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 Golden Sun: The Broken Seal

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I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with the Golden Sun storyline, but for those of you who don't know, the story is composed of three books:

Book I: The Broken Seal (translated from Japanese)
Book II: The Lost Age
Book Sequel: Dark Dawn (thirty years after the main events of books I & II)

The reason why I've decided to remake the first book is that I want to clarify some things that are left unanswered in various parts of the first game. Also, since there isn't a prologue for the first book, I've decided to create one, so that chronology exists. The story isn't complete yet, but I am planning to complete it by next year if possible. I will update this thread when I am done with new chapters. Anyways, now I present to you, Golden Sun: The Broken Seal.

Golden Sun

The Broken Seal

“Well boys”, a voice said loudly. “We came forth from the frozen north, and now we have arrived safely on top of this wondrous town!” Commotion begins to fill the air as a group of powerful warriors march towards the entrance of a sacred ruin. What lies ahead of them can only be imagined as a tomb of excitement, curiosity, and mysteries. These warriors have no doubts of their quests. Surely, they have arrived at the right place.
This group of powerful warriors contains eight strong soldiers who are armed with weapons, armor, and shields. There is a woman and a man who are dressed differently than the soldiers. The man carries a saber on the side of his torso. He wears a blue cape with a mythril chest plate. He has a scaled body of a reptile that signifies the pride symbol of his race. He has red eyes that seem to glow warmly as he stares at the sight of his men. Proud of his men, he greets his men with utmost gratitude. The soldiers bow down to their leader. The woman, who seems perpetually annoyed, smirks and turns away from the soldiers. She has blonde, yellow hair with red streaks on her face. Just like her partner, she has a scaled body. On her back, she carries a dark red scythe that touches her feet. Unlike her partner, she wears a red cape.
“So, are you going to keep babbling away, or are we going to enter Sol Sanctum?” the woman shouted as she approaches the man. The man widens his eyes as he gazes at her. “Relax, my dear”, he said. “We will continue as soon as I am finished.” The woman grunts and backs away from him. “Hurry up, then!” she said. The man smiles, turns back to the soldiers, and continues his little speech. “Alright, my brethrens! Let’s venture onwards!” The soldiers cheered and chanted. They wave their swords and march onwards to the doors of Sol Sanctum. “This is it”, the man thought loudly. “We’ve made it, Puelle. Once we enter these doors, alchemy shall be unleashed!” “Now, open the doors! We must make haste for our people’s lives are at stake!” “We are at your command, Saturos!” the soldiers shouted. The soldiers gather on one end of the doors and tug with their strengths. The doors open, and whatever lies inside is waiting for them.

To Be Continued...
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Golden Sun: The Broken Seal
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