Illustration: Christina P. Hopkins
Special Thanks to: Lily for coming up with the character names. Jackie for helping us out on the story line. Christina for creating the illustration of our story. Derrick for researching the contents of the Golden Sun series. Hermes for coming up with RAW characters' names.
Game: (Not Available)
Music Soundtrack Albums: Circle of Dawn, Forgotten Plague

Isaac (Earth Adept)
Garet (Mars Adept)
Ivan (Jupiter Adept)
Felix (Venus Adept)
Jenna (Mars Adept)
Sheba (Jupiter Adept)
Max (Venus Adept)
Rose (Mars Adept)
Thomas (Jupiter Adept)
Crystal (Mercury Adept)
Alex (Mercury Adept)
Blaze (Mars Adept)
Maldor (Earth Adept)
Artix (Wind Adept)
Kyoshuno (??? Adept)-----------> (Note: This character may not be in the story)
Minor Characters:
Marque (Kay Jerra's Butler)
Devonte (Vault's toppest mafia boss)
Milton (1st Henchman of Devonte)
Shawon (2nd Henchman of Devonte)
Yolts (3rd Henchman of Devonte)
Random Characters:
Daisuke: (A random student who asks a question in Chapter 1)
List of Djinn:
Earth Djinn:
Fire Djinn:
Roxx (Blasts an enemy with a tremendous laser beam.)
Sion ()
Wind Djinn:
Plasmius: (Strikes an enemy with a swift and sharp wind.)
Water Djinn:
Flora: (Hits an enemy with a tidal wave that causes the enemy to become immobilized in a short period of time)
Table of Contents:
Book I: A Hero's Destiny
Chapter 1: Born to be an adept
Chapter 2: Revival for Vengeance
Chapter 3: The intricate journey to Vale
Chapter 4:
Book II: Journey across Weyard
Chapter 1:
Book III: Another World
Chapter 1:
Book IV: The Seal of Alchemy
Chapter 1:
Book V: The Blackened Sun
Epilogue: The New Dawn
Prologue begins:

Narrator: (Story begins 22 years later prior to the Golden Sun series. The story starts off 7 years before, in Vale in Isaac's house where his first newborn is born.)

Isaac: Guys great news! It's a boy!
Garet: (Stares at Isaac and grinning happily) Congratulations Isaac to your newborn baby! Aren't you the lucky one?!
Isaac: Nice sarcasm Garet. What do you think I should name him?
Garet: (looks up to the ceiling and thinking of a name) I don't know. Maybe we should call him..... DICKENS!!!
(Isaac looks at him with a straight eye)
Garet: (grins nervously) I'm just kidding Isaac, jeez. Maybe we should call him your name. Your name sounds more heroic.
Isaac: Isaac the Second, eh? Sounds pretty good, but let's see what my wife thinks about it.
Narrator: Isaac and Garet hurries back to the bedroom to see how the mother is doing.
Isaac: Are you feeling better now?
Jenna: (nods) Yes Isaac, I feel better now. How's our baby doing?
Garet: He's fine as an angel!
Jenna: (chuckles weakly) After all these years, you still haven't changed Garet.
Garet: (Laughs heartily) Everyone says that about me after returning from Tolbi, where I made lots of money!
(Everyone laughed)
Isaac: Oh yes, we've heard about you and your journey to Toibi.
(Jenna stops short and wanders to look for her baby)
Jenna: Where's my child Isaac?
Issac: (hurries to bring the baby over) He's here my dear.
(Jenna looks over her baby. The baby looks back at his mother's eyes and smiles)
Garet: I've come up with a good name for him.
Jenna: Oh really?
Garet: Yes, let's call him......... DICKENS!!
Isaac: (stares at him with furious eyes) No Garet!
Garet: (stares at him nervously) Okay, okay, I'm just kidding around.
(Garet looks down)
Isaac: Hey dear, why don't we call him after my name?
(Jenna thinks about it)
Jenna: Why don't we call him Max?
Garet: That sounds pretty swell to me. Sounds better than my idea!
(Everyone laughs)
Jenna: Max, my son, you will grow up to be a strong boy just like your father.
Garet: I'm hungry, let's eat!
Isaac: Is food the only thing you can think of?
(Everyone laughs, having a good time.)

Prologue ends
Book One: A hero's destiny
Chapter One: Born to be an Adept

Narrator: On that day, Max is born with the mark of an Earth Adept. He will grow up to become a hero and save Weyard from the destruction of evil. He has yet to know his identity, until he finds out what his destiny will truly become. The story begins when Max wakes up.

Jenna: Max. Max!! Wake up, it's time for school.
Max: (replies in a dreamy state) Is it time to go to sleep?
Jenna: (sighs) Okay mister if you can't wake up, then i'll make you wake up!
(Jenna casts a spell called Force and shook Max's bed. Max fell off and hit the floor)
Max: Oww! What was that for mom!?
Jenna: This is for not waking up. Now you better hurry before you're late for school.
Max: Yes Mum!
(Max dresses up, brushed his teeth, and put on his shoes just like any daily morning routine. Max hurries downstairs to the living room and out the doorway.)
Max: Bye Mom!
Jenna: Have a nice day dear!

Narrator: Max attends at a training academy for young students. It is the only academy that provides free learning. The academy is located near Mt. Aleph and the academy is beautiful. It is said that the academy is run by intellectual and sophisticated professors that were once adepts. This academy is mostly provided for young adepts and there aren't many adepts in Vale, but Max is an exception. Max is born to be an adept ever since his birth, he has been marked by the Wise One as legends have said is a supernatural being that gifts the chosen ones special powers when they are young. Max has learned to cast his first psynergy at a very young age, and the townspeople were amazed at his abilities. Now in the present, Max is hurrying over to the Academy.

(Max arrives at the academy in his classroom. When he arrives at his classroom, he was panting from running.)
Max: Sorry, i'm late for I woke up late today.
(The professor looks at him with a disturbing look)
Prof. Felix: It's okay Max, but next time don't be late.
Max: Yes, uncle Felix! (shouting happily)
Prof. Felix: Please call me Prof. Felix.
Max: Yes! Understood Prof. Felix!
Prof. Felix: Good. (looks at his students) So, shall we begin?
(The students nod)
Prof. Felix: Okay, as you guys know we have a small number of students here in our classroom, so I want everyone to pay close attention and respect each other.
(Students yell out "Yes, professor!")
Prof. Felix: Okay, today we are going to learn how to use the passive move called Move.
(Students nod)
Prof. Felix: Now allow me to demonstrate.
(He gathers up all his energy and focused onto his hands. The hands glow with a bright green aura surrounding the outlines of the hands and the arms. It is an amazing sight and the students are also amazed at the sight of it too. Prof. Felix concentrated and moved his arms in a wave like motion and created a formation of a giant hand. Using his arms, he forced the giant hand to move forward.)
students: Ooooooooo.
(Prof. Felix starts to move across the classroom near the corner of the room where he sees stacks of heavy boxes filled with textbooks. He gathered up his energy again to create a giant hand and he forced the giant hand forward towards the direction of the box. The giant hand gets a hold of the boxes and Prof. Felix directs the giant hand to move over to the left. Instantly, the giant hand moves the boxes to the left. Seconds later, the giant hand disappears.)
(Students clap and cheered for Prof. Felix.)
Prof. Felix: This move can come in handy. You can move boxes, statues, blocks and even stone pillars.
(A student raises his hand)
Prof. Felix: Yes, Daisuke.
Daisuke: How do we use this move?
Prof. Felix: Aahh, I was about to explain. To use this move, you will need to gather up all your energy from your body and concentrate your energy flow from your body to your hands. Next, feel the power flow through your hands and arms and in move your hands in circles or whatever motion you like to form a giant hand. Don't worry if the shape of the giant hand is different or out of shape because everyone has a unique formation of their move. Any other questions?
(Max raises his hand)
Prof. Felix: Yes, Max.
Max: How long must we practice to perfect it?
Prof. Felix: I want you guys to practice three hours a day. It is important that you practice everyday, so you can perfect it. I will be giving you guys a field test on this next week.
Students: AWW!
(Prof. Felix slams the desk hard, and the ceiling cracked a bit. Small particles of cement fell off from the ceiling. The students stopped talking.)
Prof. Felix: Enough of this complaining! What's so bad about a test?! Any more complaints will be punished and suffer consequences. Do you guys understand?
(The students sat like a stone. They nod slowly.)
(Prof. Felix gives a sigh and calms down.)
Prof. Felix: You may now start practicing out on the training grounds. Class dismissed!
(Everyone hurries out of the classroom without hesitation. Max also hurries out the classroom until Prof. Felix calls him out.)
Prof. Felix: Max, stay after class.
(Max stops short, turns around and walk towards the professor's desk.)
Max: Yes, Prof. Felix. Did I do something wrong?
Prof. Felix: No you didn't do anything wrong. I just want to have a little chat with you.
Max: Oh okay.
(Max sits next to Prof. Felix.)
Prof. Felix: So, show me what you can do Max.
Max: Do what?
Prof. Felix: Stop pretending Max. You know what I mean. You are my top A+ student, surely you are talented and at an advanced level than others. And that is why you are unique.
Max: What do you mean by unique?
Prof. Felix: Unique as in having strange powers at a young age. Did you know that your father and I are also unique?
Max: No, my dad never told me about that.
Prof. Felix: Well, your father and I are what we called Adepts. Adept is a person who are able to use psynergy moves by using the 4 elements of nature. Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water are the 4 elements of nature and contains different unique types of psynergy. Some are active and some are passive. Some can support others as well as summon magical creatures to help assist adepts in battle. Adepts are very unique people and Max, you must learn to cherish your powers and never use it for the forces of evil.
Max: I understand Prof. Felix, but when you said there are 4 elemental adepts, then that means each element has its own class set?
Prof. Felix: That's absolutely correct, Max. You are starting to learn the basics of Alchemy. You see, different class series will contain different types of psynergy moves you will learn.
Max: Then what class series are you?
Prof. Felix: I am in the Slayer class, the highest class structure of Earth Adepts. I have a specialist at Earth or Ground moves. I am also in plenty of other class structures, which can be determined by what types of Djinn I am carrying.
Max: What are Djinn?
Prof. Felix: Djinn are mystical creatures that assists elemental adepts in battles. They are part of Mt. Aleph. There was once a time when Djinn didn't exist until something destructive happened on top of Mt. Aleph.
(Prof. Felix stops short and sees Max in a confused state.)
Prof. Felix: Well, never mind what i just said. Anyways, they are based on different elements. They can come in good handy. Just like psynergy, Djinn have special abilities when obtained. One last thing is you can mix different djinn to create a different class series.
Max: That sounds interesting. By the way, do you know what class series I am identified as?
Prof. Felix: Aah, that you will need to decide on your own. You can start building your class series by collecting djinn. I believe you have one at home.
Max: I do?
Prof. Felix: Yes, your pet, Flint, is actually a djinni.
Max: Wow!! He's a djinni?
Prof. Felix: Of course.
Max: I knew something was strange about Flint because all of my friends have pets such as dogs and cats, but mine looks different than my friends' pet.
(Prof. Felix laughs and Max chuckles)
Prof. Felix: You will learn more later on as you seek for these creatures.
Max: Yes understood. By the way, didn't you want me to show you something?
Prof. Felix: Oh yes, I wanted to see how much you've improved, so let's go outside.
Max: Yes, Prof. Felix!

Narrator: As Felix and Max settle outside of the classroom and onto the training grounds, something strange is happening in the depth of the earth. You can feel as if the ground is shaking. Trees have shaken and birds fled from the trees and into the safety of the air. You can also hear a low groan underneath the earth as if something dangerous is coming. Something is coming and rising from beneath the Earth.

End of Chapter 1
Chapter 2: Revival for Vengeance
22 years ago...

Narrator: On top of Mt. Aleph, the Golden Sun has been formed and released great powers to Mt. Aleph. Mt. Aleph glowed with a bright, yellow color showing how strong the power of Alchemy is. Alex is on top of Mt. Aleph trying to gain the power of the Golden Sun.

Alex: At last! I have it! Eternal life...and limitless power! At last, the power of nature is mine to control as I will! Rise, storms! Rise up and unleash your might upon Vale and the foothills of Mt. Aleph!
(A stream of light from the Golden Sun covered Alex, but nothing happened. Alex starts to wonder.)
Alex: That's odd... I should have limitless power... So why can't I call up a simple storm?
(Suddenly a floating rock with one eye appears in front of Alex.)
Alex: Wh-Who are you?
The Wise One: I am called the Wise One...
Alex: That can't be. The Wise One? Vale's protector?
The Wise One: You wish to have limitless power?
Alex: Wish to? I already have limitless power. I'm an immortal and i'm the strongest. I can control the heaven winds and destroy Weyard and create a new world because the power of the Golden Sun is now mine!
The Wise One: Yes, you may have limitless powers, but you're powers are nearly limitless.
Alex: Nearly limitless? That's preposterous! I have, what is already mine!
The Wise One: Yes. You also have nearly limitless life. And your Psynergy is... somewhat stronger.
Alex: Hmph. Are you trying to defy me of what I'm saying?! Taste the wrath of my fury!
(Alex uses telekinesis to push The Wise One back. Alex laughs maniacally.)
Alex: You see?! My powers have increased tenfold and it is under my control! I am an immortal and now no one can defeat me! Not even you, the Wise One...
(The Wise One telepathically retaliates, driving Alex away into the ground and immobilizing him.)
Alex: That's impossible! How are you able to fight back?!
The Wise One: You are not all-powerful, Alex. Your power has its limits, as does your life.
Alex: That cannot be! Who is responsible for this treachery? Who has robbed me of my dream?
The Wise One: I, the Wise One, imbued the Mars Star with some of the power of the forming Golden Sun. It rests even now in the hands of young Isaac.
Alex: Why? Why does he try to stop my every move?!
(Suddenly the entire mountain begins to tremble and submerge itself into the ground.)
The Wise One: The heavens and earth are changing, Alex! You must flee now if you wish to live!
Alex: What do you mean the heavens and earth are changing?! I don't get this!
The Wise One: Mt. Aleph will soon be drawn into the heart of the earth! You must flee or join it forever!
Alex: You want me to flee? I'm stuck. I can't even move!
The Wise One: Ah, yes. You have witness the limits of your power. If you are swallowed by the earth, you may not survive. If you survive, perhaps we shall meet again someday...
(The Wise One disappears. (Alex is left all alone on top of Mt. Aleph waiting for it to collapse.)
(Alex said silently)
Alex: My powers are nothing.... My dream is dead....
(Mt. Aleph is being drawn into the earth as the mountain starts to crack and stream of light springs out of the mountain.)
Alex: No.... It's not over yet.... We shall meet again..... Isaac!!!!!!
(Suddenly, Alex releases furious and uncontrollable powers from himself. The Earth shook as Mt. Aleph collapsed deep down into the Earth's core along with Alex. Mt. Aleph was a history in the past. All evidence of Mt. Aleph and Alex were destroyed.)

Narrator: As Mt. Aleph collapsed, it also created a massive earthquake that destroyed Vale. As Isaac and his friends arrived back to Angara, they witnessed the destruction of Mt. Aleph and their homes. They hurried back to Vale to see nothing. The town was destroyed and everywhere was filled with dirt and piles of dust. Isaac, Garet, Jenna, and Felix thought they would never be able to see their families again until they appeared at the gates of Vale. It seems the Wise One saved their families from danger. As the sun rose, Isaac and his friends saw a bright future and everyone took part in rebuilding Vale. Farms, houses and even the new Academy was rebuilt as Vale becomes a peaceful town once again. Everyone lived happily ever after, or so it seems.

(Regular font)

22 years later into the present...

Narrator: The past has been forgotten and everyone lived happily in peace. Alchemy is once again restored into Weyard. The world is alive again and new continents start to form. The world is no longer being eaten up by the Gaia Falls and even monsters turned back into peaceful animals. Back in Vale, Mt. Aleph was renamed as a new rocky range replaced the 'old' rock structure, but deep down inside the Earth's core lies the power of Alchemy as Mt. Aleph was sealed inside the Earth's core along with another person...

(Someone seems to be murmuring deep down inside the Earth.)
Alex: The..... power..... will be mine.....
(Alex coughed up blood while he was murmuring.)
Alex: I..... am immortal..... I have..... limitless powers..... I control..... Weyard.....
(Alex took another deep breath and said.)
Alex: Weyard shall be in the grasp of my hands.....
(Alex looks exhausted and torn apart from the collapse of Mt. Aleph. He hasn't changed a bit, but he still has those cold blue eyes. His clothes are torn apart and his hair turned shabby. His sword is ripped in half and his body looked weak.)
(Alex starts to murmur again, but with more passion.)
Alex: You may have defeated me Isaac, but the battle is only the beginning. You will witness my true powers and you shall fear my name!
(Alex struggles to summon his powers as he is buried underneath the Earth for 22 years. Alex mutters angrily as he tries to summon his powers.)
Alex: Isaac!!!!!!
(Alex starts to glow in the dark space. He was no longer weak or exhausted. He has reborn from the depths of the earth. He has regained his powers and reveals anger and rage in his eyes. He doesn't have that coolness in him no more. All he wants is revenge.)
(Alex crackles in a grin)
Alex: We shall meet again, Isaac...
(In a matter of seconds, Alex disappears.)

Narrator: And so his revival for vengeance begins...

End of Chapter 2
Chapter 3: The Quiet, and Angelic Girl

Prof. Felix: You did an excellent job, Max. I'm impressed at how you improved so quickly in a matter of days.
Max: Thank you, Prof. Felix.
Prof. Felix: YOu almost had me too. Luckily, I didn't release all of my powers or else I would've done some huge damage to you and I could get fired from my job.
(Max laughs)
Max: Yeah good thing you didn't, but even if you did, I can still match up with your powers.
Prof. Felix: Oh really? Then, we should give it our best next time.
Max: Sure thing, Professor.

Narrator: Prof. Felix and Max just finished demonstrating their powers to each other. It was a fair battle of test and skill. Before they have the demonstration, everyone was to be out of the training grounds, for they can get hurt. The rest of the students went back inside the Academy and looked out from the window panes in their classrooms. They were terrified, yet excited to see the professor going up against a student in a battle of test and skill. It was truly an amazing sight and the students will never forget it.

Prof. Felix: So, I think it's time for you to go home now.
Max: What?! It's time already?!
Prof. Felix: We've been out here for nearly three hours already. Right now it's two o'clock in the afternoon, so classes were already dismissed 5 minutes ago.
Max: Dang! I should really get going then. By the way, thank you for letting me get a chance to have a match with you. I'll see you tomorrow, Uncle Felix!
(Max gives a huge smile and runs to the exit of the Academy. In the distance, he waves at Prof. Felix. Prof. Felix waves back and smiles.)
Prof. Felix: That boy sure has a long way to go.
???: You said it.
(From out of nowhere, a woman who's around 30 years of age, come toward Prof. Felix.)
???: Yes, he has a long way to go.
Prof. Felix: Well, if it isn't Sheba.
Sheba: Good Afternoon, my dear. You sure had plenty of fun today, my dear.
Prof. Felix: Yes, I was. In fact, that boy has a lot of potential.
Sheba: Indeed, I can read it from his mind that he wants to be just like his father.
(Prof. Felix gives a small chuckle)
Prof. Felix: Have you been reading minds again?
Sheba: Yeah. It's fun reading their minds to find out who they want to be when they grow up and it's also another way to see what they're thinking about.
Prof. Felix: That's the reason why i regret being together with you.
(Both of them smile. Sheba stops short as she remembers something urgent. She grabs a letter from her pocket. Actually, it is a scroll rolled up in a cylinder and wrapped around by a thick string. Sheba rolls down the letter.)
Sheba: Oh by the way, I've received a letter from a parent.
(Prof. Felix looks annoyed.)
Prof. Felix: Oh, great! Is it about the bathroom situation again? I've already told the parents that we are fixing the lavatory system.
Sheba: Umm, no. The parent, who is the mother, wants to enroll her child in entering the academy.
Prof. Felix: What's the name of the mother?
Sheba: The letter doesn't state who the name of the mother is. It's written as anonymous. Do you think this is a fraud?
Prof. Felix: I don't think so. Anyone who knows about our academy are usually nice and trustworthy parents, so I think it's safe. Do you know when and where the letter was sent?
Sheba: The letter was sent two days ago and it seems to me that it was sent from the town of Tolbi.
Prof. Felix: Tolbi? That's a bit far.
Sheba: I'm guessing the mother and her child are coming to Vale by transportation?
Prof. Felix: Yes, probably. They should be able to arrive here in Vale by tomorrow morning. Should we give them a tour around the academy?
Sheba: Yes we should and we should notify the principal about the new student.
Prof. Felix: We'll do that tomorrow early in the morning.
Sheba: Do you think we know the mother?
Prof. Felix: I don't know, but something tells me that we probably have met her before by where she lives.
Sheba: Yeah it's sort of familiar. Well we'll find out tomorrow.

Narrator: The Academy opens up as early as six o'clock in the morning through five o'clock in the afternoon. Classes begin at 9 o'clock in the morning and ends at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Afterwards, only the staff members remain in the Academy. Accordingly, the Academy is controlled by a group of Adepts of different elements. No one knows for sure who the staff members are except for Prof. Sheba and Prof. Felix. Each staff member is assigned to teach a certain topic of alchemy to newcoming students and advanced students. The Academy has been opened for only 5 years by a man named Prof. Kraden. He has been the first one to uncover the secrets of Alchemy in the depths of Mt. Aleph. He has travelled around Weyard and experienced the mystical powers of Alchemy and how it created destruction and annihilation of the human race. As an Alchemy professor, Kraden has decided to open up an academy, which teaches the arts of Alchemy to fulfill his lifelong dream of influencing others to learn and harness the power of Alchemy and use it for good and peace.
As night time approaches, everyone in the town of Vale starts to pack up their shops and close for the day. Many townspeople have already gone home and prepare for supper. As they eat their delectable dinner, they talked and laughed at the dinner table as if life is enjoyable. After they finish their dinner, they go to bed and get ready for the next day. Just over the horizon, a caravan is roaming in the starless night. The caravan is moving slowly and a low groaning sound can be heard from the slow moving wheels of the big wagon. There are two horses in front of the caravan cart that operates the moving caravan. A man of his twenties is sitting on one of the horses, navigating the horses. He wears a tall black hat with a neat petticoat and wears a black cloak over his back. Although his name is unknown, he is refer as the Butler. Inside the caravan cabin lies two person asleep in the dark. The mother and her daughter are already fast asleep in the complete darkness that covers Weyard. As the caravan moves slowly, the Butler spots a dot of light across the vast grassland. The Butler turns his head over to the cabin and shouts...

Butler: Ms. Jerra! Ms. Jerra!
(The mother doesn't respond as she is completely in a deep sleep. The Butler stops the caravan and gets off his horse. He hurries over to the cabin and enters it. He shakes Ms. Jerra, urging her to awake from deep slumber. After a couple of seconds, the mother awakens. Ms. Jerra yawns)
Butler: Ms. Jerra.
(She replies with a tired response)
Kay: Please do not call me that. Just call me Kay.
Butler: I think we arrive!
Kay: That's marvelous news! Take us there!
Butler: Yes milady!
(The Butler gets out of the cabin and climbs to to his horse. As he makes a single whip, the caravan starts moving again with greater speed than before. In the cabin, Kay pushes gently on her daughter's shoulder to awake her.)
Kay: Rose, my dear. We have arrived to Vale.

To be continued...
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Golden Sun: The New Dawn (pre-release of Dark Dawn)
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