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 Might as well set up shop.

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PostSubject: Might as well set up shop.   Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:32 am



Origin: Kirby's Adventure
Fighting Style: Very dark and unique moves, but surprisingly controlled. His moves can play mindgames.
Abilities: Gliding

Combo: Claw, elbow, shooting three dark stars. The three dark stars is in one hit, mind you, and they make for a good long range attack even if you aren't that close to the opponent. It shouldn't be a substitute for a Star Spray unless you're close to the enemy, though.

Dash A: Dashes forward with Dark Matter's sword in front of him, stabbing any opponents he finds. Wait why does he have Dark Matter's sword, that dirty little-
FTilt: Holds his cape and swings it around, attacking the enemy, and also blowing some wind farther away to make a person stay away.
UTilt: Nightmare slashes upwards with an upper cut, doing a few hits.
DTilt: Nightmare spins, and does a leg sweep. How does he do this without legs, you may ask? The air on the ground and the dust is swept forwards to hurt the enemy. Great hidden attack.
FSmash: Nightmare scratches the air downwards in a bit of a curve, scratching off the background itself, creating an area that can hurt enemes. If you sweetspot it and hurt the enemy immediately, it does knocback.
USmash: Nightmare holds his hands up above him, then parts them together to the sides. This creates an arch of dark stars, which stay for a bit to do damage. There are no sweet spots.
DSmash: Nightmare cuts open space and makes a hole that can use the air to suck you in. If you get sucked in, you take a few hits, then are shot back out beside Nightmare. Aw come on Nightmare use your own moves don't copy off Marx

Ledge Attack: Quickly ascends and shoots a dark star.
Ledge Attack (100%+): Slowly ascends and touches the air for a dark star to appear, staying there for a bit, hurting anybody who touches it.
Ground Attack: Nightmare rises upwards, and parts his cape away to make opponents fly off, only affected by air.
NAir: Nightmare pulls his cape together, then releases it for a few dark stars to be shot out a little bit away from Nightmare.
FAir: Nightmare reaches out and claps his hands together. Nothisisn'tNecrodious
BAir: Nightmare touches the air behind him and a star appears, staying there for a bit, attacking anyone who tuches it.
UAir: Nightmare brings his head backwards, letting his two horns go upwards, attacking.
DAir: Nightmare slams his hand down as a meteor smash. *coughNecrodiouscough*

Grab: Grabs with both hands.
Pummel: Slices one claw down on the opponent, doing quite a few hits.
FThrow: Gets the opponent caught in his horns, then lifts up and the opponent goes flying.
BThrow: Holds onto the middle of the opponent, then brings him around in an arch around Nightmare and slams him on the ground beside him.
UThrow: Makes a Dark Star in one hand, sets it on the opponent, which immediately makes the opponent rise up very quickly. High chance of KO if there are no platforms above, but does no damage and the opponent can easily get off.
DThrow: Rests the opponent on the ground and shoots a few dark stars at him.

B: Star Spray: Nightmare brings his cape backwards, protecting him from the front. He holds this for a few seconds, then shoots some stars. This is where you can have mindgames. If you held the button throughout the whole period, then he shoots quite a few, rapid stars away from him. If you only pressed it and released, then he'll shoot a few stars individually, that can be slightly turned by moving the control stick. If used in air, Nightmare will stay still and cover both sides up, then take them apart to reveal a star shooting downwards, two to slightly angled upwards, and two more to the sides of him, until turning helpless and falling. If an enemy hits the side you are not covering while you're charging, the move is cancelled.
SideB: Star Blast: Nightmare shoots a few stars that are hard to see, which then explode and do several hits upon making contact with an opponent. Because 02 is Nightmare's grandfather.
UpB: Flight of Evil: Nightmare flies upwards at a diagonal angle. While he files, several dark stars descend from him, doing several hits, although hard to land.
DownB: Cape Tornado: Nightmare spins his cape around, moving slowly as long as you hold B, with his cape doing damage to anyone who touches. If you press the control stick to a direction twice or very quickly, he'll immediately turn so that the bottom of his cape will go that way, then turn back to the starting point. If caught, the move does quite a few hits. lolololmindgames
Final Smash: Nightmare charges for quite a bit, then releases three extremely large, medium speed orbs that lock on to you. Very hard to avoid, and if you get hit then it's almost automatically a one-hit KO.

Kirby Hat: Kirby get's nightmare's shades, crown, and necklace. Groovy.
Taunt: Points upwards with one finger and a yellow star appears and spins for a bit, until dissapearing and going back to his stance. Think of it like a disco light.
Intro: In sphere form, Nightmare crashes onto the floor, then turns into his normal form.

But before I start that, what should he be in? The Egg Walker or the Egg Mobile?

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PostSubject: Re: Might as well set up shop.   Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:34 am

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PostSubject: Re: Might as well set up shop.   Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:29 am

As per request, here is STAYPUFT:

Name: StayPuft

Origin: Mrs. Puft

Fighting Style: As I don't know anything about him(characteristic wise), he'll be weird. Expect one of my best movesets.
Abilities: Three jumps, gliding, crawling.

Combo: Does Toon Link's combo, but attacks with his amazingly stretchy foot.

Dash A: Ledge Attack: Runs forward and does the Mexican hat dance. This does a few hits.
FTilt: SP stretches his tongue out to attack the opponent. This stuns the opponent half of the time.
UTilt: Spins around in midair, floating, and uses his stretchy foot to kick upwards, still spinning.
DTilt: Bites in front of him.
FSmash: SP points his finger forward and yells "OBJECTION!" This isn't like Phoenix Wright, though. It's more of a stretched out poke.
USmash: StayPuft grows Twilight sparkle's unicorn and headbutts upwards.
DSmash: SP touches the ground and one of Rainbow Dash's tornadoes appears, making the opponent spin around and then be sent flying upwards.

Ledge Attack: Uses his stretchy legs to stretch them in an arch to land on the stage, attacking the opponent, then bringing his body back to the legs.
Ledge Attack (100%+): SP slowly crawls upwards, then spins around in midair and goes back to normal.
Ground Attack: Jumps upwards, and attacks with his back.
NAir: SP spins around and attacks with his stretchy tongue.
FAir: SP stretches out his tongue and licks the opponent. Think the Haunter in the beginning of the old Pokemon intro.
BAir: SP slaps behind him with his stretchy hand.
UAir: SP claps upwards.
DAir: SP stops in midair, and immediately and very quickly slams down to the ground and attacks with his butt. Think Mario's ground pound. If he touches the opponent in midair, it's a spike.

Grab: Stretches foot and holds his foot around the opponent's neck.
Pummel: Tickles the opponent.
FThrow: Jumps, hugs his opponent, and lands on the ground with the opponent below him. Then he goes back up and the opponent is still on the floor.
BThrow: Does a few backhand springs with his opponent, holding the opponent via Telekinesis.
UThrow: Using his amazing floating powers, SP grabs the opponents head, floats upwards, and piledrives the opponent.
DThrow: SP yells "HERE COMES TOM" and Tom comes and smushes the opponent to the ground, grounding them, and then disappearing. Tom is a rock, in case you didn't know. Partial credit to AEM on this.

B: Shoop Da Whoop: SP gets a Shoop da Whoop face and immediately shoots a laser. This goes all the way across the stage, and can do great knockback, but it quickly becomes too thin to be of use (think Robot dinosaurs that shoot lasers when they roar). After that, he has to wait a bit for the beam to be of use.
SideB: Random Throw: StayPuft will throw one of these: a cat, "The Thinker", Geno (the SSF2 dev, not the character), a harp, or himself. If he throws a cat (30% chance of happening), and the cat lands on an opponent, he'll stay on him for a bit, scratching to do damage, then run off. He can be hit. If he lands on the floor, then he'll run off the stage. If he throws "The Thinker" (20% chance of happening), a strong hit is landed on the opponent, but it does not go too far. If he throws Geno (10% chance) then he'll make a Gay rainbow with his mind, tell the opponents that they're bitches, and jump off the foreground. The rainbow just stays on the background, messing up the level's appearance, making you upset. If he throws a harp, then it get's stuck on the opponent for a bit, making them very slow and can barely jump, but also can be barely knocked back. 20% chance. If he throws himself(20% chance), he just hurls himself at the enemy, then bounces off. This has great knockback, better than the Thinker's.
UpB: Nyan Nyan: StayPuft flies in any direction freely for 5 seconds at an average speed. Behind him are rainbows that are kept on the stage even after the up special is finished. They stay for about 10 seconds after creation, and if you touch it, you will get hurt.
DownB: Cosplamation: SP transforms into either Megaman, Twilight Sparkle, or Crash Bandicoot. These transformations last for 15 seconds. If he transforms into Megaman, then he can run around, jump, and if you press an attack button then he will start charging his gun. If it's just a normal shot, it will be a simple projectile. Half-way, it's a bit more powerful, and all the way, it's the best shot. If he transforms into Twilight Sparkle, he can also move and jump around, and if he presses an attack button then he will use Telekinesis to grab onto an opponent. From there, use the control stick to move around the opponent you grabbed, and the button again plus the direction to throw them in that area. If he transforms into Crash Bandicoot, he can move around like the other characters and if you press the attack button he spins around like Crash, drawing characters into him.
Final Smash: Marshmallow Man: SP turns into the StayPuft Marshmallow man. In this form, he is huge and merciless. He'll move slowly, and the steps he makes become sticky piles of goo that if you stand on, you can't move off of. If you try to attack him with normal moves or go into him, then you'll bounce off of him. If you shoot normal projectiles at him, he'll gain health, but if you shoot fire at him, he'll lose health. If you press the b button, you shoot a laser from his eye that locks-on to an opponent. After a period of time, he shrinks back down to normal StayPuft, but the sticky piles of marshmallow are retained.

Kirby Hat: Brown, artist-like hair and a necklace.
Taunt: SP explodes into a Stegosaurus. He then says "I AM A STEGOSAURUS" then explodes back to SP.
Intro: Kirby's intro, but SP is on the star.
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PostSubject: Re: Might as well set up shop.   Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:16 am

lmao Generic.
I lol'd the entire time while reading that. Props.
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PostSubject: Re: Might as well set up shop.   

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Might as well set up shop.
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